Jodhpur, India Part I

Apr 23, 2013

 photo 818c6d61-fd7a-442c-bee6-6a7391c3a794_zps090fee87.jpg

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So when one buys a 20 hour train ticket to their next pushpin on the map, they hope against hope that the voyage will be worth it.  Because let’s be honest, 20 hours is absolutely a voyage- we might as well have been on a wooden ship, reading a compass by oil lamp.  And maybe I’d have a quilly feather in my hat too, but that’s neither here nor there.
But back on topic: the train ride was completely worth it seeing how Jodhpur all but smothered me with its charm.
God, this city. 
It’s a city sitting under a sandstone fort and stacked haphazardly along a hill known as the Mountain of Birds, completely washed in blue.  Each wall is a different shade, varying from indigo to azure to blue so light it’s almost white; creating this insane patchwork design as you walk through streets that only coil and bend, leading you through a tight maze of markets and closely packed houses.  But the best is when you’re on one of the city’s many roof top restaurants, sitting on a floor pillow and under a wildly patterned tapestry acting as a roof. From there the houses look like a wild mosaic of blue tiles, blurring against an equally blue sky.
You can’t know how many times I trailed off during a sentence  just staring at that view and having the socks charmed right off of me. Here's a peak at some of my best pictures from it!
And to read more about my trip, read my post HERE! photo 9c446976-fecc-4f65-8531-1669f9c21f2d_zpseb457a87.jpg photo 3a53f3a5-cd25-4d81-b827-a545cf944c95_zpsa69b70bb.jpg photo cbf4cd82-4698-4da9-bb0b-86dbb17c3e37_zps7c143a6d.jpg
Spices at the market!
 photo 28d555d4-3a24-4600-a3de-9258ac20ca6a_zpsde4331a3.jpg photo cdb6fe40-e81f-4e08-9a1c-1b59d041fb18_zps38f6b9b6.jpg
Haha cute kiddos! I like how the one in the right is just not into it.
 photo 662cff02-0f83-4fe8-8b0b-93c7fa47aa3c_zps2e784aff.jpg photo 7c27e2c1-bd7f-4f4d-bed3-5722485ae453_zps021625f1.jpg
A tomb of a past king built by his favorite wife.
 photo 9816a33c-d373-411f-9fe6-d8e541eade28_zpsc5e75653.jpg
 photo a5b16a6b-a666-47b3-b2c8-d0872efebbcf_zps58e1e23a.jpg photo e33b9ee4-3837-4bd8-a6b6-6880161edd94_zps11883eae.jpg photo 3f31493b-c545-441a-a94c-a6543cb90197_zps988a17c6.jpg photo 7701f3e5-79b9-47e1-a588-70bc97b38e9d_zps7c53556e.jpg
Off to explore our 2409872th fort
 photo f08804e6-0c8a-44f7-9b2d-644212f85a41_zps9b7b92cc.jpg
 photo d3b11cc7-f9a0-4a02-84b9-4dd879c886ba_zpsc555728f.jpg
Check out those steep stairs! 
 photo 99a179e9-4e63-4a89-8c69-8219cc2d085b_zpsd9e6a2ed.jpg photo 41e9dd86-4cfa-4bab-8440-c197e1e109c2_zpsd82ee3d5.jpg photo 5203b6a6-6ee1-435a-9ee9-57ad2c2bee58_zps3c3845c6.jpg
Tea! With all of the flavors not...grounded. It was very yummy, though!
 photo 44fbf7f3-6051-4760-ad76-0197d8ac2716_zpsed009b0a.jpg photo b86a4f84-74ae-4de1-be23-3d3a5fcfebeb_zpsf38abe1e.jpg photo 3997acf4-4020-4a5f-8fe6-0add8875af88_zps2e5d854e.jpg
Dress- From Sugarlips. Find similar summer/festival dresses HERE!

And this was all just from our first day. Seriously, if I had to move anywhere in this world, it'd be here. I left my heart there and I'm looking for any excuse to go pick it up ;)

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  1. Wow awesome photographs! You're so lucky you get to travel!! haha :) Thanks SO much for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog!! You are AWESOME :)

    Have a Terrific Tuesday!

    My Blog, Crystal Chizoba
    My YouTube Channel

  2. this is amazing! it's hard to imagine all these colors are real! being there in person must have been a total feast for they eyes!!


  3. wow, all these pictures are amazing--the colors are so beautiful! it looks like you are having an incredible experience.

    Emma from little motley

  4. So many beautiful colours! The spices and veggies in the market look so fresh and pretty and the buildings are stunning! Also liking that cow- is it safe to say he's wearing a headband? ;) Love your dress too- the print is great! xo


  5. Wow, this place looks so beautiful! I love the photos on the stairs, amazing!!

  6. The pictures look amazing! I want to move to a blue city ASAP.

  7. love this post. definitely want to go there some day too! :)

    Have you seen my giveaway yet? You can win Nike Freeruns in a color of choice! You can enter the competition on :)

  8. gorgeous photos! I have a friend who recently went to India with YWAM, and I haven't got to see any photos yet! I'm so happy to see some of the country. The colors are so beautiful. I'd love to visit there sometime. <3

  9. Wow! Really beautiful pictures. India is breathtaking :)

  10. whoaaa, these photos are so vivid! i love them. it looks like you had an amazing time :) those kiddies are so cute too!


  11. You look very nice on those pics ;)

    Christina Klein

  12. wow! I'm in awe... India is definitely a place I would love to visit. LOve your dress xx

  13. What an amazing city! I SO want to travel. Every time you post. Sigh.
    And that picture of you in the little doorway-- you are so pretty!

  14. This place look quaint and beautiful, I love all colors/details in each picture, really helps you visualize what'd it be like in person!

  15. My goodness these pictures are so incredible!
    Thanks so much for visiting Pirate Hart and leaving a comment:) I'm following you on GFC lets follow eachother!


    Pirate Hart

  16. Your pictures are so lovely! You have a great talent for capturing things naturally, none of it looks posed! I hope you have an amazing time in India, keep the photos coming!

    E x

  17. Oh my goodness, all those colors! It's amazing to see such a vibrant place when I'm so darn used to neutral and boring everything. Once again, lovely photos! This trip looks like a dream<3

  18. these are amazing photos, and your writing - so amazing too. it's like i'm there! jodhpur is captivating!

  19. The colors are so beautiful! It reminds me of my trip to Guanajuato, Mexico a couple of years back.

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons

  20. omg it looks amazin'

  21. my goodness, such a strange and wonderful land. all those spices! just sitting around like that. did you eat so much great food?
    I'm glad the voyage was worth it! this is somewhere I need to see, someday.

  22. Beautiful pictures!

  23. aww what a beautiful city <33 never been there before, but i guess will look forward going there one day haha :) have a nice day loves! xo

  24. I cannot imagine being on a 20 hour trip. My attention span would never be able to take it. I love the bright colors they paint their buildings.

  25. OMG! i love india! i've been several times!!!
    great pics!
    kisses pretty!

  26. This is post is breathtaking , love your writing and the images are phenomenal .

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  27. Honestly, you made me drool! For ages I am trying to convince someone to go with India with me - I loved travelling alone, but to India and Morocco I want to go accompanied. And now it seems I am aaaalmost getting there, I hope by the next year I am able to do so. Then I come to your blog and find the most encouraging pictures and stories, I will remember them with a smile! The pictures are amazing, oh the kids, the market, everything! Enjoy a lot your trip! It did put a smile on my face, for sure!

  28. Oh wow, amazing pictures! Everything looks so colourful and vibrant! Very jealous of your traveling adventures! <3

    Jennie xo |

  29. These pictures are so beautiful. India looks like such a colourful country!!

  30. I love all the colours in these photos, what a truly beautiful and interesting place. Rooftop restaurants sound ammmazing!

  31. Hi Marilyn, thanks for dropping by my blog. And that's how I stumbled across yours. I am so glad I did, as I really like your blog and your outfit posts too. Vintage yet modern!
    Also, I went through your old posts and learned that you visited India recently (my country) and you loved it too! I miss India so much and reading your posts refreshed my memory lane! You have capruted true India so beautifully! I am following you already.. would love to keep in touch!

  32. That tea looks so interesting. I've never seen it brewed whole like that before.

    And, that cow just chilling in the city... so funny!

  33. What an experience :) I'd LOVE to travel that way

    xo Ashley

  34. oh my goodness, what a wonderful city! india is definitely on my to-do list and these pictures just make me want to go more! how are the people there? are they welcoming to tourists? look at those ladies' robes!! how colorful and wonderful!!!!! you look very sun-kissed and that dress is amazing!

  35. Your photographs are amazing, such beautiful colours! Looks like a great trip Marlen x

  36. I LOVE your dress! Great photographs :) x

  37. Love the photos! x

  38. Amazing. I can't believe that place is real. Love your blog.


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