Smooth Like a Criminal

Jul 22, 2013

 photo 1e6aa538-d4a4-4e11-b7f6-3b2ed3e4ee31_zps5a2a6cf8.jpg photo 8ecab567-454a-46b4-9f82-3115f4c32bf3_zpsb7d59048.jpg photo 02e21ade-3e44-4ecf-a31c-77dc131489d1_zps36169acd.jpg photo IMG_4748_zpsf2a7931a.jpg
I know it's Monday and I should feel fired up and productive, but I always find myself losing steam towards the end of the month. Projects no longer look sparkly, to-do lists are as long as ever, editing photos no longer feels creative and delicious, and my mind is just some where else completely. Which leads me to last weeks accidental-cat-burglar incident. 

I went outside to stretch my legs for a minute and to go somewhere else that wasn't my desk, and when I walked back into the building I decided to take the three flights up to my apartment two steps at a time just for funsies.

My apartment was just off of the stairs, and so I walked onto the landing and reached for the door handle and turned my keys. Funny, they didn’t make that clicking noise a lock makes when it's turned, but whatever. I swung open the door as usual and noticed an ikea book shelf to my left…where my white couch was supposed to be. Wut? Frowning and trying to make sense of the weirdness, I looked straight and there, sitting in front of me, was a startled Asian girl, with glasses on, hair in her eyes, and a pile of papers and textbooks busily scattered on the carpet. 

Not. My. Apartment. 

I blinked at her, momentarily thinking it was a pity I had a beanie on and not a ski mask, and just as the color started slowly draining from her face I snapped back into the ridiculous moment.

“Oh. Shit. Uh, shit, sorry”, I said, waiving my hands apologetically and somewhat...threateningly?, as I backed out of the room and slammed the door closed. I ran towards the stairs again and heard the loud and frantic clunks of three locks being closed, and hoped to God she wouldn’t report an apartment terrorist lurking around floors. Or worse, a European boy trying to rob her in broad day right. 

Yea. Time to get it together. 
 photo 80b4e21c-f0ce-40dd-b93a-8b0e32909547_zps9a5c8136.jpg photo 287e42cd-2a7e-40d0-bad2-bebc6b2cc751_zpsb5220f1b.jpg photo 49b6bbef-cb07-4abd-9434-32d974abc31c_zps33327beb.jpg photo IMG_4757_zpsb1dba853.jpg photo IMG_4820_zps0285329a.jpg
One thing that never gets tiring, though, is dressing up ;) I know I usually go a little mental with the layers, but sometimes (even though it kills me) I force myself to just wear a dress and nothing else. Some pieces just can't be hidden under cardis and vests and jackets and god knows what else I'd hunker down on it. This vintage little number is one of them. I took it out of my store for a day and just loved how the sheer top layer would catch in the wind, and the sleeves would tulip over on my arms. All I needed was a pair of earrings (and my closet door firmly closed)!
 photo 063db75f-9a89-4f7b-b379-2c93d0f4242a_zps37804756.jpg photo ed202d44-81fe-47be-a97e-b68a7f148d42_zpsa18523b9.jpg photo 40dc8c15-3f98-48ff-a9ed-d367e67bc4e4_zpse47d871f.jpg photo edc00beb-8a54-43a3-b41b-b81c05689f00_zpsed6eda70.jpg photo IMG_4756_zps54488a7d.jpg photo 992bd8d4-4b6e-4580-a8c0-34febdd2d023_zpsa57453b3.jpg photo IMG_4781_zps2b7fd343.jpg

ALSO, I'm picking a winner for the Katrajina & Co. Vintage giveaway in a few hours, so if you didn't enter be sure to HERE!

 photo katra_zps1d5527dd.jpg

Dress- for sale in my store HERE! (and on clearance)
Earrings- H&M (recent!)
Sandals- H&M (last year)

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  1. Ahh, I love that you're really growing into your shorter hair cut with each post. And how awkward is your story? At least she didn't come running at you with a bat or start dialing 911. That'll teach her to leave her door unlocked. :P

  2. Haha a european boy robbing her in mid day! you are too funny Marlen! that's a pretty funny story and i've def had near encounters just like that before. And I love you wearing "just a dress and nothing else" here! this pretty number goes so well w/ the pretty leather sandals.
    My blog: Cuddly Cacti
    My E-Shop: Mitla Moda

  3. I think you made the right choice with this dress - it deserved all the spotlight. So pretty!
    Hahaha, and oh man, I can't believe you walked into the wrong apartment xD That is too funny!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. So glad I'm not too late for your giveaway! hehe
    This post made me laugh! so funny! You don't look like the usual criminal ;) I love your style and pixie hair. I've been buying the odd vintage piece recently. trying to make my wardrobe a bit more interesting :-)

  5. Ah, super awkward when things like that happen! Though they make for amazing stories afterwards :) Killer city shots, as always, and I'm loving that dress! xo


  6. That really is such a gorgeous dress and I love how simply you styled it with the chandelier earrings! Lovely.
    Oh no, your story made me laugh! I had an old guy accidentally try to get into our apartment a few months ago. I had to yell through the door that he had the wrong place, haha. I'm sure she figured out that it was an accident but that doesn't make it any less embarrassing I'm sure. I think walking into someone's apartment is better than walking in on someone in the bathroom though? Which I've totally done...bahh

  7. Amazing pictures Marlen! I'm loving how muted they are. Also you look absolutely adorable in the picture that you're looking up. :-)


  8. This is seriously the funniest story ever. Made my whole Monday, haha! I don't know what I'd do if that ever happened! Love this outfit girl!


  9. So that gum picture is insanely gross buuut actually great!!
    x Eloise - Jazzlipsandtulips

  10. Love your photographs :) the colours are amazing and your dress= beautiful!

  11. Bahahahahahaa!!! Oh my goodness, that is the best story ever! Poor Asian girl!
    Although I don't think anyone could mistake you for a boy. You're too pretty.

  12. Hahahah your stories always crack me up! You have the craziest little adventures! I would have been soooo embarrassed... just try to avoid that floor, I guess! I love your dress and the cute shots of your neighborhood :)

    Xo, Hannah

  13. you didn't really?

    hahahahaha I cannot believe the shock and terror both of you girls must have felt at that moment. thank you for sharing!

  14. Are these pictures you took of apartments near yours? If so, you have a beautiful eye for making small details look beautiful. As for your almost-breakin...well, that's what they make locks for! I'm sure she'll never make that mistake again!


  15. That story made me lol!!! I feel so bad for you and the girl. One time my boyfriend tried to frantically open "our" apartment door and kept saying how the keys didn't work and kept jamming it into the lock and I was like, uhh this isn't our place and we ran to our actual apartment and got inside before anyone came to that other door. Admittedly, this was a week or so after we'd moved into the building, but it was still funny.

    Did you go and see that movie on the marquee, Somm?? I tried to, but it was sold out and it was playing that one time only. It's a snobby wine movie and I wanted to learn to be snobby about wine. I guess I'll just have to download it off the internet. Take that, art house theatre.

    Life of Mabel

  16. gorgeous photos. lovely outfit as well, love the vintage look of the dress. such a pretty color and print as well.


  17. Omg I would have had a heart attack if someone broke into my apartment while I was in it.

  18. That's a funny story! I bet the girl was even more confused than you were, imagine someone walking into your apartment out of the blue! Something similar happened to me, I walked into what I thought was my friends house for his birthday party, and oh oh! wrong house, just a bunch, and I mean a big bunch of people staring at me wonder who the H I was, so embarrassing! Oh I almost forgot=, that cute dress you are wearing is adorable!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  19. Wow sorry that happened, it does make an amusing story though. I love these photos so much and your outfit is beautiful :)

    Blue Roses

  20. lol omgomgomg you are killing me. At least you don't look threatening hahaha! When I do stuff like that I like to imagine how it could have been worse: you could have been coming back from baseball practice and been carrying a bat.
    I love these photos of your city, so cool!


  21. gorgeous dress!! love the earrings with it!

    Animated Confessions

  22. Those earrings are stunning! Also, thanks for commenting on my blog, I'm glad I discovered yours!

  23. That's so funny you walked into the wrong apartment! Now you have a story to tell, and hopefully not someone who thinks you're a robber. :) Your dress is lovely and you look so pretty! Beautiful photos, Marlen!


  24. Ohhh goodness for a minute there I really thoughty you walked into someone burgularizing (?) your house and I was about to freak out. This is much safer. Still shocking. Much safer.

    That "only a dress" thing is SUCH a #bloggerproblem. I feel the same way. Although when I do dress this simply, my boyfriend says, "You look great!" Might be a dealbreaker ;)

    I love these pictures! Especially those first two kinda dirty looking graffiti/newspaper ones. So exciting to be exploring a new city, I love that.

    perfectly priya

  25. OMG that poor girl hahaha, I love how she made a mad dash for the locks after you left! But I'd be concerned that your key opens other apartment doors! Couldn't the same be for others living in the building? NOOOOT to freak you out or anything! OMG!


  26. HA! Hilarious! But we've all been there and done something a bit "Duh". I do then frequently :-/
    The reason I LOVE dresses is you can throw them on with minimal effort - with nary a layer in sight ;-)

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  27. I love your dress, so cute! Also amazing photos, really love this post x

  28. Love this dress the side vintage is so pretty on you!

  29. Ahahaha that story is hilarious!!! You just brightened my day, thank you!

    Lucy ox

  30. I am the total opposite! I often force myself to layer stuff because all too often I just wear a dress by itself and that can get boring :(

    Holy moly, I would be freaking out if I had entered someone else's apartment. It's a good thing she didn't freak out and start yelling! :)

  31. hahahaha oh if ONLY you would have had on a ski mask. Oh darn, opportunity missed. Man, good thing you dashed out of there. You said sorry, she got a little freaked out it sounds like!

    I remember last year one time I wandered in someone else's dorm and just casually looked at them and then titled my head and looked at their TV, said, "oh I like that movie. Oh wait, wrong room, sorry lol bye" and then another time some girl came into our dorm room while we were watching a movie and set her stuff down and then walked in a few paces, paused, and said, "this isn't it... is it?" and walked out. Haha. So many funny little incidents. I guess it's a little more serious with apartment life tho.

    Girl the sleeves on that dress are bangin' cool. And I love those earrings, too. PRINCESS EARRINGS.

  32. Sometimes the challenge is in allowing oneself to be minimalistic. Love the look, and lol at your mistake. No harm done though, right?

  33. You're gorgeous! That is so funny about the accidental walk-in. I did that once in college, and it was an all boys apartment. I was mortified!

  34. I really Love your dress! It looks great without layers and appears very flowy and airy which I always appreciate.

  35. Great dress and even greater earrings :D Also really inspirational pics again. BUT what I ask myself is how could your key match the door of someone else´s door? xD

  36. That totally sounds like something that would happen to me! Love this dress: it looks so perfect for summer.

  37. You crack me up, you're too funny! I love reading your posts! Great dress too, blue looks great on you!

  38. This is adorable, love the pictures and your cute dress. Oh, and short hair looks amazing on you :D

  39. love the dress and earrings :D makes me swim to your town and steal them away :P


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