That Time I Didn't Have to Destroy a Shirt.

Jul 15, 2013

 photo 9d04c634-db79-4b8b-acc2-f45b7b8e06f4_zps05705446.jpg photo e5c695dc-d9b7-43c9-8483-7f45c7289c8d_zpsa234bc83.jpg
 photo ffaa30e5-33a3-46ab-96ab-14c0794cbff5_zps20f5b5a5.jpg
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Ok folks, I found another life hack! So ever since I snipped off all my hair, I've been wanting one of those headband bows- and specifically a polka dotted one. And I definitely didn't want to drop a hot twenty in Urban Outfitters, so I figured I'd just thrift a shirt and make my own. But alas, Seattle is barren when it comes to thrift stores (even though Macklemore came from here?), so I started to seriously consider tearing into a certain polka-dotted Banana Republic blouse I had had hanging in my closet. I was all "Well, if I tear off the bottom and tuck it into skirts, no one will be the wiser, right?" 

And so it was settled, and I proceeded to approach my closet, slowly opening and closing the scissors in my hand with a sort of malice-y intent. And just as I was reaching for the hanger, with a sort of deranged glint in my eye, I noticed, just at the last second, that one blouse I always wear on here. That polka-dotted collar number. It comes with a pussy bow. As in, I can detach the pussy bow and wear it in my hair.

Hurrah! The problem has been solved! And no one had to die that day. Pretty crafty, huh?

 photo f4af8258-b86f-44f2-8216-9e76e991f6cc_zps5b5d2a9c.jpg
 photo ea514092-51d1-4bf4-884f-b4d7cc614e70_zps02a3ab18.jpg
 photo JulyBlog024_zps154be91e.jpg
 photo JulyBlog031_zps2e87e3ef.jpg
And remember this dress from Bijou Vintage Bazaar? This time around I decided to pull all focus on the dramatic sleeves by layering a skirt over it. That's one of my favorite tricks in doubling my closet- just make all your dresses into shirts! If you're digging my super 70's flare with this top, head over to Bijou Vintage Bazaar and see if you can find your own gem ;)
 photo e15f369b-f412-499d-9ec9-845abf492206_zps64273eaa.jpg
 photo f9eb4c63-53dd-474c-a0ab-1c0cb5741387_zpse82a8436.jpg
 photo JulyBlog016_zps8735bed7.jpg photo JulyBlog037_zpse87b5c7e.jpg
PS- today is your LAST DAY to enter my Sweet and Sour Vintage Giveaway! I'll be choosing the winner in a few hours, so be sure to enter HERE. And while you're at it, up your chances for winning by entering in my Anatomy Vintage Giveaway HERE!

And for those of you that have gone all smitten with my dress, here are some other favorites that Bijou Vintage Bazaar carries: 

 photo bijoufinished_zps6c758359.jpg
1/ 2/ 3

Skirt- Thrifted
Head band- life hacked (read above)

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  1. "And no one had to die that day." LOL!

    Love, Amy

  2. I love it, Marlen! I found a long rectangular scarf in one of my bags the other day and wore it as a bow scarf too! No cutting of anything required. :) I also am super in love with your top. The colors are so pretty! I was actually surprised at the lack of thrift stores in Seattle. (I was there last year) hopefully you have better luck finding them than I did!

  3. I have to admit, I love it even more as a top!

  4. You are so adorable! I love your blog, just been browsing through some archives. You're pretty crafty to use a dress as a shirt.

    Also, I hate saying "pussy bow." lol

    Life of Mabel

  5. Whoah! There are lots of thrift/vintage stores in Seattle - Capitol Hill sports quite a few, as do the U District and Ballard. They really are everywhere if you're in the right neighborhood. I ran into Macklemore in a thrift store in the U District, actually. Good luck with settling in to the city!

  6. Marlene! I can show you all the thrift stores in Seattle! *follow me......

    Also, pussy bow for the win!

  7. Love the bow! Glad to hear you didn't have to tear apart your blouse to make it!

    Ladyface Blog

  8. aww you look gorgeous w/ short hair! and your stories always make me laugh. glad that top was spared... although that's def something I've done before and of course made it a tad too short that now it's a crop top haha. love the head scarf though. I always mean to wear them and forget so I love your look. and loved seeing pics of around town. is this around Seattle?
    My blog: Cuddly Cacti
    My E-Shop: Mitla Moda

  9. ha, that's awesome that you got your bow without having to spend any money or commit any acts of violence to get it, either! I love wearing bows in my hair. I feel with having short hair, that either wearing bows or flowers is the best way to make me still feel like my hair makes it look like I'm a girl (I got mistaken for a boy more than once when I was 15 and had short hair, so looking like a girl is kind of a priority for me).

  10. The image of you creeping towards your clothes with sissors in hand and an evil look on your face is the most hilarious mental image EVER.
    But it worked, that "headband" is SOO cute. Love the dress as a top too :)

  11. I love life hacks like that! LOL and I love the sleeves on that dress too :) Your posts are always so much fun to read!

  12. I immediately recognized the dress, haha! It's such an eye-catcher, and so pretty, even as a top! I never thought it could be so versatile, being a real statement piece :) I loved the sleeves most of it, so of course I love the way you styled it here! And I think I NEED your sandals! My basic sandals need replacement and I adore yours :)

    And to answer your question. Yes, I was born in Belgium. I've also been raised there, in the north near the border of The Netherlands ^^ For a really long time Holland, Belgium and sometimes Luxembourg were the only countries I had visited, but three years ago my boyfriend and I started travelling. Living in Europe is a dream, but I am longing to visit Canada and the state of Montana! x

  13. What a completely genius idea! I have a couple shirts with detachable bows...I should give that a try! This dress is a showstopper both ways. How can you go wrong with sleeves like that? Also, NO WONDER my sister and I couldn't find any thrift stores when we visited they really not exist there? I figured with all the hipsters it would be covered in thrift stores...

  14. Hey dear,
    first I have to tell you that you have such a cute blog, the design is gorgeous!
    Then also thanks for your comment on my blog, unfortunately the mustard chair isn´t mine but I saw it in a changing room ;)

  15. Ah, perfectly crafty! Looks so pretty on you. And loving all your shots from around the city! xo


  16. You killed me with that Macklemore reference.
    I'm dead right now. dead.

    That was good.

  17. beautiful! Love the hair and these amazing photographs!

  18. Such a cute bow! headband! Glad it worked out without you having to cut-up your blouse. Love those perfect moments. And your outfit is really cute! I'm shocked that there aren't more thrift stores in Seattle (especially given the song, hahaha)!


  19. i love all your seattle photos!!! my best friend moved there last year and i have yet to visit. all your photos remind me! haha. Also, Marlen, you have a great smile!!!

    at this volume

  20. I'm glad the DIY hairbow project went well! I would never think to do that to a bottom of my shirt, but if it's always tucked in I guess it doesn't matter :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  21. I'm glad you shirt didn't have to die :D The bow does look awesome in your cropped hair!

    Also the photos in this post are awesome. I love pictures of building signs!

  22. HAHAHA, oh my gosh. I cracked up so hard reading about you with your scissors and the shirt. I'm glad that your top made it out alive, and you look fab with the bow in your hair!

  23. Super cute!!! Love that top!!

  24. oh, you look so darling in that bow! I look like a child whenever I wear a bow but you somehow still look like a lady. You must teach me. :)


  25. Your hair looks too cute like that :) Also, if you haven't been before, I would recommend checking out Crossroads (there is one in Capitol Hill). It's similar to Buffalo Exchange but better and whenever I'm on a mission to find something specific I always manage to find it there.

  26. Your top/dress is absolutely adorable! I love the sleeves, the color and the cute little flowers. This Vintage Bazaar place sounds pretty neat, think I may need to check it out for myself :D Will have to check out the giveaway too!


  27. Yay for the adorable bow in your hair! I also love the orange dress/top - so cute!


  28. Very crafty! I love the dress turned top :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  29. Sounds like Psycho, glad the blouse survived. And what a cute blouse with the daisies, love the shots around town.

  30. That dress certainly makes for a lovely detailed top! I love it :)
    Oh, and so glad there were no deaths that day, it would've been such a shame. Way to be crafty haha

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    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  31. I love this dress as a top and that shirt's bow works PERFECTLY as a hair band! Rob's sister got me one that actually just has wire inside that you twist together which is super cute and easy. This hairstyle looks so good with your new hair!
    Oh and a few more things I was thinking of. I read your tumblr post, which was great as usual and wanted to tell you i can totally relate to your closet woes. I moved into an adorable place built in the 1930... with TERRIBLE closet space. So, I use racks from amazon both for vintage and personal use (I have 3 racks so far in my tiny apt. and will be getting more!) Anyway, if you keep the rack really neat and organized (I do mine by color haha) then it can be an extra closet! Mine was only about 20 bucks off of amazon here:

    It's not the MOST sturdy thing ever but I have a ton of shit on it and it has held up fine for me. Hope that helps, sorry for the usual rant :)
    xo Hannah

  32. hahaha I love your description of approaching your closet with scissors... and an evil glint in your eye at that. YOU AND YOUR AMAZING WRITING SKILLS EERRRGHH <3

    I'm glad that no cutting had to take place. And um, how its it that you're so amazing and can make a dress INTO A TOP? Whatever, girl. I'd end up looking like a lumpy half-baked potato, but you're all effortlessly classy and cute and junk. Still love that dress!

  33. your blog is so lovely!! I'm in awe of your talent!

  34. Hahaha! You crack me up! But it's true; I think Seattle has more spendy antique stores than thrift stores. There are two I can think of that I've been to, but man... yeah. Hey, across the water you know this girl (me) who has 2 good thrift stores she can take you to. So there's that. Plus a good antique store or two. :D
    You look fantastic, as always. I love your pussy-bow turned headband. I think short hair is perfect for wearing bows!

  35. you make me wanna chop my hair off so bad

  36. I'm super behind in seeing this post, but hooray for not having to destroy a shirt! I love how this bow looks in your hair. Makes me want to wear one like it asap! I also really enjoy your vintage dress worn as a blouse with that denim skirt. So cute!


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