Prepster in Crisis

Dec 20, 2012

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Who would have thought that finding a bit of loose ribbon in my basement would transform my whole outfit?  It added the perfect finishing detail to my look, tying together (pun!) my demure, preppy outfit.

Now onto a more pressing topic: What is one to buy for their boyfriend's parents for Christmas?! This question here has been making me lose hair while I sleep.  Soon I'll start looking like Curly from the Three Stooges.

Yesterday I thought I had a stroke of genius and assumed the turmoil would be finally over. My brilliant plan: to buy gourmet salted caramel hot chocolate and make peppermint bark to go along with it. I imagined them making it over the stove and pouring it into big white mugs decorated in Christmas trees and Rudolfs, the fireplace all ready and blankets out on the couch. Adorable and cozy,  Now the new problem would be actually parting with the tasty treats ;) I gave myself a smug nod of approval and did a little happy jig in my socks.

But that was short lived. I texted Marc bragging, including a hair toss as I pressed the 'send' button,  and he texted me back with the most cruel of two words "scrap it". Apparently his family never drinks hot chocolate.

Clearly I'm dating a monster.

So girls, ideas? You either give them up or I'm breaking up with him till after Christmas to side step this dilemma. Haha go forth!

Dress (Worn as vest): UO (bought with Elana from Room 334!!)
Shirt- F21
Ribbon- Found in basement (lol)
Skirt- thrifted
Purse- thrifted



  1. First of all, I need a freakin shirt like that already and I have tons of ribbon to tie around the collar all cute, second, I have vest envy...

    Now, does his parents drink coffee?(coffee goody bag) Do they have a favorite place to eat? (gift card for a date night) Do they have a sweet tooth? A salt tooth? (scour pinterest for recipes like sweet and salty chex mix or brownies or fudge or ...something) What about tea? Do they drink tea? (yummy tea with cute mugs) Start askin the boyfriend questions, there's gotta be SOMETHING they like.

    Good luck.


  2. A few years ago, for Daniel's parents I printed and framed some candids of him and his brother goofing off together. It seemed to go over well?

    Or, you could just dump him for a week. Your call.

  3. Oh lovely. That ribbon gives the perfect touch to the look.

  4. This is such a cute preppy look. The ribbon does give a nice touch to it xx

  5. Lovely outfit!
    U look great!

    Christina Klein

  6. I love this look, that skirt is perfect especially with the denim top and plaid vest overtop. Ugh buying for boyfriends parents really is the worst!! I can't believe they don't like hot chocolate!
    I bought my exes dad a giftcard for a bookstore because he reads allll the time and his mom fancy chocolate because she loved chocolate

  7. another beautiful, creative outfit! every touch from the bow to the plaid vest to the leather belt, perfect!

  8. Ha, I love that you're wearing a ribbon found in your basement. I would of never guessed it wasn't part of the shirt!

    And good luck with the bf's parents! It's hard to suggest presents for people I don't know. I made my inlaws candy cane vodka this year. They like to drink. :D

  9. For seriously, who doesn't drink hot chocolate? Clearly they're not right in the head. Good luck with that one :) And cute outfit, per usual!

  10. AH! I love this outfit! You are adorable! As for Christmas presents for the BF's parents...I'm sort of experiencing the same dilemma. As we have been dating for almost 6 years, I'm just about ready to slap my name on whatever he buys as I'm that desperate. Hopefully something good comes to me in the next few days! xx

    Twenties Girl Style
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  11. Well first off, I love the neck bow it seriously pulls everything together so nicely! And it involves plaid, so of course I think the whole outfit is wonderful!
    As for your dilemma, hmmm. I got Rob's mom cute rooster throw pillows haha, but I don't think that's a very "applicable for all!" gift.
    Could you try to make a few batches of fudge? Ive never tried but hear it is pretty doable! You could do chocolate peanut butter, chocolate with nuts, and plain chocolate? Though if they don't like cocoa... maybe fudge is out of the question!
    Oh Marc.. sometimes boys aren't the most delicate in their responses!

  12. I'm digging that bow too ! Spot on ;)

    And cute skirt too, I think I have a similar one that's also thrifted. :) Used to wear it as a dress heh!

    * Merry Christmas! *

    Indie by heart

  13. You look gorgeous, love the added ribbon, so pretty + I'm so swooning over your booties. They're the perfect pair!! xo

  14. Hooray for this fantastic UO vest! I actually have a post lined up with one of the dresses I bought with you and I may or may not talk about you in it ;) Also, this ribbon is pure genius. I'll have to steal this idea for sure! Ugh, good luck figuring something out. I'm luckily at the point where T.J. and I haven't really been dating long enough to buy each other's parents presents. Do they go to the movies? Movie tickets and candy/nearby ice cream place giftcard is always my go-to.

  15. That ribbon is adorable.
    And I don't know what to tell you, I definitely would go with candy of some sort! I'm just gonna make my boyfriend's parents a card and be done with it!


  16. My Mr.'s parents (or mother actually) is so incredibly hard to buy for and typically never uses anything we buy for her except for candles or spirits (which after many years gets old). So this year I took the Shutterfly route and made her a calendar of our could she not just love that...haha. I think your idea is absolutely brilliant! No need to stress now.

    Anyways, enough about me...I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit and the touch of the little pussy bow that you've added. I need to remember to do this more often :) Your plaid vest is darling too! Can i say it again....I adore everything you wear!

    xo Marisa

  17. Find out if there are baked treats or other food stuff that his parents do like, and you can get or make that. Same for drinks too (do they like coffee, alcohol, tea etc). Or you could get them tickets to something- maybe something you and your boy can do with them. Or ask what the boyfriend is getting his parents and see of there is a present that might compliment that (for example, My Boy is getting his mom a coffee machine. I got her coffee to make.)

    As for the outfit- totally perfection. All of it. Seriously one of my favorites of your outfits!

  18. Good outfit) and i am laughting about hot chocolate)


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