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Jun 14, 2013

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The California Dream, for me, is about natural fabrics, beautifully draped silhouettes, creative embroidery, and love of color... all of which compliment the free-form lifestyle that we live on the edge of the continent. I specialize in pieces from 1960s and 1970s, when West Coast flower children had an intense love affair with Art Nouveau and Victorian motifs. 

What are your Summer Solstice Plans?

The Summer Solstice is a big deal in my witchy town, so we'll be staying up all night looking for fairies on parade (it's their big night out!), drinking elderflower champagne, and playing music. I just started using a vocal loop/delay pedal in our group jams, so I can pretend I'm Grimes/Austra to my heart's content!

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Vera and Victor are time travelers -- anachronistic treasure hunters of a bygone era. We are but visitors here, spending our days in dusty attics and our nights in dimly lit boudoirs. The aroma of antique books is our cologne, we sew our clothing with the threads of time and when we sleep, we rest our heads upon a pillow of folklore and fairy tales. Thank you for having us here.

What are your Summer Solstice Plans?

And as for our plans for the solstice: Mr. Vague and I will be celebrating our 6 year anniversary together! It will also mark our 5th year of being in the vintage clothing business! Hip hip hooray! And we've only just begun :)

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Intertwined Vintage is a hand picked collection of clothing, shoes, and accessories hailing primarily from the 80's and 90's. I'm shop owner and stylist, Meghan Virginia. I aim to keep the shop stocked with a quaint collection that draws inspiration from such style genres as hipster, boho/gypsy, menswear inspired, cottage chic, and 90's grunge. Come check it out!

Also, I'll be celebrating Intertwined Vintage's 1 year anniversary on July 9 with the launching of my new style blog at INTERTWINEDVINTAGE.COM. Yay! Like my page on Facebook for updates and sneak peaks leading up to the launch!

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Acquiring the Taste is my journal. It's a place to express those occasional profound observations of the world, to share the simple craft project, or to discuss current happenings on the internet. I like to create and I like to learn from others. So this is a simple invitation, and simple welcoming, to my place, where opinions are given and voices are heard.  

What are your Summer Solstice Plans?

How will I celebrate the summer solstice? After some researching (and by researching I mean reading a wiki-how on celebrating the summer solstice), I've decided to celebrate the summer solstice by creating a summer to-do list. For instance, I must buy some popsicles, then eat them in the tormenting Georgia heat. Then I will bask in the air conditioning, make my own windsocks and dream catchers or decorate t-shirts. Then I will make cute little video skits, and maybe after that I will watch the day recede into the night from the living room window. Perhaps once all that has been done, I will watch a movie or read a book and reflect on how life can be so complicated and simple all at once. That sounds like a pretty good summer to me. 

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My little shop is stocked with vintage midwestern clothing, accessories and housewares. I'm especially drawn to mod floral prints, cute dresses, kitsch and anything boho, western or prairie.

What are your Summer Solstice Plans?

To organize my ever-expanding vintage stash, read a lot of great novels, and eat as much s'mores ice cream as possible!

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  1. Oh, such lovely sponsors ! ^^ Wonderful post, definitely gave me some great ideas on how to spend the summer solstice *excuse to buy more clothes* Hope you have a great weekend! <333

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  2. so cute and inspiring ! i love your blog

  3. Always good to know who is keeping you going!

  4. I checked out their links, lovely items they have!
    I just followed you via GFC, please check out my blog :) xx
    ~Mannie (

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  5. Ah! SO many cute shops to check out! Love it. I kind of forgot about summer solstice! thanks for the reminder :)

  6. Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely check them out.


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