Layered Like an Onion

Jun 27, 2013

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Step One: For today's layering outfit, I'm going to show you a fun way to revamp your summer dresses. This one in particular is the Picnic in the Park dress from August Wrinkle (and it's on saaaale!), in case you were wondering. So, pop on your own summer dress and let's begin!
 photo JuneBlog302_zpsd076a3e9.jpg
Step Two: This time around, instead of layering a collared blouse under the dress, I popped it on top and tied it at the waist, turning the dress into a high-waisted skirt. 
 photo JuneBlog314_zpsa0bc2032.jpg
Step Three: Then, to add some interest to the look, I added a vest on top of the combo. A jean vest works really well too, but I've recently been abusing that article of clothing in (almost literally) all of my looks, haha. 
 photo JuneBlog284_zpsf913fff0.jpg
Step Four: And lastly, to add some glitz and pizzazz to the casual look, I added in some chandelier, evening type of earrings. Recently, this has been one of my favorite accessories to play with in my outfits. I think that the over-the-top glamour of those type of earrings adds a really fun contrast to a casual outfit. 

And there you go! A summer outfit that's layered, but in a way that won't spin you into a case of heat stroke. Hope you liked it :)

Dress- Picnic in the Park dress from August Wrinkle
Shirt- UO
Shoes- UO
Vest- Old Navy
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  1. I am really liking these layered posts Marlen! This is a perfect way to layer up a summer dress :)
    Also, your shorter hair is growing on me (hehe, that was an unintentional pun..hehehe)

    Trendy Teal

  2. I love this dress. And you layered it like a pro, duh. Please tell me this haircut is growing on you, it looks so good!


  3. Really cute outfit, I do love the 1 pic, perfect for my really hot weather at the moment!

  4. That is a gorgeous outfit! Sooo handy tips, that's what I need right now what with confusing British weather x

    The Young Bridget Jones

  5. I love the dress, and I'm so surprised of how well it looks layered like this, you're so creative , I gotta admit this styling would have never crossed my mind!

    Have an amazing week,
    Mary x

  6. LOVE! Seriously loving the layering as per usual but even more your hair! Its fab!
    Much love,

  7. this looks fabulous! such a great idea to rewear summer dresses and reinvent them

    Little Blue Backpack 

  8. Thank you for your comment!

    This was genius layering. I'm already thinking of shirts to layer over a dress and under my denim vest... Hmmm... The possibilities... xx

  9. You look GREAT! I love your hair.... So cute. =] I love how you styled it.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  10. Ohmyword. I didn't even think it was possible but you are even cuter than before! LOVE your haircut. Way to rock that thing.

    Also I love these steps. I am definitely going to try this :)

  11. Your hair looks fantastic!

    I love the whole "put a vest on it" layering technique. I need more vests in my life!

  12. I can't get over how beautiful you look with your new hair! Now excuse me while I contemplate cutting all mine off! lol

  13. Lovely! Are you getting used to your hair yet? It's so nice.

  14. Cute! I really like layering as well. Especially with playsuits. They can be shorts, tops and playsuits! Awesome!

    XX Red Sonja

  15. Adorable! I'm so terrible at layering. I probably would have stopped at step one. Hahah.

  16. Oooh yeah, check out those complementary colors! Orange and green, yehawwww! I meant to type "yeah" but "yehaw" came out, so we're just gonna go with it.

    I never thought of tying a top over a dress. I want to try that...

  17. SOOO digging your hair still! I remember when I had my pixie I wore dresses all the time to try and girly it up. I always love how well you layer things.


  18. Master of layering, seriously :)! And I'm loving your new hair, it totally suits you :).


  19. This is so cool, you have the most amazing ideas and sense of style! I'm so going to try it out! Thanks so much! ^^ I LOVED it!

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  20. I love the giant earrings with your short hair cut! I always feel like wearing big earrings when my hair is pulled back, so I guess it's kind of the same concept in my brain.
    Also the layering here is fantastic, as usual!

  21. I love layers so much but they are so hard in the PHX summer. I love how you totally changed the look of this dress AND your hair looks awesome!

  22. Your layered like an onion posts are really fun :) I like this outfit especially! This must be the fabled cargo vest that made all bloggers go crazy! It adds something extra to the shirt over dress combo (which I am so so guilty of, all the time!). I also adore the earrings with it. I am totally a fan of a little added glam at all times! I've been looking for some diamond duds like those, where are they from??

    Also, your hair! (sorry I'm a bit behind) It looks fantastic! Moreso I'm impressed that you went for it! I think it really highlights your face. You look especially glowy!

    perfectly priya

  23. Gotta say it again: I love, love, LOVE your hair. It brings out your gorgeous features so beautifully!
    And I want that dress. And that shirt. So cute. I love your Layered like an Onion posts!

  24. How fun to really see how you achieve such fun layering techniques. Also- LOVING your hair here.


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