Nepal, Part V

Jun 10, 2013

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It's the last of the Nepal photos! Yes I understand this took me like a decade to post, but after this there's no more wanderlust to torture you with. Ugh my heart aches just looking at these- take me back to Asiaaaa, I want to be a vagabonnndd.

PS- the three days we were trekking through the hills of the Himalayas, we barely had any electricity and it was way to cold to shower. Yes, and I still want to go back. #AintNoBougie
 photo 39adb0b6-e025-4fb8-b2ab-13158832150d_zps82626320.jpg photo e3715382-163a-4c19-aeb4-f787d550f1c7_zpsf5ebe59f.jpg photo dc588bc6-7c3d-4784-8a73-1d922591e0d5_zps8a70830e.jpg
 photo 4f69f43c-2687-4d32-8f85-4f33b70eb67b_zps38e23bd7.jpg  photo 453f8e97-b61e-4e3b-b50b-b0a07f0d8303_zps26560540.jpg  photo ccf96a13-e8de-46c3-96be-706f23a6199c_zps4eb77859.jpg  photo e6b37026-3037-4331-8d4b-86903507c81d_zpsa9254975.jpg  photo 1b98dc8a-1461-4d81-9595-787dfe3214b2_zpsbcaa6dd2.jpg
                     At first I seriously thought this was a mirage, haha
 photo 50986ad5-b9b2-453a-9172-b4ba6c2c52ac_zpsd23710f0.jpg photo bc950f20-fd9c-4d1a-a1f7-35f41bffce62_zps72a3067a.jpg
This kid KILLED me. He came stomping out of no where, and with a pout was all like "pee-cture? pee-cture?" So I took a picture. And then with the same surly face was all like "chocolate? CHOCOLATE??"

I died.
 photo c94c30dd-43c1-4e58-80e0-7b633722f2c1_zpsb76c4904.jpg photo 4c19fba3-f0f3-4d99-82e2-48dcaed8ba63_zpsda01d453.jpg photo d29ec13a-1655-42df-b539-508f7e63b873_zpsc0579630.jpg
 photo b5602b98-1cd6-4405-bfbc-8ba8f796afc9_zps406ed3c6.jpg
                                                           Doesn't this guy look like a muppet?
 photo 0e19109b-a5bc-4f76-820f-ef314528db8e_zps9d90b576.jpg photo e4d260c9-14c0-4ed3-950b-78c67043f6ec_zpsf4a59504.jpg
               And this after our trek, and last day in Kathmandu before flying back to the States :(
 photo 24760c26-e8cf-4463-9556-18a36f9507ea_zps46741492.jpg
                                                                           Mmm yak cheese sandwich
 photo 8ac7fefa-6594-464a-8faf-4e22bbb16b64_zps72f0a82f.jpg  photo 88b48c4d-32ab-4368-8e43-603610778fe4_zpsf9c7fb8e.jpg
                                                                             Seasoned travelers!

Ugh. Now my life seems boring again. Maybe it's time to exchange the rent money for a....plane ticket? #adulthood

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  1. Such great photos!! I'm completely jealous of your trip. If only we could travel all over the world and not have to worry about money.

  2. Aww that kid is adorable! Did he get his chocolate? And I am really inspired you guys -- traveling for so long is no easy task but you guys were such good sports and dealt with everything fairly well! Now you have an awesome experience under your belt.


  3. Ohmygoodness, this looks like quite the experience! What were the people like when you were there? One of the best things about travelling abroad are the people you meet during your journey!:)
    Hugs & Kisses,

  4. Beautiful Beautiful lady! Love all these pictures! I am so thrilled you had a blast on your trip, I've noticed you've been kissed by the sun!

  5. Sounds like a dream trip. Love the hashtag #aintnobougie lol. That kid is adorable!! The chocolate? CHOCOLATE? thing reminded me of the chocolate guy from spongebob lol

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  6. Mmmmm, love it!


  7. Amazing pictures, I really can't wait to make a journey like that myself!

  8. That kid is SUCH a THUG...I can't take it!!

  9. Haha. I am so with you on that...Plane ticket please. Beautiful photos.

  10. Aw, well you definitely ended these photos on an AWESOME note. And I thoroughly enjoyed all of your fabulous amazing pictures. If you had these on Flickr I'd be favoriting pretty much all of them! I really love the one of the fluffy chickens, ehehehe.

    Your life isn't boring now. Just not as different. ;)

  11. Ah, I've so enjoyed looking through your vacation pictures. So fun, colourful, and stunning! Glad the trip exceeded all expectations! xo



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