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Jul 20, 2013

 photo 155aa689-1cb4-4a1a-836d-7c61ff8aeaa8_zpsaf19c395.jpg photo aa3063f6-6ea5-433d-afde-1968dfc3ec90_zpsa2943a17.jpg photo cb89f831-594f-4a3a-9b86-4aa69e6ced7c_zps614e9c49.jpg photo JulyBlog404_zps095715e0.jpg photo 64a8e164-89ec-4302-82a9-73cb33396ab9_zps79823e02.jpg photo 63f9e31f-c081-4b9c-91be-a9e09f811faf_zps4c904aa2.jpg photo 7e5b5e00-a0f1-47a9-a7aa-745627e22df4_zps25b2069f.jpg
Okay, I swear we do more than just wander around markets. But Chicago didn't really have any so we're kinda all-sorts-of-intrigued. Also it reminds me of my India and Thailand days, were you walked from bazaar stall to bazaar stall, haggling over chocolate croissants (who woulda thought?) and pashmina scarves simultaneously.  Except I'm pretty sure if I tried haggling over a hot dog here I'd get slapped, so minus that part.  

And on a more sartorial note, how rockin' is this Anatomy Vintage dress? I love the fact that it's a fancy dress without trying to be fancy. It's just got glamour in its threads and it's all subtle about it. Like if it could talk it'd be all looking at its nails in a bored fashion and saying "well of course I'm a stunner, but what of it?"
So I decided to take the same attitude and slip on some chandelier earrings, along with a casual striped tee as a layer, and went about my weekday market shopping as if I go to sleep with diamonds dripping off of my ears. I quite like what this dress does to me ;)
 photo JulyBlog433_zps60d8b502.jpg photo 72013b71-0558-455b-8252-4bcf995b3836_zpsea18a9a0.jpg
 photo JulyBlog421_zpsdd3c4808.jpg
 photo 064b4378-e7c1-4221-abb5-5f51a9b9cfee_zpsf0d9fd09.jpg photo f8e9d2c1-c259-409d-8f2b-ea7c62f6b866_zpsd99a2ba0.jpg photo 994dfcbe-4a46-40db-a6c6-3134d66b6428_zps8d62913e.jpg
 photo 85bc95a2-44be-4a72-9f95-9370384c91a7_zps6485e902.jpg photo JulyBlog401_zps006e8ab5.jpg photo JulyBlog417_zpsc5be2aca.jpg photo 88550dfc-ea63-46ee-b680-7674da433a87_zps790b89d3.jpg photo adccdc4e-3834-44fc-97f5-c0a3cbdbcd30_zpsc219f77b.jpg

And in case you were curious about Anatomy Vintage, I decided to be a personal shopper for you and picked out my favorites! For more, check out Amber's store here.

 photo Untitled-1_zps485843a6.jpg
                                                      1/ 2/ 3

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Dress- c/o Anatomy Vintage
Striped Tee- Banana Republic (recent!)
Shoes- UO (recent!)
Earrings- H&M
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  1. Your dress is so beautiful and unique :)

  2. Great photos!! Love the dress as well :) x

    Karen, sincerelykn.blogspot.ca

  3. I love checking out the markets too. Have you been to the Fremont Sunday market? Its supposedly pretty cool. Oh and this dress is just fabulous. One of the prettiest flower prints I've seen. I also love these earrings you've been rockin'- very Edie Sedgewick :)

  4. Love the market shots, and how that dress highlights your curves.

  5. Again, you're the queen of layering! I love your dress. That Ph d sign is pretty funny. I'd probably walk around this area, too. It looks really fun. Dress 3 is so cool and it would fit me. Unfortunately, I work part time :(

    Life of Mabel

  6. Ahh such lovely photographs! I love those shoes! Thank you for my comment! x


  7. Loving the floral dress - if you wanted to sauce it up you could remove the bottom ruffle.
    I love that busker and his witty cardboard platitudes.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  8. Loving that mix of stripes and florals on you!


  9. Your market wandering adventures have to be my fav, though. I will never get sick of your picture perfect pictures and if I could hang out with you for a day, I'm pretty sure it'd be like, a day I'd write in my diary for years and years to come. TONS OF HEARTS WOULD BE ON IT, TOO. Hearts hearts hearts <3 and pictures duh

    Girl, your dress. Like, that dress would make a great curtain if you weren't in it, but once you wiggle your way in it, you make it look totally un-curtain-like and stylish. HOW THE HECK DO YOU EVEN MANAGE IT. Flawless human being Marlen.

  10. Those markets look so awesome! Flea markets and vintage fairs are honestly some of my favourite things in the world. I love that floral dress, the ruffle is adorbs.

  11. the photos are so beautiful ♥

  12. My eyes literally lit up when they landed on your dress. Its so...bright! And floraly! And pretty! Perfect print mixing with the striped top underneath :)
    Haha, and I'd totally be wandering around markets too if I were you.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  13. You look amazing, Marlen! I really the floral dress. Your pictures also made me miss Seattle a lot. I went about 3 years ago and I loved it! :-)


  14. You look lovely in the floral dress! I love all the colourful photos they look very cheerful <3

  15. Ohhhh floral and stripes, my fav combo! I love the chandelier earrings too, it adds a pop of vintage "class" to your fun outfit. I love seeing pictures of your new city too. Everything looks so fun and interesting!



    Southern (California) Belle

  16. The pattern mixing in your outfit is the best ever. I like the shape of your dress, the way it is at the bottom... I have been looking for something like that... I adore all the dresses you selected

  17. Haha omg, "I'm not on Facebook but you can still like me" .. it's kind a sad! But so true .. Lovely pictures!


  18. Of course I'm loving the dress your wearing - it's gorgeous! Lovely captures :).
    Have a nice Sunday!


  19. These pics are so fun and colourful :D Love them! Also your dress looks so interesting, the cut is just perfect!

  20. These are great photos! I really like your dress :)


  21. I love the vintage touch towards this post! You look absolutely stunnin!! xx

  22. Love your dress.. and the photos are great.. and who cares if you like to wander markets? They happen to be amazing!

  23. GOSH you are just... fancy and adorable. Hehe. The imagining what this dress might say cracked me up. I love how you styled it with the chandelier earrings and the striped tee! Gotta love florals and stripes!
    Yeah, if I lived in Seattle, I'd be going to the open market ALL the time. I really love that about Seattle; it's so much fun. There are Farmer's Markets every Saturday over here, but they're not as good as Seattle's open markets!

  24. Hey, thanks for the love! I really like your pattern play here, and I will take one of each of those cookies, please and thanks!

  25. Yeah that dress is amazeballs! Seriously rocks, and totally the right earrings with it too. I really do think your short hair is look utterly splendid.

  26. Mmm, these photos are gorgeous!! The bold florals are something else! I really like the feel of your blog too- the right mix of lifestyle and fashion... definitely adding to my Bloglovin' feed :)

    Lucy xo

  27. I love love love this dress- the colors and print are so fabulous on you! Your style is always so inspirational!!

    Xo, Hannah


  28. I love the colours in all of the photos! And that first dress is my favourite!


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