Layered Like an Onion: Crafty Dress Edition

Jul 19, 2013

 photo layered_zps0ef58b7e.jpg
Step one: In yesterday's post I said that I loved sleeveless dresses during the summer because they let you layer in a super easy way- you just pop a short-sleeved shirt underneath to add some texture and print! But I also love them for the fact that they make awesome shirts. Stay with me now, this is going to triple your closet. This little number is from Astrocards, and what made it a perfect summer dress is its high neckline and short hem.  Since it's so minimum-frump, it'll be easy to layer a bottom over it. 

 photo layered1_zps922c779f.jpg
Step Two: Put high-waisted shorts over the dress. I love these in particular because they cost me a whopping $2. Story time. I've wanted high-waisted jeans since college and was completely upset with the fact that all of the options either cost $90 (here's lookin' at you American Apparel) or had peeks of your butt cheek hanging out (another accusing finger your way, AA). So I just thought I had to live my life pantsless and sad...that is until I stumbled upon this one random blog by pure chance and saw she made her own pair. With, get this, men's jeans! Since they have higher waist lines than we do, all their jeans will be "high waisted" on us! And so I went to the thrift store, picked a baggy pair so I could be super comfy all summer long, and then snipped, snipped away. Ah-mazing.

 photo layered2_zpsc7594730.jpg
Step Three: Add a button-down over it. I saw "button-down" and not "cardi" because they're more light weight and won't give you heat stroke during this July weather. If plaid won't match with the outfit you're concocting, try a chambray top instead! Those bad boys match everything. I like to tuck one of the sides into my waistband a bit to give it more interest and not let it just hang there limply. Another reason I say "button-down" is because I'm trying to make this look as casual as possible, in order to make Step Four extra special. Scroll down to see why!

 photo layered3_zps52e9becb.jpg
Step Four: Glam it up. One of my MOST favorite parts of fashion is playing with contrasts. I can't get enough of how super casual looks (like flannel and sweatshirts) look with glamorous counterparts (sequin skirts and chandelier earrings). I think it looks amazing, and this outfit only became special and interesting when I added the diamond chandelier earrings and bright pink lipstick. If I had a rhinestone statement necklace this outfit would be so awesome, but, alas, I did not catch one yet. Here's hoping though!

And since I got this sleek dress from Aristocards, I wanted to share a few other favorites from them with you:

       photo astro_zps6a908cfa.jpg

Pants- Thrifted
Plaid Shirt- stolen from Marc (lolz)
Earrings- H&M (recent!)
Lipstick- Wet n' Wild (only $1!)

PS- I have two giveaways running right now- don't miss your chance to win some dresses of your own! Click HERE to enter Katrajina & Co.'s giveaway (for some grungy, edgy vintage) and HERE for Anthropolotique's giveaway (think white lace and crochet maxis).

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  1. Thanks for this post, it remined me that I have a dress that´s slightly too short which would nevertheless look lovely as a top :D

  2. Oh I love this look! Beautiful!

    City Brewed

  3. A DRESS UNDER SHORTS?! I'm giving you an award for creativity!! Also, these dangly earrings are ah-mazing on you

  4. Yes, yes, and yes! I love it Marlen, I think I'll be giving this outfit a go...once its a little cooler ;) Lol I'm such a wuss in the heat!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. I love your dress! I have never thought of layering a dress like this before! Pretty cool idea!


  6. I love this series! Those shorts are perfect to hide a dress under since they're all perfectly baggy! How smart is that to cut them from men's jeans?! I love the addition of the pink lipstick and fancy-shmancy earrings to this - you look gorgeous!

  7. I love this post girl and your layering tips are so perfect! This is wonderful! :)

  8. love this step by step post!! :D you did well in this ensemble!

    Animated Confessions

  9. Lovely post (: the high waisted pants idea was totally great! xx love it!

  10. I have to agree with Jessi, I love this series as well! The dress is adorable, I am loving that print. Also what a great idea! I never really thought of cutting men's jeans into shorts. :-)


  11. These layered like an onion posts are so fun to read :) You are so clever with layering. Part of the reason I want to move to Seattle is so I can experiment more with wearing layers... most of the time its just too hot in LA to wear a lot of clothing haha.

  12. I like those earrings, a bit of glam is always nice addition. I love making a piece versatile in your wardrobe. Great selections from Aristocards. :) /Madison

  13. Such a great post! I love it:)

  14. Wow that is such a cool idea to put that dress into shorts! I've only tried the version of putting a dress into a skirt and it works wonders :) I love this!

  15. Such a cool post! Love it!

  16. Love the end result and the shorts are great!
    Emma x

  17. Excellent work with those shorts! Love the whole look!

  18. I absolutely love layering stuff over my dresses ^^ It's so fun and it really does extend your closet! Awesome idea about the mens jeans too, by the way ;-) x

  19. MARLEN OH MARLEN you make the best little phrases. Like minimum-frump, I love that. You are such a good word-masher.

    You seriously make man pants look awesome... and that's totally clever that they'll always be high waisted on you. Oh, the magic of man pants.

    I, too, am a fan of mashing together opposite pieces. Like, that floral grunge look that goes around? I dig that. I also dig blazers with really casual dresses, and oxfords with shorts... yum yum yum yum. I eat those looks like ice cream. :D

  20. You're so good at layering stuff!!! I'm actually quite happy being pantsless.

    Life of Mabel

  21. I love your layered like an onion posts! Love the cutoffs paired with a plaid shirt! Very Seattlesque.


  22. I always love your layering posts! Gives me so many ideas, especially when styling vintage pieces. Love that sleeveless dress :)



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