It's About That Time Again!

Nov 30, 2012

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Hooray, it's Friday! I wish I brought my confetti cannon to work today so I could blast it every time I cheered that in my head.  Things would definitely perk up in this drab office if there were bursts of sprinkles falling over cubicles every ten minutes or so. 

I'll check e-bay, I'm sure I'll find one.

Anyone have any non-sweatpants related plans this weekend? Because I sure don't ;)
Jesus, I'm morphing into a sloth.

But moving onto more fashion related things, this is that mustard dress I battled with here, and I finally found a way to love it. Wear it as a shirt! I found this dress crumpled on the bottom of my closet floor next to this green skirt, and my eyes widened in astonishment. Why have I not seen this before? It works perfectly with so many of my skirts; I won't need to profusely wrestle it to match with my layered shirts and sweaters anymore.We can close the book on this one, the case is finally solved.

See, there are advantages to being ridiculously

Dress (worn as shirt)- c/o Sugarlips
Skirt- Anthropologie
Belt- J Crew
Booties- Macys



  1. If you find a confetti cannon please let me know because my office could sure as hell use one too! Good lord! I too have plans to become a sloth over the weekend and I am so ok with that.

    That skirt is AMAZING!!! Love your style lady!

  2. Oh such a cute look, love those 70's colors together! It even looked brighter yellow with the green next to it, sunshine! Hooray for Friday, no sweat pants for me, except for whatever painting clothes I put it on for furniture make-over I have planned...then some shopping...I'm kind of sick so not in the mood but alas, things need to be done.

    Happy Weekend to you!


  3. great photos and lovely skirt! your outfits are very pretty and creative!

  4. Weekend plans that involve sweat pants?! I'm in!! ;) And you look lovely, that skirt is so awesome and beautifully paired with the booties and lovely layers!! xo

  5. The yellow and green look amazing together! I can't believe you take most of your pics on Saturday, how do you have posts almost every day then! I am lucky if I squeeze two weekends photo ops in. I wish I lived near my little brother so I could bribe him to be my picture-helper, I'm sure he would be really excited about that too! Maybe if I did what you do on weekends I would already have my outfits planned out for the week, hmmm. That probably would involve way to much organization then I am capable of though! Happy Friday! *Virtual confetti*

  6. That skirt is amazing! I love how you used the dress as a top, it worked out perfectly :)
    It's okay Marlin, I'm a sloth too! haha


  7. You look very stylish!

    Chrstina Klein

  8. wow! I am loving that dress as a shirt! the denim collar detail is fantastic and not to mention the print on that skirt, so vintage looking!

    I would love to ask you a question, is it possible to email you?

  9. Go get some of those glitter shoes at Target and you will RAIN glitter all over the office and the cleaning crew won't get it up for weeks (trust me....I just did it the other day :D )! So much fun. And I LOVE the colors in this outfit. You are a master with those boots and I need them more and more each time I visit your blog

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  10. you are amazing in what you can do with all of these lovely pieces!

  11. Wow, it totally works as a shirt! And perfectly with that fun print skirt :)

    Trendy Teal

  12. You are so right! This outfit just meshes perfectly. I actually like the dress better with the skirt (and I already loved it to begin with)! I'm actually meeting up with Erica for some Flock Together talk and coffee, so I guess I won't be wearing any sweatpants. I hope you have a great lazy weekend! Oh, and it's totally okay to be sloth-like, especially during the holidays <3



    Southern (California) Belle

  13. i love those colors! it looks like you could be on the set of a wes anderson movie, and let me tell you i say that as the highest of compliments. i adore it!

  14. love the dress worn as a shirt here! i never really think to do stuff like that and i have some clothes that are really hard to wear but once you figure it out it seems so simple, haha. anyway the yellow looks really cute with the denim collar peeking out. :)


  15. Hehe, yes break out the confetti canon b/c the weekend is here! This outfit is purely stunning Marlen! You know me - a sucker for bright colors, so naturally I am in love with this look. The dress is perfect tucked into that skirt!

    I'll be in my yoga pants for at least half the weekend...hehe. Tomorrow night our little band is playing at our town's Christmas tree lighting, so I think shedding the yoga pants for a more festive ensemble would be a little more appropriate :) xoxo Marisa

  16. I love the dress to shirt styling you did. It's gorgeous!

  17. ohhh amazing combo the mustard and green!!! that skirt has a lovely print i also love the chambray mixed in! You come up with so many things I would never i adore it!

  18. Super fun skirt looks legit vintage...and I love that shade of green!

    <3 Cambria

    Check out my GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

  19. Wow, that dress works perfectly as a top! And it pairs so well with the skirt. I love how you experiment with all of your pieces, because everything ends up being so versatile! That said, there's nothing wrong with a sweatpants-only weekend, either ;)


  20. love the dress as a shirt! and the skirt's pattern looks great:-) x

  21. Oh my goodness- this outfit is amazing! It looks straight out of an Anthro catalog. Love that dress as a shirt and that skirt is AMAZING!

  22. That skirt is gorgeous. i always pine over it when I see it on your sidebar. It goes great with the skirt as a top.

    xo Jenny

  23. Love these colors! The mustard is gorgeous!!


  24. glad Hannah linked back to this from FT I hadn't seen you styling here, LOVE the dress layered w/ that fun retro skirt. you are the cutest!


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