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Jun 29, 2013

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Meet Lesley and Lucy, a blogging duo where one is starting her own tech company in Chicago, and the other is in the fashion PR industry in LA. But before all that exciting jazz, they were just a couple of seniors living together on the Boston College campus, chatting in front of their living room TV and creating their very own fashion blog. Together they blog about their mutual love of strangely dark and edgy fashion, and  even started a jewelry line that reflects that (hello spine collar necklaces!) So without further ado, here is Rusted Revolution!
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You two are the bigwigs behind the Rusted Revolution blog and jewelry line. Your line is full of edgier pieces like spine collar necklaces, chainmail-like harnesses, and dainty skulls on delicate chains. Where did you draw inspiration to create that aesthetic?

Lucy: Living in two of the world’s most urban, artistic and culturally diverse environments, Lesley and I definitely draw inspiration from the people and places that make up our surroundings in Los Angeles and Chicago. We’ve always gravitated towards the strange, dark and edgy elements of fashion; the Rusted Revolution aesthetic is all about the creative and weird, yet oddly balanced dynamic that exists in fashion, music, art and geometry. Looking for daily inspiration is like eating, sleeping and breathing for us – not only is it habit, but we actually need it to keep us going. I’ll see a material, texture or shape anywhere from a girl on the streets, to part of a building, but once I have a design concept, it’s literally all I can think about until I actually sit down and experiment in creating it.

Lesley: The materials I was drawn to ultimately inspired the designs I created for our line. For example, I found the gorgeous heavy gold chain that looks like a spine -- it’s so morbid looking but I turned it into a girlish Peter Pan collar necklace. I thought that sinister theme was balanced out by a sophisticated silhouette. Overall, our latest collection is very delicate and feminine -- the body chains symbolize inner feminine strength, beauty, and resilience.
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Having a style blog means you record all your outfits on the daily. Meaning the good AND the bad. What's one particular outfit that you've posted and wish you can hit the "delete" button on?

Lesley:  Lord, I think I went through a phase in college where I was obsessed with over-the-knee boots and thigh-high socks. I still love them and think they can look really good if styled the right way. I seem to recall this weird outfit I wore on a fairly warm winter day... bright pink high-waisted shorts, thigh high boots, loose grey sweater tucked in. It sounded good in my head but on my body it looked like a stripper marshmallow.

Lucy: While I can’t recall a specific outfit (we’ve taken SO many pictures since we started RR), there have definitely been moments when I’m like, “Lucy, accessory OVERLOAD!” While no one loves heavy metal more than me and Les, sometimes too many necklaces or rings are just impractical for everyday wear.
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Your blog gets some hard creeping from me when festival season comes around, mainly because you always manage to have perfectly vagabond slash bohemian outfits without even trying. But I'm going to flip this question on you and ask which festival styles you've *hated* so far this year. 

Lesley: Aww, thank you. Festival season I think is the epitome of my absolute favorite time of year to wear clothes haha. My list is a mile long but here are my top pet peeves: people that dress up in full costume (I’ve been people dressed as cows, fake udders and all), people that wear bowties and wingtips or people in head-to-toe spandex in the middle of 100 degree heat (completely impractical), and anyone that wears super tall hats/headdresses or carries umbrellas and blocks my view (I’m already short enough as it is).

Lucy: Great question! Festival fashion is a really fascinating topic to me, simply because it’s evolved into this highly commercial concept over the course of just a few years. While a hippie at heart, I’m really sick of exaggerated fringe, crochet overload, and faux-flower head crowns. It’s painfully obvious that there’s no creativity or thought behind these pieces, simply because girls see them as “festival fashion uniforms” and end up looking exactly the same. I get so excited when I see unexpected ensembles at festivals, especially ones that are NOT bohemian. At Coachella this year, I was really loving edgier streetwear, and even preppier pieces on guys and gals. Just because it’s a music festival doesn’t mean you have to dress like a flower child.
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Lesley, You recently developed a style app and pitched it! How did that nerve-wracking experience go?

Boy, okay this is a tough one to explain. I took classes at the Starter League, a school with a start-up mentality that focuses on web design and development. Learning has never been so fun or rewarding in my life. At the end of the quarter, students have the opportunity to demonstrate what they learned by building apps/companies that they present to the community. The Starter League was a great springboard, and I’m currently working hard on launching my company and product (hopefully in the next few months). Without giving away too much right now (don’t wanna spoil the surprise), it essentially is a platform that will make your style ballin’ on a budget. When I get closer to the big reveal, I promise you’ll be one of the first to know ;-)

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Lucy, You work behind the scenes in Planet Blue! What's one of your favorite tasks there? Also, do share if something isn't as glamorous as it seems/ you thought it would be ;)

I’m actually not at Planet Blue any longer, although the company was instrumental in starting my career in LA’s fashion industry. It was a fantastic experience to assist in styling new product for their website and lookbooks. While there, I was able to work with some of the industry’s most talented models, designers and photographers, so I was kind of starstruck during shoots. My favorite part of the gig was definitely working with the jewelry (they carry some amazing designers such as Chan Luu, Vanessa Mooney and Luv AJ) but what people don’t realize about styling is that it requires a ton of physical work – you have to transport a heavy amount of product to-and-from shoot locations, hang and steam out every last crease, and then put it back where it came from. While styling will always be a passion of mine, I’m not sure it’s something I can do exclusively as a career. I now work at a small fashion PR showroom in downtown LA and I love it! 

And that, my friends, is Rusted Revolution! Be sure to check out their BLOG and say hello, as well as swoon over their JEWELRY line. :) Until next time!

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