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Dec 6, 2012

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Seeing how my diet has whittled down to a various assortment of coffee creamers and power bars tucked away into my desk drawers, I’m a bit of a stressed mess this week. So I don’t have much to say other than long live flower crowns.

I bid you ado. (I just imagined flapping a cloak behind me as I said that, a la Dracula. What is in this coffee mug?)

Flower Crown- DIY
Sweater- thrifted (men's section!)
Plaid shirt- F21
Jeans- Zara
Booties- Topshop



  1. This is such a perfect autumn outfit, love the jumper, jeans and headpiece combo :)

  2. I really love this casual outfit, you are rocking those boyfriend jeans!! And the chunky knit looks wonderful with the plaid top underneath. The floral crown is the perfect way to top this off!

  3. I love the jeans, such an awesome outfit :) x

  4. Woow, its really amazing!

    Christina Klein

  5. What is in that coffee mug and may I have some please! Love this outfit, that sweater is awesome! :)

  6. Super cute!! I love the layering, looks so cozy and adorable. And of course those boots. Don't worry, you'll get through the stress, maybe eat a proper meal? :)
    Also, I have a question for you, I mean you of all people because I know that you respond. Okay, I love how in your photos, the subject is the only thing in focus, and the background is totally blurry. Is that your camera? (if so is it a setting? I have a nikon so I'm hoping to create the same effect). Or do you edit them that way? (Once again, if so, how?)
    Thanks!! Sorry for bombarding you with questions!! :)


  7. sweater+plaid+floralcrown= love.
    Also, I am so glad you posted, I was feeling I was missing something in my life and I realized it was Messages on a Napking withdrawal. PLEASE let this week be over!

  8. Love the floral headband, very cute! x

  9. Ok how brilliant it is that you've paired a cute little floral crown with a more casual outfit! You are inspiring me to go casual more often b/c you always look so darling and put together when you do! Sweaters like that seriously make the winter months more tolerable. <3 Marisa

  10. Super cute!! Love the head band! Would you like to follow each other?

  11. this look is awesome!!!!! love the distressed boyfriend jeans! xoRachel

  12. Chunky sweaters were make for putting plaid button-ups under. You look still very stylish and I hope your week goes well

  13. Oh! You look so cozy and warm! + Love the floral crown!

  14. Lol I'd like to know what's in your coffee too! I want some. I love the flower crown! I need to get me one one of these days... Cute sweater and plaid combo!

  15. WOAHHH I'm your 400th follower. Do I win a prize? Haha! Flower crowns are pretty excellent. I love your outfit, eeekk collars over jumpers are my favourite. You should definitely wear a Dracula cloak next time though ;)


  16. Haha, yay for flower crowns and Dracula salutes! Hope the stress dies down soon :)


  17. Well, you certainly look comfy :)
    I'm feeling he same way lately. I'm practically living at school, with all these projects I've had!

  18. Love this outfit and that crown, I've been meaning to make one for myself, hmmm Christmas is a good time for that, eh? hope you have a great weekend!



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