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May 15, 2013

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VeraVague is comprised of the dynamic duo Vera & Victor Vague!We are archaeologists of fashion, lovers of history, catalogers of the rare and vanishing...
and we proudly present our finds to you.

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I am obsessed with beautiful fabrics and colors and patterns, and I am not satisfied until my entire house is exploding with textiles like a giant gypsy caravan that has time traveled through India in the 1960s. I don't have a single INCH of room for any more, of course, so that's where the Etsy part comes in!

I love playing dress up, and I have a vision of an evolved world where everyone expresses themselves freely through their personal style, thereby leading to better communication, understanding, tolerance, humor, and peace between all humans and all nations. Or, at least, we can all have a little more fun!

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There are a hundred or more definitions of vintage. It is personal to the person wearing it, as vintage is found, discovered, uncovered and made into something special. We, Heather and Bo, have been hunting and shopping for vintage in one way or another for years. Heather being a freelance stylist and Bo being a writer and collector, we found ourselves with more than a few vintage pieces in our closets.

With Heather's experience in taking vintage and incorporating it into our clothing choices, we discovered that there is a wealth of vintage clothing that is perfectly at home in the modern wardrobe. We have been buying and carefully selecting the best possible dresses, separates and more to offer as we bring our love of vintage to you via our shop.  A lot of our dresses have been tailored and shortened for a modern, so it's something truly wearable and unique! It's our passion, and we have fought hard to create Lost In Drawers as something more than just items for sale.

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My mission is to provide you with historical, rare, unique and or show stopping pieces. I love pulling out these treasures from all corners, boxes, attics and such and saving them! I gravitate towards deco design and the 1920s. Holding a piece from that era is magical.

My love of historical items began early when I would accompany my father to estate sales. My artsy flair was encouraged by my mother from a young age. I began designing and collecting jewelry during my adventures combing through antiques.

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My shop began with treasures I bought for myself but could no longer wear. Firmly believing they were too special to just give away, I dove head first into Etsy and began the experiment that is Bijou Vintage Bazaar.
That was two years ago and since then I've learned so much! The best part (besides all of the fantastic vintage I get to handle) is the connections made with other vintage lovers and sellers. I'm now officially hooked and can't imagine not having my little shop!

My favorite era is late 50's to early 70's, especially bright floral prints, boho/prairie style dresses and kitschy decor. I'm a history buff at heart, though, and love the style of many eras – from Victorian to grunge.

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  1. Cool! Vera and Victor look like a cool couple xx

  2. looks like great stuff,must check it out,love vintage!Do visit my blog and if you like, do follow me on GFC, BLoglovin,Twitter and like my Facebook page,leave a comment and I'll surely follow back!

  3. Ooh, they are all such great sponsors! How fun!

  4. Wonderful sponsors dear, lotsa vintage treasures. Love the first and last dress, so bohemian and 70s

  5. I'm loving your Nepal pictures. Thank you again for sharing!

  6. These are all lovely, and I'll have to check them out. I really don't visit Etsy enough!

  7. ooh looks good- love the look of astral boutique, all the prints look beaaaaut xxoxoxoxo

  8. Ok you have the cutest sponsors ever. And i need some vintage in my life...except did everybody have big boobs and teeny waists bak in the day or what. The measurements. sheesh!!

  9. That blue tunic is so lovely that I had to pause and stare at it for a good 30 seconds. The colors and details are amazing!


  10. Love the phrases "archeologists of fashion" and "catalogers of the rare and vanishing" - very cool!

  11. That is so cool! As always... great pictures. Interesting topics. And lovely clothes :)
    I think Etsy is so great too!

  12. Really love it :D

    Follow you on GFC and Bloglovin!
    Follow me back? :D


  13. Hi! I loved Vera Vague, that amazing top and the necklace! Also, the 50's dress of Bijou Vintage is so beautiful! I also love the 70's! Sorry I didn't come here earlier, I'm a bit hectic these days, packing, and as I want to take everything with me :) I'm in a puzzle trying to get important things, not to be far from here and think "oh! I forgot that thing!" Hope you are fine!


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