Blogging Babes: Ashley from Southern (California) Belle

May 12, 2013

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 There are some bloggers out there that really inspire me. And I'm not talking about "let's scroll through her post for a hot minute" inspire, but really inspire me. I'm always looking for a fun pattern mix, an interesting layering tip, a fearless color scheme, or a quirky accessory. There are some girls out there that make me want to take a second peek into my closet and delve right in and play. And seeing how I'm always on the hunt to stumble upon these special blogs, I thought you might be, too- and so I created Blogging Babes! So without further ado meet my first feature, Ashley from Southern (California) Belle!
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  1. What was one step you took out of your fashion comfort zone that you were happy you took?
Crop tops!  I've never been one to show too much skin, but lately I've stepped out of my comfort zone to show a little tummy.  While I would never wear a crop top with shorts, I think it looks wonderful with a longer skirt.  It looks balanced and a little sexy at the same time.

2. You live in California, which has a whole different vibe than here in the Midwest. Where is your favorite people-watching haunt, and which person has been the most memorable so far?
Venice Beach is the best place to people watch in southern California.  It's full of street performers, crazy little shops, muscle men, and just general weirdos.  I remember seeing a street performer when I was a kid, he had a dance routine that he choreographed with his English bulldog.  It was the cutest thing ever!  Dancing dog with sunglasses?  Yes please!

3. You have had about a thousand-and-one hairstyles, haha! What led you to this particularly amazing one?
Haha thanks!  I can never keep a certain color for too long.  I've been playing with the idea of going back to pink for a long time.  One day I just decided to take the plunge.  Once I start doing my own hair I get a little out of control.  If I have a couple of hours to spare I usually spend it retouching the color.  This purple/pink ombre color was actually chosen by my husband.  Purple also happens to be my favorite color so seeing it on my hair everyday makes me happy.

4. You recently got married! What was a favorite little moment from your big day?
Our wedding day was short and sweet.  I think my favorite part was checking into a local Santa Barbara motel for an hour or two just to get dressed before the ceremony.  The sweet motel owner knew we were getting married and had a bottle of celebratory wine in our room when we arrived.  It was something so small but it made the day feel real.

And that is Ashley! Make sure you check out her blog, and if you want to read more about her recent wedding, go here!

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  1. I just love her! thanks for this interview :)

  2. okay, i am so in love with her dress in the last picture! she does have a very inspiring style! i am about to go check out her wedding, because i know it will be so lovely!

    lindsey louise

  3. Oh my gosh, she's adorable and sounds interesting! I always love it when people do series things like this, so.


  4. Yeaaah Blogging Babes!! Love this feature and your first girl is the best. LOVE Ashley's style and her amazing hair, she definitely inspired me to add a bit of purple into mine.
    The idea of a man and his bulldog dancing sounds so freakin adorable

  5. yes I love her outfits!!!!
    I'm going to check her blog, thanks for sharing

  6. Oh wow, she's so much fun! I love her cupcake dress and the heels she wears it with. Amazing! Very awesome hair indeed! Going to follow her right away! Nice idea this post!

    XX Red Sonja

  7. her outfits are so fun and I love her hair! thanks for sharing! but honestly, you are definitely one of these inspiring people too! I think that your blog is just great :)

  8. oh I really like her blog:) I've been following her for a while:)

  9. Oh, yes, exactly! Ashley's is always a favorite blog to go and read. Great interview and looking forward to the new series.

  10. Excellent post. This is one of my favoutite blogs too. I love her use of colour and fun print, very inspiring. Last year I desperately wanted that cupcake dress but I was trying to save money at the time. It's definitely one of the most beautiful dresses ever.

  11. What a cool feature, Marlen! Loved reading Ashley's answers!


  12. Ah, this was so nice to read. I always love discovering new blogs. I've come across Ashley's blog before and as a fellow Californian, I really like it :)

  13. Awww she's so pretty and has a great and bright style, so happy to know her! The dress with the cupcakes is simply fabulous!
    What about following each other through GFC and Bloglovin? Just let me know!


  14. Super cute outfits. I've tagged you in my most recent post.

    Cheer, Kelsey.

  15. It's really sweet of you to feature fellow bloggers on your blog and give them some exposure considering your blog is so popular..

    Love Ashley's style it is so quirky.. and you are right ... she is quite inspiring in terms of making you dig into your wardrobe to mix things!

  16. What a lovely feature! She's so great at mixing colour and print- I can see why she's a favourite of yours :)


  17. People-watching is amazing... I would just love to be able to sit around and watch people and read all day. I loved her description of that there!

  18. I love this series! I've been loving crop tops with longer skirts too. Both her outfits and her hair are always amazing <3

  19. Ooh, awesome idea for a feature! She is ADORABLE! I love her hair. And her style. Gotta go look at her blog now!
    (P.S. I love your new blog layout. I forgot to mention that in my last comment.)


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