Nepal, Part III

May 21, 2013

 photo bd01dd4b-58f9-453e-bbf3-1da6807a3d00_zps7beb2d1f.jpg

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On our second day we slipped on our sweaters, hopped into a tiny car that took us down an alarmingly bumpy, dirt road and dropped us off at the foot of stone steps that led endlessly and endlessly and endlessly up a hill. Welcome to my three day trek through the hills of the Himalayas. Which, if you know me, is hysterical seeing how I could throw up if I'm on the Stairmaster for more than five minutes. Like literally throw up in the gym. In public. Because I hate verbs.

You can only imagine my thought process once we rounded our third flight of stairs. It went something like "K, I'm going back down. Text me the pictures."

Haha but I'm glad I didn't turn around and just silently wept through it. This has probably been my most favorite experience in all of my days being a Marlen. It was literally like experiencing a secret nook of the world; going through eerie forest paths that more than likely held long-kept secrets of the long-passed years, climbing down farms that rippled in steps, catching glimpses of the white, mighty peeks of Everest. Just...beautiful. Ok now I'm giving myself wanderlust. Let's pack up our backpacks and go on a field trip there, ya?
 photo 0b121428-8e79-4048-88bb-32d2de2b4bac_zps31f741ec.jpg photo bfafc217-9e5c-4e1b-bdd1-2c4fa71128c0_zps625531fa.jpg photo bffecc1f-243c-4825-a3c1-1cb625cb0e77_zpsc28d6bfd.jpg  photo 53d11870-5baf-4f46-bce7-a9def44a3069_zps4e3d60ce.jpg  photo d3013c33-e81d-4ac6-87e2-a954fa4cee6b_zpsa5cb74e9.jpg
 photo 0e4ecfc8-ceba-4c6e-b1df-fb232e53e739_zps04d5257b.jpg  photo be08f1cb-0404-4f86-8463-adc00ce28f99_zps558c943f.jpg  photo 9fa35cf2-020a-46fa-bc47-8ecd88a600db_zps54af4b7d.jpg  photo 097a249e-2c7e-4f3c-ae68-580ec687a95e_zpscba1808b.jpg photo e6fb96cb-45ae-4e10-9bd8-81f9ea12fb1b_zps67212a3d.jpg  photo ab99f3c5-8a4a-4907-a739-01a44e27f9e6_zps5cc906d7.jpg photo 2cebbc9e-f94f-4e0c-be40-6146ec8fc526_zps08aed0b5.jpg photo 19f136ba-95a9-41a0-b3b2-4ba97db9b561_zpsa8e56941.jpg
Beer made out of rice! A specialty of the village we ate lunch at.
 photo fc9d7c5e-1650-4a34-84ba-626111eb84de_zps98c9c5ce.jpg  photo cc7f9e3a-8ba4-485c-b16d-bec8ee208640_zpsfb458161.jpg
There are two more days, so stay tuned ;)

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  1. Wow what stunning views!! I can't even imagine how breathtaking the views must be in person.

  2. Looks so cool! I love your photos!

  3. That would be the best field trip ever!
    Haha, way to make it up the stairs Marlen :) Bet the view in person was way more spectacular than pictures could ever capture!

    Trendy Teal

  4. Wow!! Your photographs are absolutely breath taking,

  5. Nepal seems amazing! Looks like you had an awesome time and the pictures are just INCREDIBLE! Great post!

    X Valérie

  6. I think no words are needed for these captures. I wanna be there right now, exploring the villages and drinking that rice beer :).


  7. wow - your pictures are incredible! May I ask what is your process for editing them?

  8. It sounds like such an amazing experience!
    I think I would have been weary at the beginning to hahaha

  9. Hahahaha--you poor thing! Well, at least you don't have to worry about doing physical exercise for like, the rest of your life, right? Right. ;) I'm glad you pushed through it and saw as much as you could. Man, a three day treck. I'd be pumped. Wish I could have trekked alongside you!

    These pictures are just amazing as usual. I love the ones of the steps and the chickens.

  10. Major wander-lusting-envy over here. I have always wanted to go to Nepal and these picture are stunning! If you ever need a trekking (uhm or maybe a slow walking) buddy to explore a new place with, you know where to find me! The second photo of you and Marc is SO cute!

  11. these photographs are beautiful, so amazing to see a culture so completely different from our own, looking forwardddd to the rest! xxoxoxo

  12. Amazing!

    Christina Klein

  13. Gorgeous pictures.
    I hate the stairmaster, too. Or any type of super-physical workout. I like... walking? Mostly? Marathons involving chips and good TV shows?
    Probably doesn't count as exercise, though...
    I have the wanderlust SO BAD right now.

  14. Gosh, all of the colours are so bright, beautiful, and lively. Loving the shot of you and the bf! xo


  15. these are such great pictures! your blog is looking awesome lately!


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