Chicago, Part II

May 27, 2013

 photo 107a27e2-fe51-45f7-b2e0-0b1320ad9870_zps9b151321.jpg

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Today I'm going to be busy putting off packing and watching Arrested Development in my sweatpants, muahaha. I may or may not be still in a Brie food coma, so there's not much I can do but try and gather my strength back on the couch. It'll be hard, but a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do.

In the mean time, here are the last of my Chicago photos. To those of you that are new here, I'm moving from my hometown Chicago to Seattle this Wednesday! So here' s a look at the city I've lived in for the last 23 years :)
 photo baafa26a-3923-4897-9122-d233f516165f_zpsa054d46f.jpg photo fbf86365-fc36-422e-b1e4-fa664ba01ff3_zpsd213775e.jpg photo adc4f879-3b91-433e-926b-b42cdc77b14e_zps3c9262f3.jpg photo 57f29e53-a710-4df6-bbe4-41ac9a1831c7_zps97877fdd.jpg
 photo 8c907db1-a879-4436-b546-8c1b503f5113_zps09da3ce7.jpg
 photo b1ebb74c-4697-405c-8e1e-6b1665b190df_zps683f0f44.jpg photo aedd5bd8-b20d-4a80-81ac-4c99389809fa_zps6f3bf54c.jpg photo 2f61f05d-d6b1-4333-ba35-bb1dbadbaffe_zps4ca96789.jpg photo 72ed15c7-04d1-4246-bb33-40df27c559cc_zps34511bb6.jpg photo 068b0b37-053e-4925-ab37-444349c261bb_zps981bb950.jpg photo 1befd067-e884-4f5a-9e20-ec7c8ee82283_zps3cff743c.jpg

Photos from the last day of the Picasso exhibit in the Museum of Art! It was so cool staring at the paintings and imagining Pablo looking at his muse in his studio and painting his version of her.

 photo 462aeae1-612b-406a-81f7-991e0dc53ed2_zps15c82a19.jpg photo c59dd3d2-66b9-4e37-89d2-bb9625ee210a_zpsf5abdb23.jpg

It's a portrait of a woman- the teeth are the sharp triangles and the vertical line is her hair. So cool

 photo 2675dac6-bc44-48fb-b535-7e40bbea506a_zpsb9f7cad4.jpg
I love how these were in a museum, haha
 photo 89fcad68-63ee-45dd-b9b7-f0d9fe9f85f7_zps03859b0a.jpg photo 751f9be9-d0a5-445d-9c3e-026772db87f9_zps10567499.jpg photo 64fe8c3a-e552-4cd6-85f5-0518bce06094_zps8f6a46c5.jpg
Aaaand then sometimes I don't get art....
 photo f2a8bf23-7573-4f46-8e85-b8829f538ff7_zps7a2c7301.jpg photo 5f02756a-6d52-47a9-bf36-9daf4e038d93_zps3133c04a.jpg

Until tomorrow, friends!

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  1. Chicago looks like an interesting and beautiful city! I'd really love to travel around in the USA! I've never been there but I'm going there in September :) going to take lots of pictures too, haha. I love how you look in these pictures by the way! You look lovely :)

    X Valérie

  2. Really fabulous photos!! :)

  3. Love the picture, great post!!

    Maybe we can follow each other, let me know
    a beautiful maison

  4. So cool. I love your portraits in front of the paintings! Soooo ~artsy~ hahaha, but no, really. They're awesome.

    Love seeing Chicago too! I've never been, but it seems like a very cool city.

  5. Good luck on the move! I'm still not fully settled after my move. And I also spent a large portion of this weekend watching Arrested Development. So good!

  6. Wow, Chicago looks amazing! That architecture.


  7. You're leaving! Oh no! I was in the city this weekend as well! I'm sad that we haven't blog chatted more! We could have been great Chi-town friends!

    : signe
    : the daily savant :

  8. Gosh, so beautiful!!!! Splendid pictures and what a great photographer you are!!

  9. Ooooh, I was in Kitty O'Shea's. You know, because I'm Irish and that's what Irish people do when abroad... go to Irish bars. Ha ha.

  10. This looks like so much fun! Haha, love the comments with the artwork :)

  11. You always look so cute! And I am totally diggin the background to these pictures of you two.
    Congratulations on the move and good luck. I hope all goes well.
    What a beautiful city :)

    Ps. Arrested Development is AMAZING! Thank goodness for a new season

  12. Seattle is awesome! I've been considering moving there myself. Good luck :)

  13. Wow it must be quite a change moving from Chicago after living there for so long. Great pictures, I enjoyed seeing this; best of luck to you.

  14. Chicago fantastic with its building :D I sohould go there someday :)

  15. Whhooaa, that one picture of you guys against the colorful brick wall is really rad! I'm loving all this architecture and especially the artwork. :) That one of the bones and sneaky boob background is fabulous.

  16. Holy cow...Wednesday! woo woo. Crazy. I bet you are SO excited. And absolutely love the photo of yall in front of the multicolored brick wall! Crazy cool looking. Best of luck tomorrow.

  17. LOVE your pic of the buildings w/ the train in front, really amazing spot and view of the city i've never seen. & of course super fun pic of you two in front of the tiles. I awful at most art so anything that seems like something I could remotely easily make myself always confuses me as well.
    My blog: Cuddly Cacti
    My E-Shop: Mitla Moda

  18. lovely pictures! let's definitely be best friends. i've always wanted to visit the pacific northwest.

  19. I love visiting art museums! This makes me want to stare at art for hours too. Looks like such a fabulous trip.

  20. looks beautiful! thaks for your lovely comment :)

  21. Beautiful - I loved the colored wall photo. I want to visit Chicago soon - it seems like a lovely place. And good luck on your move - that's a big one!

    <3 katherine / of corgis & cocktails

  22. My sister lives in Chicago and absolutely loves it. She says the food and art scenes are phenomenal, and nothing beats Chicago at Christmas! However, Seattle has always been on my radar as somehwere I would love to live. The people there are so genuine, and the creativity that is exuded from that city are amazing. You'll be fine! Good luck with the move!


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