So This Happened...

Jun 26, 2013

 photo IMG_2705_zpsfbf5d9cf.jpg
So, funny story.

This past week I have been lounging around like a fat cat and watching every Audrey Hepburn movie I could get my cheetoh-dusted hands on. It'd just be me and Audrey, spending an afternoon together and running around Rome, or falling in love with all the wrong men and chasing nameless cats down alleyways. And as I spent more and more time with her, I became more and more obsessed with how pretty she looked with short hair. And I'm not talking about bob short. I'm talking about chop-it-all-off-like-a-boy short. 

And so, feeling inspired, I hacked it all off.
 photo IMG_2711_zps5ad18c3a.jpg
And now I look like Fantine from Les Miserables. Enter heavy sigh here. I think it's my bangs that's making me look like a broken-down French woman during the Revolution...I have half a mind to go back in and just make it into a pixie. THOUGHTS? To pixie or to not? Or maybe I should give it a week and find out how to style it. I don't think I can afford another....rash decision. 
 photo IMG_2731_zps5951ae2e.jpg photo IMG_2725_zps2a109cf5.jpg
I just feel like I'm giving off this "80s mom" vibe. God, what if I get another wise idea and go perm my hair. Save me from myself, people. 
 photo IMG_2733_zpse4827c84.jpg photo IMG_2714_zps31a37673.jpg

Marc keeps alternating between nodding his head in approval and calling me pretty, and biting his cheek in an effort not to laugh. Haha, I blame you, Audrey. Enter fist shake here.

Dress- for sale in my shop HERE
Jacket- thrifted
Shoes- UO
Hat- UO
Necklace- UO
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  1. Oh my god, I always have that same urge to cut off my hair whenever I watch Audrey! I kind of adore this short hair cut on you though - try adding some texture to it with gel! You're going to ROCK it. :)

  2. i like it, and now i really want to chop all of my hair off too! but it always takes so long to get used to having short hair.. i'd say if you don't feel sure of it in a week (or two), go pixie! the hair looks nice like this, though:-) x

  3. You look lovely with short hair! I was so surprised when I saw the reveal!

    I have a pixie and I love it- I think you would too! Plus, if it's not your thing, trust me- it will grow out into what you have now SO fast!


  4. You look gorgeous!! I love the short hair on you! Very flattering! Embrace it girl! It looks good!!

  5. Aw, I think you look gorgeous! The color is definitely stunning and it always takes a few days to learn how to style your hair after a cut but I love it on you :)



  7. Long time reader, first time commenter. :) I think the boy cut suits you!

    I have never been able to grow out my hair longer than an inch past my shoulders because of its texture, so I cut it super short (slightly below the ears) once a year. On the other hand, I've had Gatsby/flapper fever lately and I want to chop my hair off now for the purpose of making it into a sleek bob, but its texture makes it impossible for any kind of styling without some kind of styling iron.

  8. Hmmmm. Maybe give it a week, and if you still feel uncomfortable, then run to that salon!
    I love Audrey's hair in Funny Face. I just want those bangs...

  9. Aw, I don't think it looks bad at all! Maybe style it up with something moussey, ya know! I think it's pretty, and I totally envy your courage.


  10. You know, the same thing happend to my 8 months before.. I too had these long black tresses (check my blog for older posts), and simply by getting inspired by few bollywood actresses with short hair, I got them all chopped off on a Sunday evening.. just like that.. Then I thought what did I do?
    But I love my short hair now.. so easy to manage and style.. They make me look young!
    And you look very pretty here.. Take your time.. trust me, the haircut will grow on you..
    I love the color of your hair.. Suits you a lot!

  11. Cute do! Especially with the colourful retro dress. I think you loo lovely!

  12. lovely post. well, audrey is one of my top icons and i loooove ROman Holiday but i prefer to leave audrey the short hair and keep gregory peck instead, hahaha. I´m not a fan of short hair ON ME but you look adorable! love the dress you are wearing and the hat is fabulous!

  13. Ahhhh, I love your haircut! You look fantastic :) It's so inspiring when women embrace bold hairstyles.

  14. i think it looks cute! i'd give it a few days or a week and just play around with it. i usually hate all new haircuts for the first week or so. i wish i had the guts to do short hair, so go with it! :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak
    -- $75 anthropologie giveaway

  15. Pixie! I JUST cut mine into a nice textured pixie cut, via Michelle Williams/Carey Mulligan. LOVE IT.

  16. Pixie! I JUST chopped my hair into an amazing Michelle Williams/Carey Mulligan inspired cut. LOVE IT. Try having them thin it a bit on top and in the bangs to create texture, and break it up. Good Luck :)

  17. Oh yes, Audrey does that to you hehe! ^^ You really look beautiful, give it another chance and maybe you'll change your mind about it! Making a transition this big is always a shock so maybe giving it more time will help!

    The outfit is brilliant as always, oh how I love your dress! <333

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  18. I think it's cute! I say give it a little time to get used to it and try styling it a few ways, but if you don't like it after that then go for the pixie cut!

    Ladyface Blog

  19. Whee, this suits you! :) Lovely. And your whole look too - great dress!


  20. I agree with Jen! You can totally rock this look. Gel makes things happen! Granted I have a fro and tend to daydream about chopping it off.

  21. I love Audry Hepburn :) You look pretty!

  22. I actually really LOVE this on you! Wow! So cute! Try playing with it first before you decide to cut more off of it! I can't get over how much I'm love this short hair on you! AND LOL! Audrey is quite the influence!! Also, I love your dress!

  23. Wow!!! It looks great actually. I can imagine the more pixie look would suit you too so go for it. Think Michelle Williams, I love her pixie cut x

    The Young Bridget Jones

  24. Okay, girl! Any time you go that different you need to allow yourself some transition time. It's shocking and you have to get used to it before you make your mind up. I think it's a really good length and I wouldn't go any shorter. I would, however, add some layers in and feather out the ends. I think that'll give it a better shape and texture. All in all, I think it's good. I really think you are beautiful and established enough to pull off short hair! You look great. =]

    Kate from Clear the Way

  25. I think you look great with short hair! I also think you'd look awesome in a pixie, it would be a bit lighter and may have more styling options (and by styling I mean flicking it around in various directions or something... I've never had short hair so I have no idea haha).
    Olive & Ivy

  26. Pixie! Or even if you don't go the pixie route, I think a tousled look would be cute on you!

    Amanda @ Running In Heels

  27. Your hair looks gorgeous! Really suits you.
    Georgia xx

  28. *slaps your hand* NO, NO PERMS!
    Give it a week though and experiment, I personally think you could pull this off Marlen :)
    I won't lie, seeing how others rock gorgeous pixie cuts tempts me to try it day, one day...

    Trendy Teal

  29. Haha, I think it looks great, Marlen! I know dramatic, spur-of-the-moment changes are easy to regret (or shake your fist at), but not all of them are foolish. Really like the hair! xo


  30. Oh!!! You look GORGEOUS! You can TOTALLY rock that look. Audrey did right by you :)

  31. I absolutely love frames your face beautifully! I wouldn't change a thing! And go you for taking the plunge :)

  32. Well, at least you look good with short hair!! I'd chop it off and look like a man. You still retain your feminine charm. I WILL ALWAYS THINK YOU LOOK CUTE NO MATTER WHAT.

    I'd say give it a week to grow and shift with its shaggy hair-like ways until you make another move. You might end up liking it! Or maybe you could try layers or something if not. My mom has short hair and she just curls parts of it barely so it's "chunky." Haha, that sounds a bit off, but you could just try playing around with it for some time. :D

    On the outfit side, I really dig that tiny necklace. Yep, I'm pointing out the smallest detail that I like... typical me.

  33. You look fantastic!!! I don't think I could ever rock this cut as good as you are. Love the printed dress, so much fun
    Definitely try playing around with it for a while, I hated my haircut at first now I love it

  34. I love it! I think a pixie would look adorable too but this is great and so you! Love it!
    Much love,

  35. Yes! This cut is amazing. I wish I had the balls! You're a sixties mod goddess, and I love it.

  36. I always want to chop all my hair off when I watch that movie, too! I think that you are rocking it though- I especially love the bangs with your hat, I think that it really works!


  37. I LOVE IT! It made me smile when I saw that you got a really short hair cut. :D You look beautiful. It'll take you a couple days to get used to it and learn how to style it, but after that I'm sure you're going to fall in love your short hair.


  38. I've always wanted Audrey's bangs but it wouldn't be possible with my curly hair. Sigh haha. I think this hair cut looks pretty swell on you though. And that maxi dress is quite simply amazing.

  39. awesome!! i got back and forth between wanting to hack mine all off but in the end it'll never happen because i'm quite fond of it most of the time and Jonny would freak. I like Marc's reaction to it and I LOVE pixie cuts so I bet that'd be super cute too. also great dress!
    My blog: Cuddly Cacti
    My E-Shop: Mitla Moda

  40. What do you mean... it's gorgeous. I love it.

  41. Wow, you have some guuuuuts. I could never do anything like that, the idea truley terrifies me. I think it looks really nice actually. But if you aren't too sure definitely try out a pixie, it would look hot. x

    Underneath The Lights

  42. You have my respect!Fits great on you!!
    And you wear an amazing dress :)

  43. Props to you for going with your gut! I think it looks great on you!

    Great writing as well!


  44. You pull off the new look really nicely! Not everyone can do short hair like that.
    I had the urge for a shorter summery look too and I ended up taking a pair of scissors and cutting across my hair myself. Not one of my best ideas!


  45. P.S. You look great, and your neck will be cool this summer. So no worries either way! Hair grows!

  46. Google Anne Hathaway, and let that be your inspiration... I think it would definitely keep the lenght you have and play around with side parts... and such.. the great thing about short hair is you can easily play up your eye makeup.. Either way, you look great!

  47. Gah!!! Love it, Marlen! You remind me of a chic Parisian gal :-) I did the exact same thing once after watching Roman Holiday (one of my faves) - chopped my hair off like Audrey's. Some days I miss how easy it was to style. The dress and little denim jacket is such a pretty ensemble too!

    Happy weekend darling!

    xo Marisa

  48. Yay short hair! Someday I'll chop mine too. I think you look cute with short hair! After you play around with this you could have your stylist add in a few more layers to add some texture? A pixie cut would look cute on you too. Either way, you're rocking it!

  49. woah! your hair looks great! i love the bangs, works great with your face shape.
    i think the short hair + your vintage style makes you look extra stylish.

  50. I think it's adorable on you! And, having seen the newer posts where you had it messier, yes. I love it. SO MUCH. Keep your hair short always, please? :D

  51. 1. Brave girl
    2. If everybody knew they would look like this with short hair we would all have short hair.

    You are gorgeous! And that dress... you always have the best clothes.

    Gabrielle x


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