Jul 18, 2013

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 photo IMG_4408_zps23dd34c5.jpg
We just can't get over exploring this city of ours. After staying cooped up in the apartment for a few days, Marc and I start getting a little stir-crazy and squabble-y, and during moments like those we slip on our shoes and go to stretch our legs. When you  have a tight budget, you can't really lounge around at restaurants, ordering an endless supply of burgers and brews (sad sigh), but views are always free. One of our favorite things to do is walk around aimlessly, willing the blocks and streets to unveil something special. All these snaps were taken at Pike Place Market, where we decided to take a side street rather than the main road and stumbled into a row of alleys that looked straight out of Europe. Not too shabby, huh?

As for the outfit, one of my favorite thing about sleeveless dresses is that they're a super easy way to layer during the summer. All you do is add a textured or patterned short-sleeve top right under them, and you've got yourself an outfit! Which is exactly why I've been running this Stranger Bird Vintage dress right into the ground. I love how it's drop-waisted but still has a fit and flare shape to it. If you want to see how I styled it last time, check out this post here. And if you want to see Stranger Bird Vintage's other vintage beauties, click on over here! They have super affordable dresses, and all of them have as much character as this one.
 photo 4612af6c-ee6b-4be9-9c35-b09fa8061dfb_zps55d0370f.jpg photo 68b45ad0-7d2d-4ca5-9afe-a2bd388230df_zps8161b525.jpg
 photo IMG_4419_zpsa2bd2394.jpg
 photo 8b831443-5b0a-4b93-b8aa-0b88a4aa7265_zpsea36f1ab.jpg
 photo 18bc8c92-8b10-43b9-987e-d8046cee794a_zpsfa92e0b8.jpg photo baca8c2e-e197-4e2b-aa1b-2a0b803be484_zps2856f088.jpg
 photo ad8fd62a-b423-4222-b872-61c4fed7534c_zps547cbc94.jpg
 photo IMG_4444_zps17ac9657.jpg photo IMG_4447_zps9053f84b.jpg photo 504a08d1-2a22-4ff1-ad5f-a27e9df34775_zps8c4a9eb2.jpg
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  1. Can I just come and explore Seattle with you? :)
    It looks magical through your camera lens! Love the striped tank you have too, you layered it wonderfully over the crochet-like top

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    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. This city o yours looks so charming! I love that wall for photo taking it goes perfectly with the dress!

  3. I didn't realize you lived in Seattle! That's where I'm from. I've never seen that little side alley, and I've been to Pike Place a gazillion times! One of my favorite places to go in Seattle, even if it's overrun by tourists sometimes ;)

    I love the dress, too!

  4. These photos are amazing. Love the story it tells. Your look is so pretty too!

  5. I love reading your blog and recognizing the places where you're taking pictures. Hehe. It's like... oh hey, I've been there!! I think sometime next month we should meet up at Pike's Place; you might actually have found cooler places than I ever have coming to Seattle, though, because I'm such a creature of habit I just go to the same place over and over!

  6. You post some of the most incredible photos I've seen on a blog. I just adore the second photo so much! And I love the exterior of that tasting room! So cool. :)

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  7. Ooo! That dress is perfect. The little gold embellishments and lace sleeves!! Droooool..

  8. I love exploring my little city as well!! I love that many of your pictures are of unexpected things - like the cool stairways and black & white laundry photos.


  9. Damn. You make me miss Seattle so much. I haven't been to these sorts of areas, and now I'm starting to regret not exploring more than the touristy places like the Fish Market. It's such a beautiful city. And I love this dress. I think it's the bold color contrasting with the delicate eyelet.

  10. I love all of these photos, but especially the one of the laundry strung between the buildings! I also love how you don't let not having a lot of cash interfere with having a good time. I try to follow that same rule myself!


  11. You're so good at layering. I love this dress, it's so cool! Have you been to that Books Ale & Wine place? I wish we could rename the public library where I work that and get ale and wine to go with the books. Anyway, it sounds like a cool place. So, you live in Seattle? Do you know Christian Grey? Lol.

    Life of Mabel

  12. You look beautiful, Marlen, I love that dress! Your city looks amazing, what beautiful pictures!

    Thank you so much for the giveaway, I'm so excited and grateful I won!


  13. I'm glad that you and yo man are havin' fun dora the explorin' your new city town! Haha, I know that feel of having a lack of funds to hang around with... I'm usually limited to pool lounging, the occassional Starbucks hangin' with a cup o' hot Tazo tea, and the occasional lunch date with myself, courtesy of my daddy's credit card. Oops. But I only do that once or twice a week!!

    I also must say tha tI really love that black and white photo of the building with the lights stretching from it. Your photography skills always blow my mIIINNNNDDDDDDD. One day, can I buy some of your prints? Especially those ones from your travels. PLS AND THNK U. My house will need some awesome photography in it.

    Oh, outfit, right. I always get caught up in your photos and rad writing that I forget the whole outfit aspect. DUR HUR, Ali. I'm diggin' the little gold buttons up on your shoulders, and I really appreciate the fact that you kinda match that wall. CLEEEVER.

  14. seriously, so cool. you guys rock.

    I love your adventurousness and even the moneysaving, sightseeing attitude.
    perfect for wandering twentysomethings!

  15. How fun to explore! Love the look too

  16. Gorgeous photos! I really need to visit Seattle one day.

  17. You look very chic and sophisticated :) Also, Kells is awesome. I have only been to their Portland location but I'm sure the Seattle one is just as great.

  18. I love your top (: it's really unique with the stripes and crotchet sleeves at the side. xx Thanks for commenting on my blog (:


  19. Love that stripe dress. Your'e right about views being free - the BF and I went for a walk on a public reserve the other day and there's heaps a giant citrus grove, you can pick the fruit right off the tree for free! Free tastes better.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  20. I was gonna comment on how I loved the shape of this dress! I also love the drop waist, like you said. It almost looks like a skirt and top! How fun to go exploring in such a diverse place. The colors and scenery are so eye catching and provide a wonderful backdrop for you.

  21. beautiful!!! love the backdrops behind your gorgeous dress :)

  22. You are so cute! Love the dress with the shirt under it -- definitely a good outfit! And I dig all these pictures. Views are free and you're living in a place where they're great!

  23. I love those pictures and you look just so cheeful and cute! :)


  24. Now I definitely want to go to Seattle! Great photos! & books and wine!?

  25. these picture are awesome!!! I really love your blog!
    followed u!! keep in touch!



  26. gorgeous photos and i looooove your outfit :)

  27. Your dress looks so perfect against that backdrop!

    Also, I totally do the same thing, traipsing about aimlessly for the sake of adventure and discovery. It doesn't cost my weary wallet a cent to look. Haha.

  28. This street looks awesome! It's amazing what you find when you just wander around. I think I'll have to take your idea of going out and walking around while I'm living with my boyfriend. I have a feeling if we're cooped up being our poor selves we'll get squabble-y too!

    Anyyyway. Yes. Sleeveless dresses are the best for laying. I love that you can layer shirts underneath them and make them a completely different dress. Your eyelet top looks so cute with the stripes on your dress.


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