The Best Skirt This Side of the Mississippi

Nov 20, 2012

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means I’m T-minus two days away from stealing the pumpkin pie and eating it alone in the bathroom. UNDER EVERYONE’S NOSES.

Can’t wait.

And look at me go, another pair of colored tights! I’m out of control.  I particularly love them paired with this skirt, probably because I particularly love this skirt to begin with. It can do no wrong in my eyes. And the way I bought it was a lovely bonding moment between my mom and I.

We were on the phone and I was taking a stroll to my neighborhood’s corner Walgreens when a thrift store crossed my path and, me being me, I couldn't refuse it and popped in. And after thumbing through a few racks, I found this corduroy madness and startled my mom by gasping.

She thought I was having an asthma attack, but really I was falling in love. I told her I couldn't buy it; rent was in a few days. She told me to put my big girl pants on and march it to the cashier. I told her I have too many clothes as is and didn't need it. She reminded me of the Great Coat Fiasco of ‘08*. I told her to stop enabling. She tsk-ed. I sighed. And then with an exasperated grumble she said she’d buy it for me.


I can see where I get my clothes fever from.

Skirt- thrifted
Sweater (with elbow patches!)- H&M
Chambray shirt- F21
CK Belt- thrifted
Tights- F21 ($4!)

*the Great Coat Fiasco of ’08: Mother saw a beautiful coat in Macy’s. Mother did not buy coat. Two days later it was sold out and she called 15 stores within a 40 mile radius just to track down said coat. Then we drove over an hour to an obscure Macy’s in the stix just so she could be reunited. It was an ordeal. 


  1. You seriously have the best prints in your wardrobe!

  2. That was a beautiful story. I particularly love the Great Coat Fiasco. Totally worth it. There are some clothes that I have walked away from that have lingered in my mind ever since with longing.

  3. love the story! so funny :D you are my favorite new follow :D xoRachel

  4. love the story! had a similar story myself with some boots that frequently make it on the blog. I never bought them and i had to track them down on ebay! the things we do for fashion :D so funny :D you are my favorite new follow :D xoRachel

    1. aw thank you! and seriously, why do we put ourselves through this?!

  5. First of all, the skirt is awesome! I have definitely "inadvertently" had my mom buy me my thrift store finds too when she comes to visit. I am so impressed, because I thought your mom hated thrifted goodies! The 08 coat story is amazing.

  6. Gorgeous. You are definitely a master at layering :)

  7. HAHA! I love that coat totally sounds like something I would do. I have a problem regretting not buying certain I end up over buying things and then returning them a lot of times. Although one can't return things to thrift stores! I can see why she wanted you to buy that skirt though. It is all kinds of fabulous. So unique and full of beautiful colors! I love that green color too-one of my favorites! Also, I swoon for elbow patches, seriously that is an awesome sweater.

    1. I literally think of that debacle every time I try to walk away from a find haha. And it's way better to be safe and sorry ;) And I hate how you can't return stuff to thrift stores- just give me my $2 bucks back! haha

  8. i think you have the best selection of shoes :) and you have a good mom!

  9. This really is a fantastic skirt! So perfect for fall. And love the bit of chambray peeking out :)

    Enjoy the pumpkin pie! oxo


  10. i love that skirt with the green tight and boots! so adorable and chic. xo


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