Falling Off of Bikes in Skirts

Jul 27, 2013

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So today as I went downstairs to throw out the recycling, I noticed there was an abandoned bike waiting around for a new home next to the dumpster. I tried my best to do a C-Jump out of my excitement and ran to claim my dibs. It was a cool little number, all red and scuffed up and had one of those so-pro-that-you-have-to-lean-over handlebars. I was so excited not to have to walk anywhere anymore- I hate using my legs. I'd gladly just lie like a starfish in my bed for the rest of my days but, alas, that's socially unacceptable.

So eager to try out my new toy, I tried clambering up on the seat...but to no avail. Apparently this bad boy was built for someone with Paul Bunyan proportions because I couldn't even swing my leg over it. But undeterred I kept at it and tried to scale onto the seat...but the bike was just not having it. Instead of hopping on and riding into the horizon, what happened was that I nearly mounted it and then immediately fell off. Flailing arms, embarrassing yelp, and all. Pouting I pushed it off of me and stomped back to the door. Whatever, reds a dumb color anyway.  

 photo IMG_5040_zpscc74ad37.jpg photo IMG_5061_zps744e1a55.jpg
But on a brighter note, how cute is this outfit? I pulled an Elana and tied my top into a knot over my skirt, and decided to go all in with the retro feel and added a bow and cat-eye sunnies. If you like this skirt, it's actually for sale in my shop
 photo IMG_5081_zps55547d24.jpg photo IMG_5064_zpscbf81660.jpg

Skirt- for sale in my shop HERE
Shirt- thrifted
Sandals- H&M
Sunnies- UO
Bow- a pussybow from an UO top

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  1. aaah what a funny story about the bike. it must have been really huge, or strangely built since I know you're taller than most. hope you can find a bike soon, I love zooming all around on mine. and i love your top tie, just like Elana! perfect color w/ that pretty skirt & the scarf and shades.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  2. Bummer about the bike. I've had the same issue when trying to hop on my boyfriend's fixie haha. And I love this skirt! I have one similar that I wear with a peachy/pink colored top as well. You look fantastic :)

  3. I love how summery retro this is. You do a good "Elana" with the tied top and aren't those other details with the sunnies and scarf too cute!?

  4. Love the skirt and those sunnies! Even though the bike didn't work out it's good that you tried! lol

  5. Super cute! Flowery and flowy and perfectly retro. You look great! xo



  6. wow, I seriously love this outfit! Alex


  7. Can you please stop being so adorable? You're killing me! I seriously love your style, Marlen. I am so happy I came across your blog. Let's high five.
    Also, in case you didn't see my reply, I use a program called Pixelmator. It's about $15 and it's amazing.
    Have a great Saturday!

  8. Could the seat not be lowered??? :(

  9. Haha, this is funny, I just pulled an Elana as well and had a knotted up tank with my outfit. I think I'll have to refer to it as well when the post goes up.
    Anyway, too bad about the bike. I'm sure you'll find a better colored bike anyway ;)
    I really love this light, summery outfit! The knotted blouse and floral skirt is perfect

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  10. The outfit is SUPER cute but I am MAJOR bummed for you on the bike front! How annoying! I'm glad you didn't get too scuffed up though!

  11. So vintage chic! I love those sunglasses. I'm so glad that you left a comment on my blog because it led me to your blog. You have such lovely style- very retro which I adore. Anyway, I'm now following with GFC, bloglovin' and twitter. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts :)

    Fashion, Trends & More

  12. Sorry to hear about the bike - no fun at all! :(

    However, I am COMPLETELY swooning over this outfit! So cute! That skirt is perfect!


  13. Lol, you're so cute! I loved reading your bicycle story, entices the kid inside of you! You look absolutely stunning. I absolutely love anything with pleats, and that skirt is so charming. I love the retro/vintage vibe to this, you've styled this to perfection!


  14. Aw man that bike did sound pretty sweet. So sad it didn't work out.
    As for your outfit, I am loving the retro vibes. The color scheme is really fresh and summery, it's great!


  15. I loooove the colors here! So so cute. And darn, that sucks about the bike!!! I don't like those lean over bikes, they hurt my bum and they're hard to ride (at least for me!) hehe. And I love that you said you pulled an "elana" because I know exactly what you're talking about! she's so cute and that's definitely her little signature ;)

  16. Fun story and nice look!
    I'm not that good at riding bikes but here in the Netherlands everybody does and they're so talented, even girls wihen wearing long or short skirts. Skilled Dutch can do anything on a bike, literally. They can talk on their phone, eat while riding or carrying their grocery shopping bags at the same time. It comes so naturally to them! Maybe one day I'll be that talented ... Probably not!

    Have a lovely Sunday!
    xoxo Irene

  17. Falling off of bikes in CUTE skirts! Also, those sandals are from H&M?! Maybe I should put my boycott on hold for a day and check them out? I'm on this shop local etc. challenge. It's been pretty easy, until you ruined it for me with those sandals. Haha.

  18. This is such a perfect outfit! Such beautiful photos too x


  19. Lovely skirt!!!very retro look!!!:))xx Marlen


  20. awesome glasses! the bow suits you

  21. Hahaha aww that bike story is hilarious. I'm sorry that happened. I understand, though. There is no bike in the world that fits me, except for my very first bike with training wheels. Every bike made for adults is too high.

    We started watching Orange is the New Black and we LOVE it. Thanks for the recommendation. We binge watched the first 3 episodes and I think I got a bed sore.

    Also, I'm wearing a shirt with a, ugh, pussybow, in my latest post.

    Life of Mabel

  22. This outfit is amazing, I love
    how the colour of your shirt
    matches your skirt. :)

    And I hope you are well after your little
    bike experience.


  23. hahahaha, I'm sorry that your bike wasn't all that it was dreamed to be. Probably why it was by the dumpster. Sad face! It could have been dangerous anyway and WE DON'T WANT YOU GETTING HURT NO WE DO NOT

    also, laying in bed like a starfish. Best comparison EVER.

    You are looking so freaking cute like seriously you resemble the most adorABLE piece of cotton candy ever. Blue and pink and with cute sunnies at that. GIRLY SWOOOON.

  24. Haha that story is so funny! Beautiful look though, everything goes together so well!

  25. I literally am laughing aloud at your bike story!

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons

  26. Love the skirt, gorgeous colors and print :)

  27. LOVE the skirt :) cute styling. and again obsessed with your hair

  28. You are the cutest things ever!! Pastels really suit you, and this skirt has the most perfect pleats.

    Xo, Hannah


  29. Perfection, as usual. The sunglasses really pull the outfit together, I must say. You do look like a biking chick in that cute top ;) better luck next time!



  30. Haha, sorry to laugh at your suffering, but the mental image of you struggling with the bicycle is pretty good.
    This skirt is gorgeous, love the colours and print!! And how you "pulled an Elena" she's a clever girl :)

  31. Such sweet pastelly colours! feels very summery and I love your fancy sunglasses too

  32. Such a cutie! I love these pretty pastels and those sunglasses. Hahah you and that bike just weren't meant to be!


  33. Awesome look! I love how vintage it looks. The floral skirt is so pretty. I love the pleating and I love how you tied your top rather than just tucking it in. Thanks for stopping by my blog. That's so cool we both live in Seattle : ) Just started following on BL & GFC. Hope you can follow back so we can stay connected!


  34. ahhh ! What a cute outfit...I love those shades :)and skirt!

  35. how adorable are you in this outfit!? LOVE


  36. marlen i just LOVE this outfit! so pretty!!!
    that sucks about the bike! yeah, red sucks anyway. ;)

    at this volume

  37. aw man, I haven't been on your blog for too long! Your hair is stunning, and the outfit is cute! Too bad about the bike.

  38. Super lovely!
    I love your skirt!! You look simply gorgeous ya know! :)

    crunchy cheese me

  39. Oh what a bummer! There wasn't a way to adjust the seat for you? Psh that stinks. I hope you get a bike soon, I'm sure in a city like that you would use one every day!
    I LOVE this sweet little outfit. The pale pink of that top is one of the prettiest colors there is and the retro sunnies are perfect! I keep breaking my sunglasses...I think it's time for a few new pairs...:)

  40. Yay for pulling an Elana! haha Do I even need to say how much I love this outfit? A top tied over a skirt, a gorgeous pleated skirt at that, retro sunglasses, and a polka dot hair scarf? Come on. I'm sold. Gah, I wish I had money so I could buy this skirt, it's so dreamy!

  41. The skirt is so pretty! I love the colours <3

  42. I think this is super cute! looks beachy to me, for some reason and I love the pastel colors xx

  43. Hilarious. I wish that I was there. That skirt is so beautiful too, I might just have to do some panhandling so I can buy it off you!

  44. So cute. This is exactly my style!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  45. P.S. So sorry that bike hated you.


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