Boardwalks & polka dots

Jul 25, 2013

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I live right next to the water, and there's a trail that snakes its way hand in hand with the shore, walking you through parks and beaches on the way into the city. Marc and I like to take a walk on that trail from time to time, but we never really go in further than a mile. The lure of Netflix usually gets to us, and we decide that's enough of that fresh air nonsense and turn back ;)

But last week we must have lost track of time as we were walking and searching for otters in the water, and found ourselves face to face with a good ol' boardwalk. You should have seen my eyes glint as they took in the ferris wheel, and more importantly, the cotton candy machine. Moments like those Marc probably wishes I had one of those backpacks with the leashes on, because I let go of his hand and bolted right up the stairs, trying my hardest not to squeal. It was funny though because even though we were so in awe that we had this just a short walk from our home, we still didn't really We just stared at it from a bit of a distance, and then turned back home vowing to revisit it this weekend.

What can I say? Netflix won once again. 

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Also, I have been feeling so unmotivated this week. Do you have any tips or tricks you do to get that mojo back? Please, I'm in dire need.

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Hat- UO
Shades- UO
Sandals- H&M
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  1. Lovely outfit! Red and polka dots suit you well. xo

  2. Nice outfit!
    Love these pics.


  3. LOVE this outfit! What a great dress and awesome sunnies

  4. Aw that Netflix is a sneaky one. That is so cool, though, that you have a boardwalk right by your house!!! There's always a next time for venturing in, right? I love your polka dot dress! When I find myself unmotivated, I usually turn to my Stylebook app or Pintrest. I'm original like that ;-) (read: I'm not original)

  5. I just vacationed to Seattle in June and seeing your pictures made me feel all happy and excited to return! PLUS, I love the dress. :)

  6. These photos are lovely, I wish I lived close to the boardwalk (or a body of water for that matter...)
    You should totally get one of those backpack leashes, can you imagine the looks you'd get?? HA. Anyways, your polka dot dress is gorgeous and you probably garnered quite a few more positive glances while rocking it

  7. Love this whole look!! u look super cute!!

  8. this dress is super adorable!

  9. Cuttest sunglasses ever :D Oh, and polka dots <3

  10. Netflix won over cotton candy and a ferris wheel??? Say what!?!?
    I'm never getting Netflix I now know the dangers of it :P
    Hope you go in next week! I'm sure it'll be worthwhile.
    Love your polka dot dress Marlen, the sunnies are the perfect summer touch.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  11. i love you glasses! they are super cute! :)

  12. Sounds like you're having fun exploring the city. Love that polka dot dress!

    Ladyface Blog

  13. This dress is super cute on you! Love the color and you can never go wrong with polka dots!
    Sincerely, Sara

  14. Ferris wheels and cotton candy are seriously some of my favorite things in the world.
    Also, I'm not sure if I was able to drop by after your haircut...but I just want to say I love the new do.
    And, those sunglasses go so well with that dress.


  15. Such a cute outfit...perfect for summer!!

    Luisa @ Why Don’t You Make Me?

  16. Awe, this dress is so cute! I love the shades too :) Mmm...cotton candy :)
    As for the unmotivated'll pass! That's all the advice I can give, haha!

  17. I love the sunnies! Super cute dress.

    Hmm.... getting that mojo back. EXERCISE! Drink lots of water. Dance!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  18. Hey, you're a West Coaster, now!

    I've been an bit unmotivated too, except when it comes to writing my thesis. But job hunting, ugh. I can't be bothered!

  19. How fun! I live next to the water too and I love it! You look so wonderful in that dress!

  20. this is such a pretty fun dress, and the sunnies can be any more perfect xx

  21. That dress is adorable! I really love the polka dots!


  22. Gosh, do you have the best wardrobe, or what?! As for motivation: take. a. break. I don't know what else to say, but sometimes your intuition knows best!

  23. I liked this outfit so much, I gave it a little shout-out on my blog!

  24. cute outfit, the dress is really lovely
    xx ish

  25. Ah, I love the old-timey feel of boardwalks and this one is no exception! What a treat to live nearby it. So much character! And loving those polka dots on you. Right up my alley :)


  26. You are not alone! I live right near our towns square which is always a busy place with concerts and fun. It's so wasted on me because I always feel awkward in crowded situations and find it more fun to stay at home on the computer. lol Sometimes I can be swayed if I'm with the right people. (seriously, the right people can make any situation awesome!)

    I adore your outfit, especially those rad sunglasses!

  27. Ah, this dress! It's so, so, so cute. And congrats on selling it, missy! I was fully expecting this to be from one of your awesome sponsors, but then I got really excited when I saw that you were selling it. But it sold! Today apparently! Which is great because, one, I have zero money to spend and, two, I'm so happy that you made another sale! Win, ;)

  28. Adorable dress and those sunglasses....AMAZING! I went to check out the dress in your shop and saw that someone snatched it up already! :-)

  29. Ahhh how fun!! You must go on the ferris wheel and take pictures from it!

  30. Stop! I love it all! I feel like you're pretty woman when she goes to the race tracks...beautiful! Can I be you? *sigh*
    Much love,

  31. Hehehe damn you netflix *shakes fist in air* maybe next time you'll make it further! I wish I had interesting boardwalks within my reach or a remotely interesting place I could go exploring :o( I've also been feeling rather uninspired though I account it to wanderlust pangs more than anything. Usually fresh air and cloud watching does the trick for me if you want to try that out! Good luck


  32. Gorgeous pictures! And I absolutely love your dress- it's perfect for summer!

  33. i spy seattle aquarium! you should go! it sounds neat. also, this dress. just keep it it's sooo cuuuute on you!

    at this volume

  34. Hi dear, thank you for your lovely comment, it really put a smile on my face :) Sure it was important to me to not overdress and invest too much in that hippie-festival look which is just not me.
    I really like your outfit as well, really reminds me of some vintage collections I've seen these days. Keep going!
    By the way I'll soon move to Maryland for over one year but I really hope to be able to see Seattle at least once in this time!
    Kisses <3

  35. WHAT!? there's a boardwalk in your town and your didn't know? And you didn't go look? LMAO.
    I find when inspiration is lacking to leave what you're stuck on and go do something else! Go sew a cute dress or paint a cool scene. Then once you return you feel refreshed. Good luck!

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  36. wow! what a lovely retro vintage outfit! i've always been a fan of polka dresses! :)


  37. What a beautiful outfit girlie!!U look stunning in it.Love ure blog so Im gonna follow u right now =D

    Also u could visit me at or Crazy Closet Blog on Facebook.

    A million kisses!! Mariola

  38. Beautiful pictures!
    Love it!

  39. Such adorable photos! That dress is so fun, and looks great on you! xx

  40. Amazing red! What camera do you use btw ?

  41. I love the dress! Haha, if we had Netflix in Australia I don't think I'd ever actually leave the house.

  42. How did you not notice that ferris wheel before!? lol

    Do you have any good recommendations for Netflix? My boyfriend and I just finished the entire Twin Peaks series and now we can't think of something else to watch.

    Life of Mabel

  43. LOVE the polka dots :) so cute!

  44. I have found having two lists-a running to-do list full of things you know need to get done at some point and a daily to-do list. I always put down ONLY what I want/can get done that day and each day start a new,usually reviewing the running to-do list to make the daily one- can help me with the day. I like to check things off. But if you get some really good tips PLEASE pass them on.

    By the way, I have been enjoying all the effort and cool stuff you've been pouring into your blog lately.

    As for this outfit- you are in a hat! And are cute! It is too bad you didn't go in because this outfit looks perfect for walking along a boardwalk.

  45. what a fun dress! love how its simple but super cute! the polka dots are awesome!

  46. That dress is pretty much perfect. It's so cute by itself, but it's simple too, so I can see you had some fun styling it. Those glasses are too cool. Oh my gosh... you live near OTTERS? Jealous!

    May the Force be with you.

  47. Such a pretty dress, I love the polka dots! This shade of pinky-red looks great on you! Great photos too, it looks like you're having a great summer as well :)

  48. Love your outfit!

    Christina Klein


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