So, Now I'm Old

Jun 7, 2013

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Hey, friends! So yesterday was no ordinary Thursday, no no. Yesterday was a day I got to wake up to Honey Bunches of Oats in bed, a vase of colorful flowers by the sink, and a Snoopie card on the kitchen table. It was a day where my joints felt one year older (ha ha) and I might or might not have found a silver hair in my bang. It was my birthday!!

I'm now officially 24 and curious to see where I take myself during this new year. This time last year I had red hair with white flowers woven into a crown on top of it; living in a tiny studio in downtown Chicago and unsure what to do now that I was tipped into adultness. All I knew was that I wouldn't be able to work in a beige office without ending up on the news after awhile. I'm still most definitely unsure, but I do know that it's going to be something with writing and something with winning Pulitzer Prizes, muahaha.

And speaking of writing, I know I still owe stories of driving across the country in Marc's beat up old minivan, and the whole process of living with expect those soon! ;)
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Also, how fun is this pompom belt? I was gifted it by Southwest Vintage, a store that is located in the dry heat of Tuscon, Arizona and that finds inspiration from the desert landscape of the Southwest. Blair's vintage store strives to bring happiness to people who's style isn't found in strip malls but is cultivated by life and passion, and man oh man does she stand by her word. Sure she has gorgeous southwest dresses and playful rompers, but the accessories are what blow me away every time. Woven bags, leather loafers, turquoise rings and stackable gypsy bracelets are just some of the things I die over a little bit. Just go over there and see what I'm talking about ;)

Pompom belt- c/o Southwest Vintage
White sweater- thrifted
Mustard skirt- thrifted
Bag- c/o Southwest Vintage
Sandals- H&M (last year)

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  1. A day later, but happy birthday!
    It seems like you have a very exciting year ahead. Enjoy every day of it and celebrate this whole weekend :)

  2. I love this belt, what a funky piece! Especially love it with the mustard skirt. And a very Happy Birthday to you!! It's so crazy hw much can change within a year :)

  3. We're pretty much one year apart :) I'm freshly 23. Happy birthday beautiful girl!! I hope it was a good one! Your pics look fun and I really love that belt! Can't wait to hear of this adventure with a boy ;)

  4. I love your sweater and shoes - so cute! The belt's definitely fun. Happy birthday! (I think, anyways - it does sound like it was a good day, despite the "shit when did this happen" feeling you always get on birthdays). I'm curious about those posts about living with a dude, haha. Guys are kind of odd, but it must be interesting to learn to deal with living with that.


  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL! Yay how exciting :) I hope you had a really good day yesterday!

    I really love this whole outfit. I think this is my favorite outfit that you've ever worn SO far. I love everything about it. I'd totally wanna rock that. I'd also love to do a guest post or interview of you sometime :)

    These pictures are also really great. Seems like a cool place. Do you take all your own pictures???

  6. My favorite thing about this outfit has got to be the color of that skirt. what a fun, standout color! Seriously.

    also, happy birthday and yay to getting old! Wisdom is coming your way ;)


  7. Happy 24th, fellow Gemini! Hope your birthday MONTH (I'm giving you the month!!!!) is awesome.

  8. So glad it was a good birthday, beautiful girl.

  9. You are too much fun! Loving that Pom Pom belt AND that skirt! What a darling combo! My friend and I were just talking about being old and not wanting to be... but we need to all embrace every min and don't feel old till you actually are:)

  10. I'm excited to see what happens for you Marlen :) So many opportunities for you!
    I love that pom pom belt - it's so unique and fun.

    Trendy Teal

  11. You look great! Happy Birthday!

  12. love the look and the post dear :)

  13. Happy happy belated birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful day! Beautiful pics here! Hope you are loving your new city!

    And p.s. if you are old...I'm ancient! Lol!

  14. I can so totally see you winning things with your awesomeradcool writing skills. If you don't, I'll be shocked!

    24 isn't so old. I'll be turning 20 in less than a month so maybe I'm just denying that it's old, but I think 24 sounds like a nice age--one where you at least know who you are!

    This looks like such a comfy outfit. I really like that white sweater!

  15. Happy (late) birthday honey! I hope that all your dreams come true! One day we will be reading a blog post about the many prizes you won :D

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have an awesome year of being 24 with loads of adventures :)

  17. Happy Birthday <3

    Christina Klein

  18. congratulations on your BD! oh that vintage shop sounds exactly like something I would die for to visit. woven things, leather and gupsy style are the kind of stuff that make me crazy inspired at the moment. it's the summer that each year makes me go a bit hippy...... :D

  19. Ah 24 isn't old. 27 is. I'm 27.

  20. You look amazing!

    xx Mounia


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