From Chicago to Seattle We Go, Part Deux

Jun 13, 2013

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So not only did my butt hurt from sitting in the car and my brain numbed from staring at nothing but concrete, but our navigation system decided to get dementia and become utterly lost. Right as we passed through Chicago and left it behind in our rear-view mirror, the GPS had it in for us. As we started making our way West, the little machine said in its calm, robotic voice “Make. A U-turn. Now”.

Uh…no? You little minx you, we won’t fall for that one! But she kept at it, stubbornly sticking to her lie that Seattle just so happened to be behind us, even though my fold-out map clearly said we still had 2500 miles to go. Was this contraption rigged by our…parents?

If we followed it, I’d probably be led straight back to my mother’s bosom, wouldn’t I?

Instead of following her into the lion’s den, we popped her off of the windshield and muffled her under my Winnie the Pooh pillow and kept heading straight. But after a few minutes we heard her stifled whisper again as we were approaching a ramp. “Recalculated”, she said.

Nay, she PROMISED.

And so wanting to give her one last chance, we took her advice and hooked a swift right onto the ramp she recommended. photo JuneBlog315_zpsb94b6086.jpg photo JuneBlog320_zps4b07e510.jpg
And so we took the ramp off the highway…and then a second recalculation took us onto a second ramp onto the highway. Then onto the same ramp off the highway. And then onto the same ramp onto the highway. We were making figure-eights like Michelle Kwan. 

I nearly punted it out of the window right then and there. We were going to road trip the old school way from then on: with sunglasses on and a finger inching its way across the veins of the map folded-out in our laps.

And seeing how I usually can’t navigate myself around my own neighborhood, this should have ended in a disaster. Such as us crossing into Alabama and me turning towards Marc with a silent “..ohhh” on my lips and a pained expression on my face.

 photo JuneBlog285_zps9c261c7e.jpg
Also, isn't this dress just the bees knees? It's the Vintage 1970's Coffee Date Dress in my store. An afternoon with a date in it is so full of promise. The hair braiding, the pink lipstick, the clouds of perfume, and of course, the dress. Nothing but a flirty but demure little number will do. And if it has long sleeves and a busy pattern? Well then, the poor bastard won't know what hit him ;)

Clutch- UO (recent!)
Sandals- H&M
Belt- F21 (recent!)
Bracelet- Nepal

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  1. lolololol
    I am so glad you got there safe (read at all) with the villian from 2001 a space oddessy in your car.


  2. Ha - hilarious post!
    I personally hate those GPS contraptions as they've gotten me lost many times. I rock it old school with an atlas. ;-)

  3. Love the patterns, you look great!

  4. Omgsh Marlen, you had me laughing so hard! You're lucky the library is empty...its just the librarians giving me the evil eye right now xD
    BAHAHAHAHA! Dementia overcoming your GPS? Perhaps its time for a new one, eh?
    And oh man, I am awful at figuring out directions and anything of the sort. I'd be in the same boat as you if I was in charge of the map. Oops!

    Trendy Teal

  5. I hate gps systems with a passion.

    But hey, if you had come to Alabama (& I was home), I would have brought you coffee and taken you to my favorite antique shop as you two figured out what went wrong. ;)

    The Style Hippie

  6. you are the print queen! you make it so fun. love the dress :) Im so happy to have found your blog.

  7. Love your dress - the colors are fantastic!

  8. This dress looks so good on you! Adding the yellow belt was the perfect touch. And I so would've broke that stupid GPS xx

    P.S. Liked this post on Bloglovin :)

  9. i absolutely love the pattern of your dress!

  10. Well hey, even if you DID happen to somehow make it to Alabama, I could at least show you the way out! ;D

    Hahaha, but man, that sounds stressful, just making loops and loops and your GPS being a snotty little brat and not taking you the right place. Road maps do seem a lot safer after something like that!

    The print on that dress is ridiculously awesome. I spent a good two minutes just staring at it and finding fun little patterns within patterns, oh la!

  11. How funny! It's the journey not the destination that matters right?
    That dress is so cute! Love the vintage inspiration.
    xoxo Aimee

  12. Marlen! I love, love, LOVE your writing. Reading your little anecdotes just immerses me into your adventures, and it's so exciting (or frustrating, in this post's case). Ahh GPS systems are really the worst sometimes!
    On another note, love the print clashing in this outfit (I live for prints)!


  13. I just love your sweet vintage style!

  14. Frist you new blog design is perfect. It's so you. And love the dress indeed - oh my gosh! The pattern!

    And I HATE when the GPS goes nuts. I was trying to get home a new way today and it tried to take me west of the city (I live very far east). Fortunately, I fight my GPS often despite it trying to make me turn around.

    Glad you made it okay!

  15. I'm glad you posted that on not just your tumblr but on the blog as well, I always like to hear your writing on her so I can comment too. so funny about your mother's bosom and a great story in general! old school has always been the way to go for for road trips for us too, although we've never had longer than a day. LOVE this dress on you, such a fun pattern & i really like the simplicity of that little silver bracelet.
    My blog: Cuddly Cacti
    My E-Shop: Mitla Moda

  16. Ah! I get so mad at those dumb GPS ladies when they do all that recalculating business. It's really frustrating when they are supposed to be the ones who know where they are sending us. I usually end up screaming at mine...yeah, I mean business.

    You look gorgeous! I love the pop of yellow with that fabulous print. Oh and that clutch!? So fantastic! I had been eyeing it on Urban...such a fun piece for summer!

    I lived in Seattle (well Issaquah/Sammammish area to be exact, which is like 30 minutes away from Seatown, but when you live in Central or Eastern WA everything on the west side is considered Seattle) for about 6 monthish during my student teaching. It was an amazing experience, but after graduating and not getting a job, I knew I needed to move back home for a while to save up before moving out. Blahhhh the joys of being a grown up.
    I am seriously so excited to hear your Seattle stories! Go to Pike's place market ASAP and buy fresh flowers. One of my favorite things to do downtown:)

    xo Ashley

  17. wow it looks like 'batik' pattern from my country, Indonesia. so beautiful :)

  18. Ooo the print of that dress is so pretty! And I LOVE the bright yellow belt :) Hahahah oh no about the gps. Whenever I go on a road trip with my family, we almost always give up on the gps because it's too busy recalculating to actually give us any directions.

  19. Ha ha, laughed all the way through this.

    Sat navs are one of the best and worst inventions of mankind.

    I love taking the sat nav on trips with my Mam and Dad. They scoff at every direction and say 'don't listen to her' as if it were an annoying relative we have to put up with for the journey!

    Hope you guys are settling in well xo

  20. love the prints and colours ! reminds me of summer :)

  21. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  22. Yep, LOVE the pattern on this dress! x

  23. Wow the print is so beautiful! And I love the sandals you paired the dress with. It looks really cute.

  24. OMG GPS is such a skank. Once I was using the GPS in my friend's car and I hit "go home." Now this was in college in michigan and my friend in question was from virginia originally. I got about 45 minutes south of town before I realized I was on my way to the south. Really this was entirely my own stupidity, but i prefer to blame garmin.


  25. Please don't tell me you ended up in Alabama! Hahaha. Totally something that would happen to me. I'm severely directionally challenged. And yet I still argue with the gps sometimes which almost always ends in me cursing at myself for daring to think I of all people knew the way over a gps! Ha! Also, this dress IS the bee's knees! I love it! The colors, the pattern, the shape, everything!

  26. What a brilliant post dear, really love how you write, you're crazy talented! ^^ Awesome outfit of course, that dress is a DREAM, adore the clutch as well! <333 Fantastic! Hope you have a great weekend! ^^

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  27. Perfect!

    Christina Klein

  28. I love when you bring out this neon belt! I have a similar one, so I love seeing how you rock it! I wear mine with colorful dresses, too. This combo is adorable!


  29. That dress is amazing! The print and colours are so up my alley! I've been laughing out loud reading about your trip- can't wait to hear more! xo


  30. Oh, those GPS gadgets always make me laugh and frustrated, lol .Beautiful outfit! I love the colours in the prints so much, also pairs well with the clutch! :) Happy weekend! /Madison

  31. Incredible outfit love the clashing prints! And I'm from Kathmandu great to know you enjoyed it there xx

  32. This is such a funny story because i can relate, our GPS has often gone on the fritz like that and lost it's shit and gotten us completely lost. It brought us down a goat path in an olive orchard in Greece....sooo random
    Anyways this dress is gorgeous, love the print!!

  33. Ahahaha! I think I would be lost getting anywhere unfamiliar without my gps. I'm not even sure I could ever locate myself on a map if I was away from home. That's pretty bad now that I think about it... I often get feelings of wanting to punt my gps out the window too. Mostly the one on my phone though because that thing does not know where I am ever.


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