Blogging Babes: Elana from Room 334

May 24, 2013

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Ohh Elana, where does one start when describing her? She's a Fashion Merchandising major and a Journalism minor, making her blog the perfect marriage between sweet, pleated dresses and witty, sarcastic comments. She's one of my favorite blogs to read right in the morning with a hot cup of coffee (her striped and polka-dotted outfits pep you right up in the AM!), and she's always sharing either fun ramblings about pop culture or sweet style finds she stumbled across that week. 

So without further ado (since I know you're dying to meet her), here's Elana!

1. Which fashion blog inspired you to start blogging yourself?
That list is way too long! For years, I had the longest list of blogs bookmarked that I would check every day. The ones that really inspired me were the ones you'd expect — The Clothes Horse, Selective Potential, Calivintage, Liebmarline Vintage, M Loves M, Cupcakes and Cashmere, etc. The list goes on!

2. What is one spring trend you've wanted to try but haven't gathered the courage to yet?
I'm really itching to finally try a maxi. I've always shied away from them because I'm so short, but I think I'm going to finally muster up the courage. That's assuming I can find one that doesn't drag on the ground because of my height. Who am I kidding? This will never happen.

3. What's a movie character's style that you have been swooning over? It can be an old or recent movie. 
I have to choose just one? I'm starting to think this interview is just an elaborate ploy to expose how indecisive I am to the Internet. Well, I definitely love plenty of characters' styles in classic movies, but let's go with a more recent one for this, shall we? I just adore Suzy's style in Moonrise Kingdom. All of Wes Anderson's movies inspire me like crazy, but this one did especially style-wise.

4. What is your most embarrassing "i'm taking fashion blog pictures in public" story?
I'm not very brave, so I hardly ever take pictures in public. The only times I ever really do are outside of the fashion building on campus where people passing by don't really think much of it. Though I do recall one time when a guy literally stopped and stared for a full minute.

See, isn't she awesome-sauce? Don't forget to check out her blog and tell her yourself ;)

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  1. cute interview! haha ya it's weird when you start taking pictures in public people always stop and look, like, it's just pictures, move on people! :)

  2. She's definitely awesome! Such a cute blogger. I really enjoyed reading her answers!

  3. Hooray for Elana & what a babe!
    I seriously love this series, her answers are so cute. I especially like the one about the ploy to expose how indecisive she is haha!

  4. She has a really cute smile.

    I am also itching to find a maxi, but my legs are too short too. :(

    fun series!!!

  5. I got my first maxi a few months ago, I totally love it.

  6. Haha, I was wondering when Elana would pop up in these interviews. She really is so witty and sarcastic - I love it. She's hilarious and has the sweetest style :)
    Her indecisiveness is definitely something I can relate too!

    Trendy Teal

  7. she's my favorite :) you go, Elana!

  8. Oh my gosh, she's adorable! (Also, she looks a lot like one of my friends - just very different hair). Also, I just went over to her blog, read her little description and started giggling - I'm pretty much the exact same person at my school, the one person who's never showing up to class in sweatpants, ever, even after two days without sleep. (Although in my case, it's only because I won't let myself buy sweatpants...) Her style is really cute!



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