Dress Swap with The Braided Bandit!

Nov 27, 2012

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I am sooo glad I got this dress from Hannah from Braided Bandit when I did!  It came in the mail last week during a strange pocket of time during the cusp of winter in Chicago, when it was 70 degrees and suspiciously sunny.  Everyone was walking around in shorts and squinting skeptically at that happy sun, waiting for the sky to open up and a freak tornado blizzard to come wailing down on all of our heads.

And like always, it did. Right now I'm snuggled up in two sweaters and have eskimo gear and a ski mask to shimmy into before going outside, but this dress was lovely while it lasted.  When I got it, I knew I didn't even want to try to winter it up.  Its pretty blush pink color and huge flower print called for equally sunny colors and accessories.  I shrugged into a jean jacket, put on a mint necklace and mustard tights, and then proceeded to strut around in circles in my living room just to watch the pretty asymmetrical hemline flow behind me.

Hannah, I'm keeping this. (Just kidding but I wish I wasn't.)

See how Hannah wore this dress here and here! Anyone else still wearing their summer gear? If you link posts I'd love to see how you layered them up!

Dress- Hannah's from The Braided Bandit
Tights- Target
Jacket- thrifted
Booties- Macys
Necklace- J Crew


  1. Ooooh pretty floral and denim wins my heart. Why do I not own a denim jacket? I've failed myself...
    LOVE the look, Texas has crazy weather but it's been chilly enough for me to be happy and layering scarves and sweaters so it'll do.


  2. I was just gonna say...how are you wearing just a dress and a denim jacket NOW?!? haha.

  3. I would keep that dress! It's amazing! You styled it so perfectly too. This weather is bizarre. I keep hoping for snow but I feel like there will be very little this year. Boo.

  4. This is such a lovely outfit :)
    I love the mustard tights!

  5. Ahhh, what a gorgeous dress! I love the fun print and colors. Plus, the hi-low hem is definitely a winner in my opinion :)

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  6. What a dress! Looks divine with that necklace.Rx


  7. Ooh you look simply gorgeous!! That dress is so cute and it's so lovely how you ended up getting it!

    I just sent this link to my boyfriend and said look one of my favorite bloggers is wearing MY dress!!! I absolutely love it on you, esp with the mint and mustard, my two faves! Isn't it amazing what colors can be pulled out of that slightly off-colored dress! Glad you guys got a sunny pocket in there, its really cold and im also in a parka and ski mask today.
    xo Hannah

  9. hahaha...that pretty much sums up Chicago weather..if you don't like it, just wait a minute.
    what a pretty dress! I'd want to keep it too 0:). And I still wear a lot of my summer dresses or shorts with tights! I haven't tried floral in the winter though! that might be fun

  10. YES! Definitely keep it longer I would love for you to style it again! The next time I was planning to wear it was bringing it to Hawai'i on December 20th, so keep it as long as you want til then! :)

  11. Wow! You look so very pretty in Hannah's dress! I love how you paired it with mustard tights and little booties, it's just all too perfect :)

    I wear pretty much all my summer gear in winter, I just add a coat and some tights. We don't really have seasons here but I wish we did!



    Southern (California) Belle

  12. That dress is amazing, love how you styled it! xo


  13. I don't know if I've ever seen you in a denim jacket. Looks really great on you Marlen! Such a pretty dress too! Reminds me of the spring time. You can definitely wear this outfit in the warmer months!

  14. I've seen this on Hannah, but I hadn't really figured out why else it looked familar! On HArt of Dixie Lemon Breeland wears a similar KAren Walker Dress and I love it! This reminds me of it a lot.
    (http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mc3gswo8lp1rp0s8do1_500.png)And I LOVE your booties! Still. I want some like it.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  15. LOVE this blush pink!
    Also, it's nice to "meet" you! I'm glad you introduced me to your blog : ) I love finding new blogging reads.

  16. I've seen Hannah wearing this! looks great on both of you, I love your tights and boots!

  17. I LOVE this! That dress is so freaking cute and I love it with the mustard tights. I've been hunting for a pair of boots like that, they are so cute! I've heard that's how Chicago is- I have a friend that has told stories of leaving the house in shorts and then walking home in snow :)

  18. This dress is so gorgeous- you've paired it so nicely with the yellow tights and denim jacket. I'd totally steal this outfit from your closet :)



  19. This look is so lovely! I like your denim jacket :)

  20. This outfit is perfect! Love the colors together! :)

  21. I just love the floral print to the dress. The hemline makes it really fun too! So fun to see how you girls remixed the dress in different seasons. :)

  22. That dress is great!! I love the coloured tight you paired with it. Stunning



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