My Fourth of July

Jul 5, 2013

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So this is my summer: a parka coat. Also, the wind makes my hair look Michael Cera-ish. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. 
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This is my version of a 4th of July outfit- see them reds and blues?
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Yesterday we went to the art museum, and I swear to God it was like that scene from 500 Days of Summer where we're staring at a piece of wood and are like, "Wanna go to the movies?" "Yep."

But for real. We were staring at a piece of wood.
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(^^ this one in particular was water color splashes on college rule paper. I mean....)

I'm so not cultured enough to understand this. But then on the flip side, there were some cool pieces:
 photo JulyBlog024_zpsdbda830c.jpg photo JulyBlog026x_zps02cf8e5c.jpg
Someone send me an art history book so I can get my act together.

Parka- H&M
Shirt- Banana Republic (recent and on sale!)
Belt- c/o Southwest Vintage
Skirt- Thrifted
Sandals- H&M

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  1. I literally laughed out loud at the wood and the splashes of watercolor paint on college ruled paper. I like to think of myself as pretty open minded when it comes to art pieces, but sometimes I just dont ~get it~

    I love that photo of the family eating at the table, though! That's a piece that I understand.

    Glad you had a good fourth! :)


  2. This is so funny! I often feel like this around more modern type art. That watercolor on college ruled paper man... Its even like...wrinkled? I love your red stripes and festive belt and I really like you wind hair! I hope you enjoyed your 4th even though the art museum wasn't the biggest hit!
    xo Hannah

  3. Looks like a lot of fun. I love going to museums. In Kansas City we have an awesome art museum call Nelson Atkins. If you're ever in town you should def go!

  4. hahaha, art museums can be so fun for the "wtf?" factor. What a neat lit up piece of wood, though. PERHAPS it is a simplified representation of a fireplace, hence the geometric shapes and direct stream of light, opposed to cylindrical, organic sticks and the random shapes of flames created by fire.


    No, I totally don't know what I'm saying. BUT THAT'S MY GUESS.

    I love your Michael Cera hair and your parka. Also, how rad is your belt?

  5. Marlen your hair!! I feel dumb for JUST finding out but I just looked back through like every post of yours the last couple weeks and I'm OBSESSED. You look gorgeous with a pixie, it suits you perfectly!! Wow. I love it.
    Love how you belted the military jacket over this, it's awesome that you did a subtle red white and blue look :)

  6. Hi Marlen! (I thought I'd answer your comment here to make sure you see it) my Mummo is my Finnish grandmother! And yes, she does live in Finland and speak only Finnish (thus the challenge to mail something to her!)

    I spent my 4th in jeans and a hoodie, it felt so weird! Definitely LOLed at your comparison of yourself to Michael Cera, but for the record, I think you still pull your haircut off nicely. And I'm glad you enjoy art but can still keep it real when you might just rather see a movie! I love going to museums, but then sometimes I'm like...uhh, what am I actually doing her? Anyway, seems like a fun 4th!

    perfectly priya

  7. I laughed so hard with the staring at wood comment! I love experiencing art, but seriously, sometimes it just goes over my head. But maybe that's their point? Either way it can give you a headache...

    I love your look! Fresh-faced and original! I'm definitely following you.


  8. Hahah. I love art, but there are some pieces that are just beyond my comprehension. Love the look! And your hair doesn't look like Michael Cera...I'm loving it! :)

  9. Ha! I think your hair is adorable, and mad props for having the guts to chop it off. If you have the ability to look at all "Michael Cera-ish" you need to go as George Michael from Arrested Development for Halloween. All you need is an Ann.


    (If you're not a Arrested Development fan, I probably just sounded like a weirdo).

  10. ahahahaha! I feel like that when I go into an art museum that has "modern" art and whatnot. I'm like... what? I could make that. Or maybe I'm not hip and artsy enough to understand. I seriously laughed out loud at this post.
    Anyway, this is an awesome fourth of July outfit! I love the stripes and denim skirt. Your hair looks really cute here too!

  11. Ahahahaha!! I don't understand some modern art. Seriously.
    I think you're much prettier than Michael Cera. Just sayin'... ;)

  12. ... I think your blog ate my comment...

  13. Hahahaha omg I'm a huge fan of modern art ;) but sometimes it is a little strrrrange hahaha but I can totally see the Michael Cera hair and let me tell ya.. I'M LOVING IT! It looks so so so cute! Also, this parka is the best.

  14. i'm horrid at art so i'm pretty much always like wait? I could make that.. so why is it in a museum? haha alway, I LOVE your hair like this and would LOVE to be in a parka right now.

  15. Girl, I have a master's in art history and I don't understand the blocks of wood thing. Blame it on Marcel Duchamp. Basically the idea is that what's going on in the artist's head is more important than the product, i.e. the "art". Technical skill and "beauty" don't matter. I don't know, I mostly studied medieval art history and only got the basics of modern art. It still kinda mystifies me sometimes.

  16. Modern art is so strange!! Once I saw an enormous black canvas that took up an entire museum wall, with a single white line painted in the center. I was like "................Okay lets go." But all art aside, you look super cute as always and I hope you had a wonderful fourth!

    Xo, Hannah

  17. I'm pretty sure that would be my response to many an art museum. Honestly, I like the photography style of artwork better than anything else! On the 2nd of July here it was 60 degrees in the morning and I was wearing a jacket--if you have to wear a jacket, that does not feel like real summer to me!

  18. First off- Your outfit seems so very Seattle-ish somehow, very you. Makes me feel like this move was such a good thing for you, for some reason. And your hair still makes me so happy!

    Lol about the wood. I went to a modern art museum once and tripped over the artwork... it was pieces of lumber under a carpet. Not even any ropes or anything, just a little sign (seen after tripping over the "art") saying the name and artist. Oh well! Some modern art is really cool though. I especially like art photography sometimes, like the cool piece you showed above. So glad to hear there were some cool pieces.

  19. loved this outfit, that belt is awesome! You look adorable :)


  20. I like your new haircut! I think modern art has some great pieces and some bad ones just like any art period or movement, just enjoy the ones you like and have fun with it!

  21. Love your outfit here and your hair looks just so cool, no need to worry about it :)! Such a nice gallerie!


  22. Loving this outfit! And gosh, your art gallery comments made me laugh. The photograph of the two people sitting at the table is actually part of a series - they were in the museum on my campus for a while! Very cool.


  23. I felt the same way when I went to SAM! Let me just's no Met or MOMA....

  24. Love the jacket!

  25. thank you for the comment on my blog <3
    another cracking outfit and your new hair looks lovely, it really suits your face and frames it wonderfully!
    Haha, I've been in an art gallery many a times when the 500 days of summer moment comes up! xx

  26. You're not the only one who feels that way about some art. Haha :) Lovely post!

  27. Hehehe those wooden pieces is why I am so biased towards contemporary art, I rather stick to pre 1950s. You look so cool, love that outfit!
    xo Irene

  28. Your hair! I love it. You look so much taller. And I love how you layer jackets.

  29. Haha! I understand what you mean... Sometimes when I go to museums I'm like: Why is nothing I'VE done in here? Love the look :) So quirky and lovely!


  30. hahaha! Piece of wood? For real.
    I have tried, but I don't "get" modern art. Show my something that makes me go "wow, I could never do that"
    Love the outfit too!


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