Learning the Art of Compromise in a Floral Vest

Jul 1, 2013

 photo f788135a-94a7-48b3-a6a1-d651d6dcbfb3_zps945091cb.jpg photo a31a1021-8b2d-4a15-ba18-7ee3d4cb5ea0_zpsc26bf0e9.jpg
 photo JulyBlog068_zps7251bc4c.jpg
 photo e06f019a-94fb-4250-9b74-dca679e755a3_zps6528a193.jpg
 photo JulyBlog046_zps1ee6b924.jpg photo JulyBlog085_zpsf59850c3.jpg
Oh Seattle, how I'm loving thee. Since Marc and I are both broke like a joke, we keep doing unemployed things like walking around neighborhoods and exploring all their nooks and crannies.  It's so fun to cross over into a new neighborhood and compare just how different it is than our hometown, Chicago. We've run really  far away across the map, let me tell you.

And though it's been hard convincing ourselves in the morning that we were no longer in the Midwest, that wasn't necessarily *the* hardest part, no.

It was the fact that now I was living with a…boy.

Or more specifically, not the whole “living” part (because Marc is swell) but more so the “decorating” bit. Back when I was in Chicago and loading up the van with my knick-knacks and paddy-whacks, I assumed Marc would be like my dad. Where he doesn’t really notice what’s going on on the walls and the shelves as long as there were still four of them and they weren’t decorated with Hello Kitty paraphernalia.

But alas, it was not the case. photo c42619e2-c357-4e5c-a4d1-73a8ce0da64e_zps06cc6e30.jpg photo f77c86c9-6396-4561-9427-a4f49dc17be9_zpsab2ab034.jpg photo c94adddc-9886-4e17-a86e-5424ebc032cc_zps5bc5499e.jpg photo JulyBlog088_zps4bdca112.jpg
The guy is particular. As I unloaded the boxes and started unpacking the wicker baskets, the flower crowns, the many portraits of kittens sitting in teacups, he folded his arms in dismay and shook his head stubbornly. No he told me.

No, I can’t have my pink-owl-winking painting. No, I can’t display my straw, bowed hats on the living room wall. No, my stuffed animal (Lambie is his name) can’t hang out on the bed. The absolute horror- it was unfathomable.

But…how about my Lisa Frank wall mural? Or my corner shrine dedicated to Barbra Streisand. WHAT OF IT?
 photo 18e9cca1-51c1-4189-92ba-683f034566b8_zps13aef8a4.jpg photo 09d9c1cb-13e0-445c-912a-b175505bbb54_zps83e1e508.jpg photo 7b931222-0dbb-4430-a1c5-3822e8201ae2_zps9da1e6df.jpg
 photo JulyBlog052_zpsac66f7ea.jpg
And don’t even get me started on our furniture expeditions. We were both without jobs (again, the Magic 8 ball told me it’d be fine) so we made our way across town to Goodwill and decided to spend a whopping hundred bucks to fill up the apartment. And I, of course, went towards anything Betty Draper-esque or exploding with groovy 70s flowers. And every time I picked up a carved wooden chair that the Austrian Van der Beeks might have carved with their own hands, or a dusted rose corduroy couch, he was right there standing with his arms crossed.

Seriously, how am I supposed to work with this.

If I end up living in a place with orc heads hanging from the ceiling plant hooks and arm chairs meant to look like the Iron Throne, I’m LEAVING.
 photo f86fe5bb-2f91-4617-a768-17983ab7760e_zpse2953102.jpg photo 491cba97-c708-4686-b261-166fb733459d_zps75dcbc36.jpg photo c05e389b-2b51-4fa6-84f1-96bb4dfd6da6_zps44bc6978.jpg photo JulyBlog044_zps82821cb6.jpg
JK no I'm not. He's just too cute.
 photo f65b8843-d562-43c8-a953-c64693c77854_zpsd0b61ceb.jpg photo JulyBlog055_zps792d495e.jpg
And on a less tragic note, how awesomely vintage do I look today? I love when I'm head to toe clad in old pieces- I feel like I'm wearing stories and memories on my back. And this vest in particular is quite the gem. It looks like it was made from someone's Nana's couch. L-O-V-E. Which, coincidentally, Marc would also never allow to cross into our threshold if that couch did exist. Enter me pinching the bridge of my nose here.

Vest- for sale in my store HERE
Dress- Vintage
Shoes- UO (recent)
Woven Bag- c/o Southwest Vintage

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  1. hehehe great story! I haven't experienced that part yetas my boyfriend and I moved into an already furnished appartment and because it was something temporary we didn't want to spend money on things we might have to leave later or resell. I wonder how it'll be in a couple of months when we finally find "our place".

    Nice photos lo Seattle, it looks like a very lively city.

    Also, nice haircut, it looks good on you. I think Audrey was a right inspiration :)

    Have a great week!
    xo Irene

  2. Haha, oh man, that is too funny! Hope you two are able to compromise over decorations. Sounds like you have too awesome of a collection of knick knacks not to display. Lisa Frank mural? How could he not allow that?? ;)
    I love your vintage outfit for the day, so pretty. I'm really like this shorter cut on you more and more!

    Trendy Teal

  3. Love that dress! Are you liking your hair better? I think it looks amazing!

    Ladyface Blog

  4. Haha I don't know, a king's landing esque place would be pretty cool! ;)

  5. Ugh, my opinion is that boys don't get a say on decorating because...because they're poo heads. I'm trying to convince the husband here and there too of my quirky ways. I think some are slippng through slowly but surely....
    I am in love with your dress! The color is magnificent and the textile is just as lovely. I know what you mean about loving to wear old pieces from head to toe :) Speaking of head-yours is looking particularly gorgeous! Loving that cut on you more and more!

  6. Ha! Somehow it all shakes out and you make room for each other's style.

    And who says 60's florals, 70's farmhouse cast-offs, and Star Wars movie paraphernalia doesn't look good together anyways? In our house it does!

  7. you look so fabulously vintage!!! :)

  8. Youuur new hair I dig IT !! suits you :)

    ▲_▲ HYENA


  9. You look so cute (love your hair!) in that dress, it's such a lovely pattern. And compromise can be weird, yeah. Good luck!


  10. Girl, I am just loving your hair! It looks so nice on you...I'm not just saying this because I'm partial to the pixie! ;) Looks like you're really enjoying seattle!

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons

  11. I've always thought about that stuff when contemplating moving in with a partner. Like how two completely different styles can merge together. I'm sure it'll be a fun process however.

    That dress is amazing! I love the fun zig zaggy pattern on it and it is my favourite colour!

    Wardrobe Quarry

  12. Your photos are so pretty. I love your haircut btw.

  13. Oh gosh, I remember when the hubs and I first started living together. He let me take the reigns on most of the decorating, but I did let him have a few ugly pieces. One of them is a log lamp that I absolutely detest that he stuck right into our living room.

    on the plus side, how awesome do you look with the short hair? Very awesome. It makes your outfit that more ravishing.



  14. Not being able to decorate with my personal style would drive me nuts! But than again--I probably wouldn't have that problem because my boyfriend doesn't care about stuff like that. So, I think I'm lucky, hehe. Seattle is a place I've been wanting to go for a while. My boyfriend wants to move out there, too. He's a mountain biker and loves the trails out there. P.S. Love the dress!

  15. Hahha, oh noooo! Well, I'm sure you guys will find SOME sort of common ground between all that disagreement on decorating things. You might just end up with more traditional pieces that you imagined, or something. Also, a Barbara Streisand shrine... you make me curious, girl! And I love it.

    All of your photos have such an aged feel and I'm soaking them in merrily. You're awesomely vintage outfit works with them so well! Your floral vest is super rad, augh! I wish I could pull that off. YOU ROCK, MARLEN.

  16. I'm super jealous that you live in Seattle but I love the pictures of the scenery that you've been posting :) Oh and that vest is pretty much awesome paired with that dress.

  17. Hahaha... My bf is super particular as well; I know we'll have similar struggles when we move in. But doing it with humour definitely helps! Sure you'll work things out soon :) Loving the floral vest here! xo



  18. Okay, 3 things.
    1. Holy schmokes I love your hair.
    2. Me and my dude do the same "arm crossing" thing at thrift stores!
    3. I feel like vests are my achilles heel. I can never style them well. You totally pulled it off, way to be, lady.

  19. Haha! Well i can relate with him, I;m more the white walls kind of girl, you will have to find a wall, a room, a closet to make all yours! Love that cute vest!
    Hey, now that Google Reader is gone, want to also follow on Bloglovin'?

  20. Absolutely amazing pictures, you guys are awesome! <3 Your outfit is superb of course, adore the layering (you're simply brilliant at it) and the items you're wearing - how cute is the dress and vest? Perfect altogether, bravo! <3

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  21. Beautiful photos dear and that mint dress is really pretty.


  22. I have wanted to move to Seattle since high school, so I'm going to be jealous of you :) but reading your blog even more closely. :) I love these shots.

    I always see vests like that at vintage shops and I never know how to style them, I love it with a bright dress.

  23. Your blog is so beautiful im glad i found it!!!


  24. Absolutely love your dress Marlen! Best of luck with the decorating situation, I'm sure you will figure it all out :-)

  25. This post made me laugh! People can get so picky about their personal space, it's unreal! You guys should do a 50-50 split, and see what kind of space you can come up with!

    Charmaine x

  26. He said "no" to the Lisa Frank wall mural? get the fuck out! break up time!

    but on a more serious note, this is what happened when I moved in with my husband. Somehow we made it work. It just takes a little compromise and someday you will start to find your own unique style as a couple for home decor :)

    good luck!


  27. Oh my, I had such a laugh reading through this. I'm so sorry that you can't decorate at will, and I can definitely understand the horror of not having your stuffed toy on the bed. My boy is (luckily) ok with me keeping my stuffed toy on the bed, but he was skeptical at the beginning!
    You do look incredibly vintage, and you really are the queen of layering!

  28. I feel like gender neutral decor is going to totally drain my bank account the minute steve and i move in together.


  29. Hahahaha! This made me laugh so much! But take heart, maybe eventually it'll wear off and he'll get to be like your dad and not notice any more. My dad's like that, too, but my husband is way more particular.
    I'm so glad you're loving Seattle! It's so great to read your blog and see pictures of places that I recognize.
    Speaking of which, I'd LOVE to come meet you now that you're so close! I can convince my husband to take me to Seattle for a day.
    Not that I know that many great places to go, since I live across the water, but still. It would be fun!

  30. Hattitude Style Blog

    oh my goodness marlene i can feel your pain! I moved in with my partner a year ago and boy did he have stuff to say about the apartment being decorated! slowly over the last year i've let more and more girly things in to the apartment. he is now at the point where he doens't care. hopefully your guy will get like that too! ha

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  31. Absolutely loving this vest on you!!

    Xo, Hannah


  32. Haha! I guess, I've been lucky in that regard- The Boy's house looked like a hotel room- not something in disrepair but didn't feel like anyone really lived there. He's been chill with most of my decorating. I'm super curious though now. What does Marc like? What is his style?

  33. Ahahaha! I'm kind of really hoping my boyfriend is the turn-the-other-cheek-as-long-as-there's-still-walls type. I assume so since he never once decorated any apartment he ever had. So... Good thing is he's moving into my already-decorated space in August, so at least I get to keep it how I have it! In the future I hope I'm still that lucky. Good luck with the decorating compromise, my friend. I wish you the best of luck dealing with the crossed arms!


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