So Essited!

Jul 26, 2013

 photo IMG_4987_zpsdfe91ef2.jpg photo IMG_4944_zps7cafd026.jpg photo IMG_4954_zps1eb3b9ce.jpg
I have officially ONE MORE WEEK till I go back to Chicago and visit.Which, subsequently, means I have one more week till home cooked dinners; one more week till the most comfortable, non-scratchy, non-ten dollar-couch is reunited with me; one more week till girls' nights and $3 cocktails; one more week till I don't have to do my own dishes; and one more week till festivals and just general bad decision making with best friends at night time hours. I am. SO. Excited. I can't wait to just group cuddle with everyone.

And one week isn't all that long to decide what to wear (especially if you have a carefully cluttered-to-the-ceiling closet like I do), so it's time to start scrutinizing the options. Maybe this sweet little dress will come with me- I really like how the bow looks sticking out of vests. Or you can beat me to it, and check it out in my shop since it's for saaaale! 

 photo 04cf3f13-2ac8-448b-b5a0-dd3779f9678b_zpsb81b3799.jpg photo IMG_5000_zps54a2c847.jpg photo IMG_4968_zps0ba72055.jpg photo IMG_4985_zps2835ae45.jpg
 photo dc3c6d8c-04ea-4f5e-84ea-07276d831c55_zpsd90e4965.jpg
 photo IMG_4943_zps738322a0.jpg photo IMG_4955_zps0a94afa9.jpg photo IMG_5033_zps00a4c223.jpg

PS- don't forget to enter the two giveaways I have going right now! My brand new one is the $25 Folk and Fables giveaway (you can enter HERE), which has a ton of dreamy dresses in fun juicy patterns, and the Shop Baby Bird one is ending Monday, which has mod shift dresses and tropical,vintage swimsuits, so hop to it! (Enter for that one HERE)

Vest- Old Navy
Belt- CK (thrifted)
Sunnies- Ross
Hat- UO
Sandals- H&M
Necklace- H&M

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  1. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! I adore yours as well! I am also from Chicago and headed back there in a week. Are you going to Lolla? Take Care!

  2. The week after that I'm actually headed to Seattle, I've never been before! Where are your favorite places to shop/eat downtown?!

  3. You look so safari-chic! It reminds me of some of my favourite Indiana Jones movies lol (in a chic cool girly way)!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
    Hope you enjoy your home time in Chicago (I have never been!)
    Let me know if you want us to flow each other and keep in touch!

  4. I love the way you layered the various colors and prints. I am totally in love with it!
    xx (✿◠‿◠)

  5. I can't take how cute you are. I LOVE the way you style things! And I can't wait to hang out sometime next month! I hope you have lots of fun in Chicago!
    I love love LOVE the way you photograph Seattle, too. Makes me want to come live there, even though I know I'd probably never really like living in the city. I'm so much of a country girl it's ridiculous! But still. I think it would be fun to e able to wander around neighborhods and pop into shops and cafes and whatever. And not have to drive everywhere fun.
    And also, have actual cool sides of buildings to take pictures by, instead of in my driveway...
    But unless my husband gets a random job over there, I'm sure we'll always be in the country. Oh well!

  6. Adore! Your clothes are so fun, you know.

  7. ok amazing pictures! and could you be any cuter?! seriously love your short hair and the hat, the fun dress with a bow collar and a vest?! with a fun belt! I LOVE it all!

  8. Thank you so much for your really cute comment on my ombré hairstyle, it made me so happy right now :D Also I love your dress and how you combined it! I think your dress would have fitted perfectly in the post I wrote today about blue polka dot dresses, even if it´s not really polka dot ;)

  9. love the vest,pretty outfit :)

  10. Oh your trip to Chicago sounds great. I hope it's a blast!

    Ladyface Blog

  11. That sounds like so much fun, can I come? I moved to FL from PA 6 years ago and I've made one friend and then I moved to a different town and now I have no friends. She lives an hour and a half away now and we're both too lazy to drive to hang out. Oh well! Say hi to Oparah for me!

    Life of Mabel

  12. hit the outfit out of the park again! love it! and it sounds like you have some exciting things coming up. I love returning home to home cooked dinners it's the best

  13. Love this look! So glad you'll be visiting home. =]

    Kate from Clear the Way

  14. This is probably the cutest thing ever!! I LOVE how that dress looks with the vest, I need to invest in a military vest BAD. And the sunnies and hat?! SO cute! Especially with your darling hair that I seriously just can't get over.
    Yay for visiting home! Sounds like you have lots of fun and relaxation planned!

  15. Aaawwww, one WEEK! ONE WEEK FOR MARLEN!! (does a dancey dance with you) All I have in one week is a biology exam. THAT IS SO MUCH LESS FUN THAN CHICAGO. I'm cheering for ya, girly.

    That dress is sweet. I especially love the poofy-esque sleeves and tie front thingy. I'm sure it has a better name than "tie front thingy" but I'm not so good at knowing dress parts. And the print on it totally reminds me of bird feathers. PRETTY LADY!

  16. Wait, are you moving back to Chicago or just visiting? Aha, home-cooked meals are such a huge pull! I get excited everytime I come back home because all I can think about is: "Omgsh, AC and mom's cooking, YES!"

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  17. I just LOVE that photo of the Seattle skyline!

    Enjoy home :)

  18. Ha ha I use to live in Seattle! Great pix and have a great time in Chicogo!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  19. Going home is the absolute best. And that purple dress is so cute!

  20. LOVE the dress and that you paired it with that vest! Have fun in Chicago and chilling on a plush lounge suite ;-)

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  21. Really cool photos and outfit! Love the sunnies so much :)

    Waiting you in my blog!

  22. Girl, you are meant to be a writer! I love reading your posts, they're all so interesting and comical!

  23. Ooooh, have a fantastic trip!!! But promise you'll come back because I want for us to have a fabulous blogger meetup one of these days :)

  24. I want your vest!! I've been lusting after olive vests for fall, especially ones with leather inserts. You look very chic! And I hope you have a wonderful time in Chicago :)

    Xo, Hannah

  25. Man girl... you look good in anything! ;) And your posts always make me laugh. Hope you have an amazing time in Chicago. Jealous.... Wish I were going. It's been tooooo long.

  26. Oh maaaan, that last picture is so gorgeous! :o And such a lovely dress!

  27. Such a gorgeous post lady! LOVE your style! Beautiful eclectic look- love the vest! XO!



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