Nepal, Part IV

May 31, 2013

 photo 95029f8d-7116-4774-8ef3-e561986be71f_zps8f37d959.jpg

After two days of riding across the U.S and watching the land turn from boring plains, to vast grasslands, to red canyons, to intimidating mountains ducking under clouds, Marc and I are finally in Seattle! And while I'm drowning under cardboard boxes and trying to figure out how to tetris all my clothes into the tiny closets, here is Day Two of my Himalayan trek in Nepal. Oh to be there again and not have to deal with the mess of hangers waiting for me in my living room. Le sigh.
 photo caa3ae1d-547b-448b-8dac-e8e72a72d0db_zpse69c0b2d.jpg
 photo 36a2aba7-6244-4d56-a029-02b6126babe8_zpsfae7a3d4.jpg photo 65a6fa4f-cd88-4177-b12f-f0dc2d8ab0c9_zps51dd2e25.jpg
 photo 175f5735-b52c-4cac-ac85-1db024b34619_zps0e9674d4.jpg
The national flower of Nepal. It blooms only once in 12 years and we happened to be there ;)
 photo fdb96306-d50a-44eb-a418-87abb9c1da80_zpsd8baaf7d.jpg  photo 1cad79ee-9c85-4ff7-a7cf-38f587c167e6_zpsdf31681b.jpg  photo 4885fff0-8e64-4ccc-ba1b-733c01a6d5bd_zps78ec16af.jpg photo da26e061-6184-41b0-bd70-903204621588_zpsb1e2595f.jpg
Of course we found Pringles. In a village without electricity. In the middle of no where. #Americanz
 photo d0070915-4e53-45b9-bf32-851a9374e100_zpse4106c2a.jpg
 photo d820b27d-4b12-40b3-861f-c698ae89f0c8_zps46ba524c.jpg  photo 68d55277-d157-47e2-97f4-1e631ca84c2e_zpsc10a2ead.jpg photo 2fb2d565-7575-45fc-ba4c-3bf1e47ee379_zps037b1a72.jpg photo be40422c-b73f-4ec0-948d-6f907355a9d5_zps3bb837c3.jpg
Sugarcane farms
 photo de1a3a3a-48bc-426c-82f0-580da9a3ad1b_zps7edfe7ec.jpg
Trying to eat a sugar cane. WAY too much work to get at the sweet stuff.
 photo cc068835-af97-4748-86fe-a0ec3ca6858d_zps08dd17a5.jpg

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  1. Gosh, this place looks so stinkin beautiful! And I'm glad you're having a good time :)


  2. Haha, I want to eat a sugar cane like that!
    Ah man, another post full of amazing photos from your travels.

    Trendy Teal

  3. gosh, i am LOVING your photos. so good.

  4. How lucky that you were in Nepal precicely in the yearthat its national flower was in bloom :)

    Lovely photos for a great adventure!

    Have a great weekend, if unpacking allows you to!
    x Irene

  5. Nepal seems an interesting and beautiful place to go! and the red flower is so pretty! ^^

    Fashionably Sparkly

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos.

    Glad you made it to Seattle safely!

  7. haha, that sugarcane picture is too cute. It looks pretty tough on the outside. I hope you at least got SOME sugar for your valiant efforts. ;)

    These mountains are breathtaking. I think it's so neat how they've got this step-like effect going up them.

    Dude, if I were you, I'd just throw away the hangers and buy new ones. ;) If they're tangled, that is.

  8. The mountains, the flowers, the Pringles- all breath-taking! ;) Definitely have to visit this area of the world at some point. So nice to hear you fell in love with it!


  9. I love the pringles photo. We had sugar cane all the time in the Dominican and the stringies would get in my teeth. I agree, too much work.

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons

  10. MMmm You are giving me a serious case of Wander lust! And I want that sugar cane!!! My sweet tooth would much appreciate it. Glad you two are safe in Seattle. And I extremely dislike unpacking...we moved five times our first year of marriage...sheesh! Good luck;)

  11. wow, their national flower is so beautiful!
    how lucky you were to see them bloom!

  12. Marlen, good luck on your unpacking adventure! I absolutely detest the moving experience what with all the packing, then unpacking, then the unfamiliar surroundings. UGH.

    These pictures of your trip to Nepal are beauteous! And I love that picture of you nomming on the sugar cane. It's been too long since I had those! And I love them :)
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  13. wow! inspiring pictures and beautiful places

  14. What an amazing trip, the pictures are fabulous. We lived in Inda and Bangladesh but never visited Nepal.

    I am now also following you on Bloglovin

  15. ohhhh. myyyy. goooodness. you're truly killing me with these pictures!!!! MAJOR wanderlust right now!!!! i love these. truly, truly. they make me so happy. looks like a wonderful place to be!

    btw - good luck with the move! i hear seattle is AMAZING.

  16. So cool about the flower! Must have felt special.

    Good luck with the unpacking.

  17. Super!
    I like it very much <3

    Christina Klein

  18. i once tried chewing a sugarcane and thought I'll lose my tooth.. beautiful pictures..

  19. One word. Breathtaking. And love the photo with the Pringles. ;)


  20. Stunning landscapes captured with great sensitivity!
    A hug from Brazil

  21. Omg, again. I'm in love. I need Nepal!!


  22. It's cool you were there when Nepal's flower was blooming! As for moving, god I know that feel... I just moved recently, and unpacking was quite a pain, and I don't honestly have that much. I wish you luck and speed in your unpacking process!


  23. Oh wow what amazing photo's! My mum went to Nepal, and she was blown away by the country and how friendly the people were. I can't believe you managed to find pringles in such a remote village though lol!

    Gemma ♥ |

  24. Bella!
    You have an interesting blog
    Let's follow each other through GFC :)

    Danica Stark

  25. You guys had really great timing! I once had the chance to "shave" down sugarcane and I swear I almost broke the knife I was working with---those plants are tough!


  26. Wonderful pictures - looks like a wonderful place. And I love the photo with the red flowers :)

  27. Wow these are seriously some amazing photos and this trip looks pretty amazing too!

  28. Your traveling aways looks so amazing; love your blog xx

  29. wow! what a cool cool trip! cant wait to see more pictures!

  30. Wow these photos are too amazing. The views are breathtaking from the photos so I can't even imagine actually being there.


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