Still on the Road. Still Dying a Little Inside.

Jun 15, 2013

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We’ve come to day two of the road trip and my hair was inching its way towards a rats-nest fashion and my nerves were frayed. They were FRAYED, people. My indestructible 90’s nokia phone kept freaking out and changing cell providers as we crossed state borders, including one called “Bug Tussel” in Wisconsin. Like, I don’t even know. Oh my sweet bumpkin children, what is going on over there in the Cheese State?

But that wasn’t the reason why my resolve was rattling, no. The reason was that on the border of Wisconsin and Minnesota, the sky opted on turning a sinister shade of angry that was the color of forewarning. And as I peered through the windshield with absolute dread, the sky decided it was bored of waiting and erupted, letting lose a black storm from its pits and sending us into a scene straight out of Twister.

It wasn’t even rain. It was more like a faucet turned on and our little minivan was being assaulted right under it. The clouds weren’t even clouds, but these black-and-blue bruises that were literally melting out of the sky and trying to touch the horizon. The wind was trying to topple us over onto the car in the next lane and no matter how fast the windshield wipers wiped, you couldn’t see a thing. photo JuneBlog150_zpsddda8457.jpg photo JuneBlog176_zps3a589498.jpg
And the ludicrous thing was that these crazy Minnesotans were all used to it, so they were still speed-racing down the highway like Crash Bandicoot at 70mph as I was snailing through with my hazards on. You can bet I was wide-eyed and white-knuckling it the whole time as I was trying my best not to T-bone someone. That and I was trying my hardest not to close my eyes as I screamed my way down the span of the highway.

And this assault went on and off for a day and a half. A DAY AND A HALF. I was cradling an ulcer by the end of it. The storm was about 110 miles long, and whenever I heard the GPS still persistently murmur from her time-out corner under the pillow “Make a. U-turn. Now.” I wanted to listen to her. Oh how I wanted to listen to her.

But as we crossed into North Dakota the storms, thankfully, tired themselves out into steady drizzles, and we passed wet, red canyons, rolling farms, and sloping, never-ending hills. At that point the highway wasn’t a highway anymore but an abandoned road that snaked its way across acres and acres of green land. It was like I was trapped in a Western, and instead of tobacco tucked away in my cheek and reigns in my hand, I had cheez-its and a Dodge Caravan.

I’s just as romantic...
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And how boss are these high waisted polka-dot pants? I feel so Audrey Hepburn while walking around in them, though I'm sure she never paired a polka-dot with a happy, striped sweater =P

Pants- F21 (recent)
Shoes- UO (recent)

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  1. I'm sorry Wisconsin treated you so deplorably! We're really not all that cheese.

  2. "the sky opted on turning a sinister shade of angry that was the color of forewarning"--I adore how you worded that, even though it sounds super scary. I hate those smoggy grey skies with a passion--you never know what's going to come from them, and they're so dreadfully frightening! But I'm glad you made it through safely. I lol'd at your Crash Bandicoot reference. You are such a fun lady and I love love reading your posts!! <3

    Those pants are a bunch of polka-dotty fun and I love the pattern and color play in this outfit, Miss Marlen!! :D

  3. I love your outfit! I think the combination of this blue and yellow looks amazing. And you look gorgeous lovely! :)

    Valérie ♥

  4. I love the story, it sounds like a true adventure! Also love the outfit, the two prints go so well together!

  5. Oh man! I'm glad you made it through that storm safe!!:) sounds nasty!
    I'm with you on those pants! The polka dots are so adorable! Those polka dots and color style pop in such a fun darling way!!

  6. Great combination! you look lovely my dear :)

    Dress To Cook Blog

  7. Oh those crazy Minnesotans;) I'm glad you made it through safely...the rain has been crazy here in Minnesota. Can't wait to hear about the rest of your journey!!
    Much love,

  8. You look so cool, as usual:)

    So, I'm not the only one whoe still treasures an old but indestructible nokia. The battery still lasts up to two weeks, amazing!

    Have a nice weekend,
    x Irene

  9. now that is crazy, those crazy Minnesotans! it's dangerous to not slow down even if you do know what you're doing (I'd be in the same boat as you). anyway, glad you made it safely! I do love your polka dot pants & esp w/ the fun yellow.
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  10. Oh my gosh. That was freaking hilarious.
    And now I want cheez-its.

  11. I just love those polka dots!! Love the bright happy pictures and so happy you are safe through that nasty storm!! Keep in shinning you beautiful lady!
    Ps. I thought I already posted today but came back to check where those pants were from and I think maybe my phone is messing up- needless to say sorry of this is a repeat:)

  12. I have some good hasn't been raining in Seattle lately :) Maybe you'll see some sunshine!
    Love those pants, they're so cute!!


  13. Those pants are too cute and totally Audrey Hepburn. That sweater looks so cozy too. Great outfit : )

  14. Great pattern mix, but even better smile!

    : signe
    : the daily savant :

  15. Love the polka dot pants Marlen.

  16. Oh I didn't realize you were still on the road! Sounds rough, yikes!


  17. I'm loving everything about this outfit! the color blocking and the mix prints! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate | bloglovin'

  18. Wow, quite an adventure you had, can't believe the storm lasted that long! So brave of you to keep on going hehe! Superb outfit of course, really love your pants, so cute! <333

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  19. Oh man, I can just picture how terrifying that would've been! Glad you made it through that storm alive. Haha, and crazy drivers, used to that weather...I don't know how they do it!
    Anyway, you are definitely the boss with these awesome polka dot pants. With a happy striped sweater? Love it! :D

    Trendy Teal

  20. I've been catching up on your posts, reading about your roadtrip and it sounds eventful! (though I did smile at all your Western References for South Dakota :) )

    you look like a cutie in the polka dots and stripes!

  21. Oh goodness, I think I would have freaked out! I hate storms! Glad that you made through them safely!

    Continue to have safe travels!

    Also, those pants are adorable!


  22. This entire outfit= amazing. Love the polka dot pants and you paired it perfectly with this sweater. Your hair looks super gorge too! How awesome to chronicle your moving adventures here- you will love to be able to look back on it one day!

  23. I'm imagining you with an old Nokia in a minivan- HA! And oh my goodness...if I deciphered a previous post correctly, you ended up in Alabama?! That's nearly my neck of the woods! Glad you are finally in the right direction. Also- not sure when your bangs came along (it may have been forever ago, sorry) but I'm digging them! You have a face made for bangs :)

    perfectly priya

  24. That sounds freaking terrifying. I kept thinking "why didn't she just pull over??" until I saw it last a day and a half!!!!!! That is INSANE. Glad you made it through safely!!

    Those pants are pretty damn boss. Love those shoes too. Are they comfy? I've wanted a pair of shoes like that but I'm worried that shoes made of wood will kind of versus comfort, le sigh.

    - Hannah
    she could be a pharmer in those clothes

  25. Oh lord, my boyfriend and I were cracking up over the Big Tussel phone service. We even went to the website, which is rather bizarre.

  26. Haha, sounds romantic to me! Glad you survived the scary weather- and those weird sounding cell service providers ;) Loving your outfit here- the stripes with the polka dots is great! xo



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