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Feb 27, 2013

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There's something fun about wearing a read beanie with red lipstick and a plaid shirt. I think it's because I feel like I'm playing dress up in a look like this. Gone is my usual vintage flair, and my 50's hemlines and old, padded shoulders.

Instead here's a grungy, laid back version of me- one that dabs on red lipstick on the train and steals her boyfriend's hat collection.  Sometimes, you just need to ditch the girly, you know what I'm sayin'?

I'm sorry for that last line.

What are some of your alter egos? I'd love to see post links if you have them!

Sweater- Urban Outfitters
Vest- American Eagle
Plaid Shirt- Thrifted
Beanie- Stolen from Marc (I think he got it at Target)
Skirt- Thrifted
Red lipstick- MAC

And follow my current adventures in India on my TUMBLR!


  1. Red lipstick suits you! :D I have a similar sweater! You look really pretty :)

    Great post!


  2. I wish I could pull off a beanie! It looks great on you, but for some reason it ages me terribly! Maybe I need to pick brighter beanie colors!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  3. cute look, the maxi skirt is amazing and adore the chunky knitted vest looks super comfy
    xx ish

  4. cute! i love the grunge look, whenever i see movies from the 90's i so wish i was a highschooler when people rocked the grunge, something about it is so fun! love that you switched up your "usual' style!

    Bunnies and Pearls

  5. I love dressing girly and vintage and quirky, but sometimes I wish I was cooler, yknow? The type of person who wears beanies and has tattoos and a pair of docs!
    You look cute.


  6. I know what you're saying :) I have that same UO sweater and I love the way you styled it! Sometimes gritty is just more fun than girly. But only sometimes!!


  7. This outfit... is amazing. You are a layering god(dess?).

  8. You should wear red lipstick every day of your life. Gorgeous!

  9. I would never think to put some of the things that you wear together, but they always totally work for you! I'm not sure that they would for me...but I do love the concept. (:

  10. Love this grungy, but still slightly girly look. The layering + the red lips is sheer perfection.

    Hudson East

  11. I love this laid back version (although I love the vintage version just as much) it's the red lipstick fir me it just brings the while outfit together

    Ps I'm celebrating my first blog birthday with a giveaway if you would like to enter

  12. Love this look! The mix of plaid, denim, and wool is fantastic. As are the red lips, of course :)


  13. Your layering always impresses me!

  14. THIS HAS TO BE ONE OF MY FAVORITE LOOKS! LOVE ALL THE LAYERS! You're rocking that maxi skirt girl! You've put it with very unconventional pieces which is why it's so fabulous! Hope India is treating you well!

  15. Love this outfit on you! The layering is perfection. And I absolutely adore that plaid shirt!

  16. Wow!
    Your red lips looks beauty <33

    Christina Klein

  17. you look lovely with your red hat and matching lipstick!

  18. Love this outfit! Really like the combination with the long cardigan and the skirt. And that beanie looks really good on you!

  19. your red beanie and red lipstick are a perfect match!!!

  20. Love the layering here! The cardigan looks really great and cozy, and I always love denim with plaid. The pops of red with the beanie and lips are also great! :)

  21. Top fav outfit ever...this is INCREDIBLE!!! I like the layering sooooo much and how it's got this fabulous grunge-chic thing going on. Amazing styling, dear!

    <3 Cambria

  22. I really enjoy grungy outfits! Love the different layers and I can't say no to a plaid shirt...

  23. i LOVE your red beanie with the lipstick, that is super cute.

  24. Oh my gosh! You look beautiful - the red beanie on you is GREAT! You need to wear it all the time - it is so cute. And that long skirt is stunning on you.

  25. Your grunge look is fantastic! I wholeheartedly agree, sometimes you gotta break away from the girly & frilly that feels so comfortable and try out something new!


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