I've Got a Cool Dress On!

Jul 4, 2013

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My dress is so rad. So rad that I might have to cheat on the previous post's dress with this one. I'm becoming a sophisticated Parisian woman, *non-existent hair flip*. If you want a dress of your own that is this elopement worthy, check out Bijou Vintage Bazaar- the woman knows how to treasure hunt. And then we both can have a closet full of 60's dresses, and have Mad Men parties, and scoff at how we have better wardrobes than Megan Draper ;)
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So a couple of weeks back when we first moved into our new place, we were forced to endure the torture of not having internet for more than a handful of days. And let me tell you, I have no idea what our parents used to do for fun. I’m guessing they just played that Great Depression game all the time- the one where you push a hoop with a stick across the block. I mean, I just don’t know.

Sure we’ve gone outside and walked around Seattle, but the city is small. And there’s only so much walking my sloth-like body can handle, ya know? So what we fell back on was playing board games; specifically Sequence and Scrabble. And before anyone gets married, they need to test the strength of their relationship by playing these damned Hasbro games. These things turn you into animals.
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The box leads you to believe that you’ll be spending a pleasant afternoon putting down your little squares with a smile on your lips…let me just call that bluff. You don’t understand the fights we’ve had over words put down like “Lizes’ (the plural of Liz, naturally) and ‘unbug” and “aon”. There are suspicious eye squints, calling of siblings to check words on the interwebs, angrily crunching on baby carrots to not say mean words, wrestling each other to the carpet, and double checking scores even though the other person is clearly winning by over a hundred points. Jesus Christ.

Sentences like “okay okay, best out of ten?" are tossed desperately around, and on occasion the board is kicked by a stray (losing) foot. Doors are slammed when an octal word score is eagerly put down, and moods turn dark, fast. 

When the day finally came that the internet box came in the mail, it was like the Berlin Wall came tumbling down and an evil reign was lifted. We could love again!

Oh Hasbro, ruining families since 1968.
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Now, back to Bijou Vintage Bazaar. Since I nabbed this one-of-a-kind stunner, I thought I'd list some other gorgeous finds the boutique has to offer. Here are my favorites!:

 photo bijoufinished_zps6c758359.jpg
1/ 2/ 3

Happy 4th, ya'll!

Dress- c/o Bijou Vintage Bazaar
Clutch- UO (recent!)
Shoes- UO (recent!)

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  1. You have very original looks!
    I hope you like my new post :)


  2. I feel like the title of this post really epitomizes fashion blogging.


  3. Your dress is indeed rad - thanks I just learned a new English word! But I like it - the dress and the word :)

    xx from Bavaria, Rena


  4. fantastic dress!It looks so interesting

  5. Those are quite the sleeves. I've not seen anything quite like them before. Very unique!

  6. Oh man, that dress is AMAZING! I am so in love with it! The little daisies, and the sleeve, and... I want one. Sigh.
    Happy Fourth of July!
    Haha, I don't know how my husband and I survived almost six months with no internet. We DID have our phones to entertain us, but let me tell you... we played a lot of Wii, and watched a lot of movies. That's for sure. And my house may have been cleaner.
    Internet is the best, though!

  7. Hahaha board games. I really don't know what people did without the internet either. I mean, I was too little to miss it when we didn't have it. That was back in the days when I could make up pretend things in my mind and be perfectly content. I need the internet to make up my entertainment now!

    So anyway, this dress is awesome! The sleeves are so much fun. Those little flowers on it are adorable too. Such a great find!

  8. Wow this dress is outstanding! I can't even explain how happy and excited I felt when I saw these lovely pictures of you. Love the colour and the detailing and the collar.

  9. Super adorable!! Love it!

  10. Next time I date someone I am absolutely having a boardgame night to see their true character!! That's brilliant, and honestly sounds like a lot of fun!
    This dress is super unique and I love the red, white and blue appropriately for today :)

  11. That is a truly gorgeous dress!! And I think there's many a friendly game that can turn the most tight-knit of families into enemies. For my husband and me, it's Boggle and Mancala, for my family, it was always card games and Risk!

  12. Board games turn friends into enemies and reveal things about people that should probably not be revealed. Same goes for Mario Kart. Technology keeps us sane in a way, perhaps. I remember one time there was a hurricane and we didn't have power for about a week, and we played Monopoly and... those were dark times, my friend. DARK TIMES, I SAY.

    Also, that non-existant hair flip part... hahahaha, I adore you! You crack me up all the time. Oh, forever precious Marlen.

    OKAY AND OKAHY (I keep starting every part of this comment out a little more excited than the previous part) I seriously love that dress. And I love that you know it's cool, because it seriously is. The top and those rad bell sleeves are so perfect for the first of July, referencing back to the fabulous stripes of 'Murica and all, but I can see it being awesome any other time of the year, too. LIKE CHRISTMAS! I'm sure there's a national donut day you could wear it on, too, just fer the hell of it.

  13. Babin! Love the photographs and location!

  14. That dress really is rad! I would totally prance around and pretend to be a chic french girl if I was wearing it, haha. Board games do the same thing to me-- I think I'm too competitive!

  15. I really admire ladies who have a certain style aesthetic that is not necessarily mainstream and own it. You look (as you put it) so rad!

    Keep it up!


  16. Such a lovely dress! Love the stripes and flowers by the neckline. So true, guess we don't realize just how much we use the internet until we don't have access to it for a couple of days. Same thing happened to the hubby and I a few months back. We couldn't even watch t.v. since we stream most of what we watch. It was a bore!

  17. RAD is the perfect adjective for that dress!! indeed it's one amazing piece!

    Click me for my BLOG!

  18. You HAVE been rocking the coolest dresses lately-the sleeves on this one are purely amazing! And I know, board games...my husband hates playing monopoly with me because I turn into a fire breathing dragon. I always kick his butt though because, well obviously. Haha!
    I do love scrabble too-when I play with my grandmother it takes hours because I spend most of the time pouring over the dictionary. Bah, gotta love it :)

  19. Lol my husband and I play scrabble all the time! I always kick his ass ;-)

  20. just love that dress! so cute, looks great on you :)


  21. LOVE! Thanks so much for the feature - you ROCK that dress!

  22. Haven't dropped by your blog in a long time.. and wow you have a new hairdo.. make you look really cute!

    and happy july 4th!


  23. Amaazing outfit my lovely! <333 The dress is brilliant of course and love how you styled it! I cannot get over how beautiful you look! <3

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  24. How amazing is your fine? I love how unique this dress is! You look beautiful!
    Sorry about no Internet!:) I know that feign sometime but it's always fun to do other things such as board games eh?:)
    Keep being blessed!!

  25. My gosh, this dress is a true beauty :) I love the peplum-y sleeves and the daisies in the front ^^ x

  26. Oh yes, you look AH-mazing! Colours and the flowers- wicked x

    The Young Bridget Jones

  27. this is an amazing dress from the colour, love the daisy details and you look awesome in it! x


  28. Love this look soooo much! That dress with the collar over is is super cute!

    Great post! I’m your newest follower. Would love for you to check out my blog & follow back :)
    Coffee Kisses, xoxo
    Lattes & Lacee

  29. These are all really lovely dresses but I adore the one you are wearing, so pretty!
    Your hair looks great!

  30. THIS DRESS! Wow I am a totally stalker since I think this is the THIRD post I have visited on your blog today, but OH MY! I think this is my favorite dress of yours ever! So cool you have been working with some amazing vintage shops lately too! Happy Friday to you, I hope its better than your calamari and bad art thursday! ;)
    xo Hannah

  31. Absolutely love that dress!!

  32. This dress is so special! You look stunning!

    Xo, Hannah


  33. Omgsh, that is too funny xD Haha, sounds like you two are competitive! I totally understand. My parents would have Scrabble tournaments (yes...they called them tournaments) and sheesh, that was always interesting.
    Anyway, definitely a lovely new dress! The details are so unique!

    Enter to win a pendant from Snoozer Loser!
    Trendy Teal

  34. Holy cow, what a dress! I love it.

    Love, Amy


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