Layered Like an Onion!

Jul 2, 2013

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Step One: Alright, I finally get what you've all been talking about when you say it's "too hot to layer". Seattle decided to turn into a frying pan these past couple of days, and so I've been lying on the carpet in Hanes tees in front of a fan for the past 48 hours. But when I was forced (against my will) out of the apartment, I wanted to throw on something easy and that wouldn't give me heat stroke.

Enter this dress from Lost in Drawers. They have a ton of cap-sleeved, floral dresses to choose from, and I've been wearing this one in particular into the ground since I got it. So, you know, Step One: Put on the dress.  
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Step Two: Next, I've seen all these different ways to layer a dress. Put a skirt over it and make it into a shirt, put a collared blouse over it and make it into a skirt, layer a second dress under it, use it as a vest and pop a blouse under it- the list goes on and on. But for them extra hot days where comfort is key, I decided to pair it with a pair of baggy overalls, turning the pretty floral dress into a girly accent piece. 

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Step Three: Lastly, I know that with overalls there's a huge love-hate divide between people, where some are embracing it and others are backing away with their fingers crossed in an X-like fashion. I heard the main complaint to be that the overalls morph some people's bodies and make them look more short or stocky then they normally are. And my easy-fix for that problem is to create a line that will cut your body at the waist, erasing that stocky effect! My favorite way to do that is to tie a cardi around my waist (especially when belts just won't work). That gives you an extra layer to create interest in the outfit, and is a fun chance to play with patterns!

What do you think? Do you have any fun tips for styling overalls?

Dress- c/o Lost in Drawers
Overalls- for sale in my shop HERE
Shoes- UO (recent)
Cardi- F21

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  1. I like this step format.

    I would have never thought to put overalls over a dress. Your layering ideas continue to blow my mind.


    That was in all caps, but it wasn't meant to be and I'm too lazy to re-type it. Read it in a Hagrid voice plz and thank u.

    I really think the overall trend is cute. If I got one, I'd definitely belt it or something or try to find one that was a little more tucked in at the waist. You styled it soooo cute though!

  3. layering is a tricky can't just pile up clothes or it will be look to bulky..but here I must congratulate you Marilyn, job well done :)

    P.S I love the fonts you used in the first photo. :)

  4. I love your outfit, and especially the dress! You look great! :)

  5. This is great, I just looked through your blog and you are the expert at layering! I have to layer because Ireland's weather is so changeable it could be hot and sunny on minute and cold, windy and raining the next!

    Emma x

  6. This is such a cool way to style some humble dungarees. So 90's! I love this trend right now, especially the leather dungarees however they look horrid on myself LOL, I'm too short for 'em!


  7. Oooh, out of all your layered looks, I think this one's my fave! I like how it ended up and the way you're rocking the overalls. I won't lie, there's a rack of overalls over at Walmart that I pass by every now and then and I can't help but kind of fiddle with it and wonder if I should get it...
    You're making me think I should!

    Haha, and oh man, these girls are killing me. Thankfully, my other roommate Corina is pretty cleanly and has a penchant for decorating as well. So at least we all balance each other out :)

    Trendy Teal

  8. I really like the dress alone but the end result with overalls and a cardi is super cute and fun. The cardi really does act as a belt but also adds so much to the out fit in terms of color and texture and pattern.

  9. I love the overalls and think you look adorable in them! I lived in overalls as a kid, so there's a big part of me that's happy to see them return (even if I never wear another pair again). Hope you're settling into life in Seattle! Xo

  10. Man, you are so good at layering!

  11. Basically genius and so so cute!! That dress is adorable to begin with!!


  12. Absolutely love your style! Such a pretty dress, and what a clever idea to layer overalls over it. You're an amazing writer by the way! Will most definitely follow via Bloglovin

  13. I love this post! There's no reason not to layer in the summer, it creates a lovely look

  14. Like I said a trizillion times before, you're a master of layering for sure! Love how you take us step to step to the perfect "onion" look :). And you're freaking gorgeous, as always :).


  15. I feel a bit nerdy and not very fashion forward but I just love the dress plain without additions. I don't do the whole x thing but I'm not that enthousiastic :)


    ps: if you could send some of that heat to the hague, the netherlands that would be much appreciated ;-)

  16. Oh my gosh....I've never thought of that...putting overalls over a dress!! Blew my mind!! Glad you're enjoying really is great here!
    Plus you really do rock that short hair!

  17. Yay, I love overalls! I'm searching for one long ago and haven't found it yet! All the three layers look good, that dress is beautiful and I think it is soo cool you were wearing it under the overall. ;))
    Have a beautiful day!

  18. lovely outfit!:) cute and comfy at once♥

  19. You pull off overalls like nobody else. This is so cute, I actually want to try it, but I know that overalls would make me look five and stocky, and I'd rather not go there. :D Great ideas, though! And I love the outfit on you!
    And I've said it twice already, but I'm so in love with your hair...

  20. Totally loving you in these overalls, you look adorable! I think the classiest way to put a spin on them is to wear a striped boatneck tee under a dark-wash pair. And a pair of sexy wedges always makes them look more feminine and less hillbilly!

    Xo, Hannah

  21. I think you look great in overalls! I never would have thought to wear a dress with them, but it really works! I'm definitely embracing the overall trend. It's the 90s kid in me. I can see where people are worried about stumpy stockiness though. I guess I just ignore it? I'm already short so... heels help? Haha. I think these look cute on you though!


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