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Jun 11, 2013

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Let's talk vintage. Specifically, navy vintage dresses with pleated skirts, coin prints, and sailor collars. This dress was gifted to me by Gladys from Sweet Vintage Lady, a store with more nautical dresses, floral rompers, and gingham picnic dresses than it knows what to do with. And as Gladys puts sweetly about the premise of her store, "Each piece at my store has a past story to tell but most importantly, has a lovely future to be enjoyed."

And as a bonus treat, Gladys is offering 15% off to her store with the coupon code "MESS15"!
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And it's no secret one of my favorite things to do while styling is taking an old fashioned dress and giving it a modern touch. I know a lot of people are intimidated by vintage because they think of the outfits worn like during the Louisiana Purchase, but Goodwill does not sell hoop skirts or bonnets, people. 

With this dress, I wanted to keep true to its nautical feel, and so I layered a striped shirt on top of it and cinched it with a belt to make it look more pulled together. And there you have it- a simple summer outfit to go strolling around in.
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Dress- c/o Sweet Vintage Lady
Shirt- H&M
Belt- CK (thrifted)
Penny purse- Forever 21
Sandals- H&M (last year)

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  1. I love (and relate to) this approach to fashion! I love how you styled this dress, too. The bag and top are perfect, as are the shoes.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  2. You are the queen of layering, I love the way you styled this beautiful vintage dress. Definitely makes it a bit more modern. I love this look so much

  3. This is a great way to wear a vintage dress and what a cute one it is! I love the mix of patterns here!

  4. My new favorite thing is to wear a knit top over a dress.

  5. Wait, so that's a dress and not a skirt/top?? Very cool. I love what she says about each piece having a past and a future.

  6. ohhh i love love love your sandals. beautiful roses, what a great spot for a photoshoot!!


  7. Oh, this is a really cool gift! But the best is how you combined it <3

    xx from Bavaria, Rena


  8. I very much enjoyed Nepal IV! I cannot imagine hiking in the Himalayas. And the little boy asking for pee-cture and then chocolate. Children are children all over the world it seems. Thank you, thank you for sharing.

  9. So Goodwill doesn't sell hoop skirts... damn, I was hoping to get my hands on one.

    Haha! I love your writing and I'm going to keep telling you that. I'm loving the layering here--and your belt finishes it off so nicely!

  10. Love your sandals! So cute on you!

  11. You are crazy cute!! Those sandles are a winner on my list! What a great coupon thanks for sharing it!!

  12. Ermagoodness, it wouldn't let me get to your blog for a while and I was so upset-but it's working now yay!
    For having just moved, you look so put together. I am literally wearing a t-shirt and work out shorts right now, haha. I want me a dress, and soon! This navy dress is so great- I love most anything with pleats. I think the fact that you take vintage pieces and modernize/layer them is what makes you so unique and special-and not to mention inspiring! The simplistic sandals were the perfect shoe to pair with this, I love it.
    And, grrr-tiny closets! I would rather have less space in the bedroom and a bigger closet, I need to design my own house, and then win the lottery :) Good luck organizing yours!

  13. You definitely freshened up this dress perfectly Marlen! I love the mixed stripes over it and your belt. Lovely look for a summer stroll :)

    Trendy Teal

  14. Very cute! I love this! I love vintage because of the stories behind each piece though styling it I find to be difficult because I can never find anything that does it justice nor is it worthy!


  15. That dress looks great on you :D
    and I love the way you styled it! I love her Etsy, especially that black jumper dress. so cute!

  16. Perfect pattern mixing, dearie, just perfect. And the pleats really make the outfit. Sometimes I yearn for the day of old with big flouncy dresses and pleats and high collars and all the joy. :)



  17. Love this look. And you're making me miss when I had short bangs like yours.

  18. Great vintage look!


  19. Can I just say that I very much appreciate your writing style. It's very sassy and keeps me interested. You're hilarious.
    Also adorable. I love your looks. It's a modern twist on vintage. I have always wanted to put a shirt over a dress but I had no idea how to. So thanks for showing how to do layers.

    You take lovely pictures and your boyfriend is such a dear for taking the outfit pics. I always love learning the process different people do for their blogs.

    YAY YAY YAY! I will be writing you very soon! You're warned ;)


  20. you look pretty in this ensemble. Thank you Marlen for visiting my blog and for the sweet thoughts.


  21. Definitely a cute outfit. Your sandals are super cute. I kind of want to steal your belt, because it's absolutely fabulous. (Also, I WISH Goodwill sold hoopskirts and bonnets... I could make all my historical costume dreams come true so much easier that way, it'd be amazing! I'm probably in the minority of humanity on that feeling, but oh well...)


  22. so Cute! I love how to wear vintage so proud!

  23. THIS IS SUCH A PERFECT VINTAGE OUTFIT!! I love how you layered the breton shirt over that dress (that dress is really cute btw).

    thanks for stopping by my blog :) and your blog is quite nice too, I'll be following you now. thank you very much!


  24. Love how took this vintage dress and made it look more modern! stunning and yet still quirky.
    Thank for stopping by my blog!
    Tipsy Tart

  25. I love your stylings. You are such a layering master.

  26. very chic, love how your were able to effortlessly mix the patterns/prints. on point styling! amazing blog and style, followed on GFC and Bloglovin'. looking forward to your next post!


  27. love the strips with the print! very pretty

  28. This is THE perfect summer outfit! Lol, Goodwill definitely does not have hoop skirts. Common vintage misconception.

    perfectly priya

  29. That dress certainly is adorable! I love the pattern!


  30. You are amazingly adorable. I love those sandals, and the print. lovely

  31. I adore this! I've never seen a pairing like this but it looks so so cool and interesting on you. I actually love all the outfit posts I have seen on this page, you have wonderful taste! Thank you so so much for commenting on my blog :) xx

  32. I love nautical outfits! These patterns just look so cool together and I really think the striped brought out even more of the nautical vibe from your vintage dress.


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