Sweet Dalliances

Dec 12, 2012

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Haha notice the bit of tinsel wrapped around my leg on the shoe detail shot. Obviously it's all kinds of festive over at my house.  Now onto more sartorial news, I've been guilty of keeping this dress from Hannah (the girl behind The Braided Bandit) for about a month now. It's just so pretty and flowy; every time I tried putting it into a mail package I slipped it right back out. I clearly can't be trusted.

But I must confess, half of the appeal of this dress for me was that it was so darn hard to style for winter. It was playing coy with me and hard-to-get and I needed to conquer it! (I realize I sound like a guy right now, yes.) So we continued with our little dance and I tried to woo the dress one way or another until it finally, finally came to me. Slap a military parka-esque jacket over it and tie an Aubrey Hepburn-esque scarf around my neck. Check and mate.

It's yours once again, Hannah ;)

Dress- Swapped with Hannah from the Braided Bandit
Sweater- UO
Checkered Shirt- F21
Silk Scarf- No Idea (Back of Sock Drawer)
Jacket- H&M



  1. What a great dress! The print and blush rose shade is amazing. It's fun to style things in the winter time that you'd usually wear in the summer! And a little tinsel never hurt anyone : )

  2. this look is so pretty, the black and white collar is really unexpected but it works. Beautiful!

  3. OMG, I need that jacket! When did you buy it at H&M? I wonder if they still have it. I have a hook up there so I hope I can still find it and get a awesome discount, hehe. Great outfit as per usual!

  4. Hahaha, oh man, funny how playing hard-to-get works wonders, eh? ;)
    Love how you've styled it!

    Trendy Teal

  5. You are soo good at layering!!! I love the flowy summer dress with the thick sweater. Such a great colour palette in this outfit!

  6. Love how you styled this pretty little number and, you should pull your hair back more often, looks super cute!

    PS - tinsel is hot.

  7. love it! love all of the pattern mixing!


  8. I love the scarf/neck tie that you have on!

  9. I just love how you winterized Hannah gorgeous dress Marlen! I wanted to borrow this one so badly, but I saw it ran small in the chest area, so sadly no could do for me :( I am adoring the mocha colored tights and the military green jacket you paired with it. You always come up with the best layering - I seriously need you to come to my house and help me with this...hehe. xo Marisa

  10. Such a cute look :) I like to combine girly items with masculine/neutral ones, so I think you've nailed that style aesthetics here ^^ Oh and just noticed the scarf !

    Indie by heart

  11. Continuing with this guy theme I would have to say you totally scored. I really love how you styled it! I looks amazing!



  12. I love the mixture of dusty pink and earth tones. It's really so pretty. And the flowy high-low dress makes it even better!

  13. Practically perfect in every way :) I love how you paired the tough jacket with a flowy dress.


  14. So forget mailing that cute thing to Hannah...send it to me! Heck, send me the whole outfit. I love this!!!

  15. I really like all of the ways you've been styling this dress! It looks fantastic as a skirt and nice to see you're getting some wear out of it during the colder months. And nothing screams the holidays like stray tinsel! ;)



  16. I love this dress too! I like how you layered it for winter, it's perfect :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  17. I LOOOOVE IT!!! The tied scarf with sweater and collared shirt combo is too good, definitely stealing the idea! You mixed all the colors wonderfully as usually- I must procure tights in that color because they seem to go with everything!

  18. haha you are so cute! I love how you styled the dress, glad you were able to conquer it! =)
    you just gave me ideas on what to do with my summer dresses!

    xo, Carla
    P.S. I'd like to invite you to join my giveaway! Please do!

  19. Like your dress!

    Christina Klein

  20. Marlen you are too cute! I absolutely love this! That scarf tie is perfect!! Especially with the collar. I just love it. Plus the tights and jacket are kind of a match made in heaven.

  21. I love how you styled the dress! Great layering, and the utility jacket added a little toughness to the flowy dress.

  22. Love the mixture of patterns! Very cute!!


  23. Oh, I love how you tied your scarf like that. I've been looking for ways to style the silk scarf I found at the thrift store recently. This look you created is going into my must try list. :)

    Have a great weekend Marlen! :)


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