My Birsday!

Jun 9, 2013

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 So my mom is off the boat Polish and doesn't say birthday but "birsday", hence the title haha. I felt like that needed some...explanation.

Anywho, my cross over to 24 has been quite the event. It was filled with presents that never came in the mail (haha), birthday cards with the very best of wishes, exploring fish markets, drinking macchiatos from the founding father location of Starbucks, getting delicious tummy aches from cinnamon rolls bigger than faces, drinking beers with names like "Dragon Tooth" and "Galaxy Dust", eating burgers while Alabama Shakes plays, going to dive bars with "a soccer mom feel", and people-watching in the interestingly weird neighborhood of Capital Hill (where people wear white rats on their shoulder as a fashion statement- not le joking). Now if only I can somehow make every day of the year like this, and I'm on my way towards a very, very happy life :)
 photo d0cae5b9-f7cb-4723-9c21-93b5c659a668_zps7e1d9cb8.jpg photo b4fbf241-8335-4994-a6fa-18c4c4958587_zps41c3b10f.jpg
A fun present from one of my sweet sponsors, Lost in Drawers! God, just look at that wrapping.
 photo e5cbcaee-d1fd-45a0-9d22-2ba0e9b82e95_zps174a009b.jpg photo 58c8d797-4321-4076-8f00-0b58f7cab463_zps06d207a1.jpg photo 5c336769-5d28-49fc-b27a-bb4a578766a0_zpse09b6d70.jpg photo d7c3da5b-fc01-4160-87a8-41a5b5da8993_zpsf7f50e49.jpg photo 535dcdc7-58cb-4105-bcbe-76c639eaf5ca_zps5faea2b1.jpg photo 1f6fa3b2-9fa1-4f8c-94b5-04d7217cc9bb_zps162d8d79.jpg photo JuneBlog087_zps92ebb576.jpg photo JuneBlog098_zpsc432a75d.jpg photo 42a1b04b-66c7-4349-a3d1-fe241ac398f2_zpsd7642aff.jpg photo 42a9b5f7-3d86-4035-b6b9-c6f1f6351a3e_zps0c261685.jpg photo a5299daa-7d0c-47dc-b18a-dacd8d198020_zpsb339ffe8.jpg photo JuneBlog092_zpseaecbffb.jpg photo JuneBlog115_zps7529d840.jpg
This vintage 1980's skirt is for sale in my store, HERE!
 photo c5c18872-e9f9-4397-889a-1aaa9d086dc5_zpsd45ffa50.jpg photo e19827d0-cb78-4e9e-b538-5bfd727d67d7_zps86cfab9c.jpg
 photo 6f4d0b09-f1a5-4072-95cb-a37c41dc60e1_zps463d636a.jpg
And in honor of my birthday, use coupon code "BIRSDAY" all week for 15% off in my shop!

White top- H&M
Pink collared top- thrifted
Palm tree skirt- for sale in my shop, HERE
Sandals- H&M (last year)
Purse- c/o Southwest Vintage

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  1. HAPPY BIRSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love that white top. No H&M around here though!

  2. Beautiful photos! Great look!

  3. Happy Birthday! It looks like you are having quite the lovely day! And I'm definitely swooning over your summer causal outfit - that top is so adorable!


  4. Happy birthday! Looks like you celebrated in style. I adore the skirt!

  5. First Starbucks?! I wish I could have tagged a long on your little trip! Absolutely love your skirt and the pattern on it! Love your blog! Definitely following (;


  6. Glad to hear you had an amazing "birsday"! sounds ike you're fitting right in Seattle so far! i loved hearing that random tidbit about your mom too, my grandma says some funny things like that as well but doesnt even have an excuse of being an immigrant. anyway, awesome shots of the market, I had trouble w/ that when we visited w/ so many people around. love your skirt and the neturals going on here, nice and summery!
    My blog: Cuddly Cacti
    My E-Shop: Mitla Moda

  7. happy birthday :)

  8. Happy Birthday! (love the Snoopy card)

  9. I hope you had an amazing birthday...loving you skirt! x

  10. Hey girl, haaaaaapppyyyyy birsdaaayyy :)!!!


  11. Happy Birthday :)

  12. happy birthday! i t looks like you had a wonderful day!

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

  13. Happy Belated Birthday Marlin!! The food + drink look a real treat!! Lovely array of photo's of the special occasion.

    My grandparents pronounce it Birday :)

    ▲_▲ HYENA


  14. Happy Birsday!(;

    I love that you got to venture into Seattle for your birthday! I'm still jealous you get to live there. Crumpet shop?? That's just adorable.

    & to answer your question. My dad is a professor & got the opportunity to teach in Moscow for a few months during the summer. So I'm only living here through the end of the month then going back home.(:

    Anywho, I'm glad we're getting to know each other!
    The Style Hippie

  15. AAWW MARLEN!! Have a wonderful birthday!! It looks like you totally did, wow! I just love that you took your camera around and snapped pictures of everything (along with that super stunning outfit--that grey wall is an awesome background, by the way). I'm really loving the pattern on your skirt. That fish market looks like a fun place to walk around in. I just love seeing how all the food is displayed. :)

    Yay! So, have a happy time being 24!

  16. Lovely outfit, your lace top is really adorable. Happy bday :) Xoxo, Stolen From My Mom

  17. Oh, Happy "Birsday," Marlen! Looks like quite a fun one (I remember 24 as being a really great year and am sure if will be for you as well!)

    Loving that shirt btw.

  18. Happy happy birsday, you lovely lady! And what a wonderful way to celebrate! :) Hope you extend those celebrations all month ;)
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  19. Gosh, looks like you had an incredible birthday! Nothing beats eating comfort food while listening to Alabama Shakes ;) Happy 24th, Marlen! xo


  20. Wow, the 'Birsday' girl is looking really pretty! Sending lots of wishes your way!!
    A very Happy Birthday!!

  21. Hope you had a wonderful "Birsday"! Fun Pics and adorable skirt.
    I Love Alabama Shakes!

  22. Looks and sounds like a fun birthday! I love the print on your skirt.


  23. Happy birthday! This looks like you had a lovely celebration. And, whoa white rats on that's interesting!


  24. Happy Birthday! Okay a day late. But I hope it was very very happy.

    My Polish grandparents used to say BIRT-day. Did your mom sing you Stolat?

  25. Happy belated birthday!!! I hope you had an awesome day!

  26. Well, happy birthday, lady face!!!

  27. Oh my gosh, I really am in love with this place. It's the only place I have visited and was the best experience. I didn't want to get on the plane to come home! My favorite at Pike's Place were the massive bouquets of flowers for so cheap. Have you been to Bainbridge Island yet? We loved it there also :)
    And happy belated birthday!! Glad it was so wonderful :)

  28. There is something about his post that is super heart warming. I adore your outfit, of coruse, but the photos here! goodness. I want to BE in these photos.

    and happy bery belated birthday, i love that you call it birsday

  29. Your birthday sounds like it was so much fun! I'm genuinely envious of your adventures in your new city! Happy belated birthday!


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