Crowns for All!

Dec 7, 2012

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Clearly going to the dollar store and buying a handful of fake flowers has been The Best Closet Decision of 2012 for me. There's something very satisfying about placing a crown of them on top of your head, tweaking it like a man tweaks a tie, and heading out into the world.

I'd like to thank Katie from Butterfly Loves Snapdragons for the inspiration to make one from this here post. Check it out and you'll be weaving a pile of your own ;)

Flower crown- DIY
Coat- thrifted ($5!)
Sweater- thrifted
Jeans- F21 (recent!)



  1. Wow! Incredible coat and jeans!

    Christina Klein

  2. So cute!! I love the colors of this outfit.
    The crown looks great : )

  3. I cannot believe you got that coat for $5!! That is a great find. I love those yellow jeans and your flower crown!

  4. I tried to make a flower crown last month. It didn't end well. It was just so difficult for me for some reason! lol

  5. Again with the awesome layers!! This sweater is amazing and those pats are so bright and amazing!! I really should make a floral crown, they're awesome

  6. your crown of sweet and amazing! so creative :)

  7. Cute flower crown :) I love the burgundy color with the yellow pants, very cool.


  8. Your house is going to be so pinteresty! (pinteresting?) I didn't know you guys were moving in together thats so exciting! R and I have yet to have that talk haha.
    As for the outfit, you have single handedly forced me to make another flower crown this weekend. The dollar store is definitely the way to go, faux-flowers are so freaking expensive at craft stores! Im probably not even going to bring clothes on my hawaii trip now, just one bathing suit and 7 flower crowns!
    EEK get me out of the office.
    Happy Friday to you!
    xo Hannah
    p.s. I still have more to say! I love how the first picture you actually can't tell that you have awesome new yellow pants on when you first open the post! It's such a fun surprise! :)

  9. Oh yeah, doin it soon. I made headbands once but they fell apart a bit. I'm lovin the yellow jeans!


  10. You have been rocking the flower headbands this week for sure! Cute.

  11. Thanks for your sweet comment! Love your flower crown and fun pants! The boots are a perfect touch. Your style is so lovely--I added you to my blog roll. Stay in touch (:

  12. Love those mustard jeans and wow, what a find - just $5! I'm so inspired to make a flower crown of my own now, looks really lovely on you :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog by the way!

  13. Stop it with the yellow denim. Its SO perfect with the sweater and pop of blue up top.
    Seriously, I'm so in love with the color palette here.

  14. Everything about this outfit is too cool for words! I love how you mixed all those bright colors and, of course, the gorgeous flower crown <3

  15. I love the floral crown!!♥
    BEAUTIFUL outfit!

    New follower here!

  16. What a gorgeous flower crown. I love the DIY! :) And your outfit looks so cozy!

  17. Oh my, I love the mix of colors and textures you put in this outfit, it's cool and unique :) nice flower crown!

  18. This flower crown is so cute.
    And I love the sweater. :)
    I'm following your lovely blog,
    now because I really like it. :)

  19. holy cow am I jealous of that coat! and that sweater; wow, what amazing thrift finds! super cute job w/ the floral crown as well. love how you're in such fall colors here but such fun bright ones!

  20. I love those mustard jeans! and I dig your flower crown, too! :)

  21. I know I already left a lengthy comment on this, but I thought it should be noted that I am asking for "faux flowers and a hot glue gun" from my boyfriend for Christmas. WHAT has blogging done to me!


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