Deck the Halls with Anxiety

Nov 29, 2012

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Ok, I’m definitely starting to feel the first pangs of gift-giving alarm.  What should I get these people? Everything I browse through, peer at, or contemplate feels like it’ll end up shoved in the back of their closets, wrapped up in a towel in the darkest corner and trying its best to be forgotten.

A little dramatic? Maybe. Totally accurate? Probably.

When you’re buying on a teensy budget like mine, meaningful gifts are hard to scrounge up.  My mom loves baking but what should I get her, butter? My dad likes antique cameras, but I don’t think I can find many garage sales in the dead of winter. My brother was hinting at a nerf cross-bow he’s had his eye on…but I know exactly at who’s head that thing will be pointed at.  Nice try, bub.

Maybe I’ll just make them all…crafts. I can see it now, “I made you a ukulele out of this tissue box *shrug nonchalantly*”, “Here’s this toothpick necklace…dad.”

Head palm. I’ll think of something.

Shirt- thrifted
Sweater- thrifted
Necklace- J Crew
Pants- Marhalls
Oxfords- UO



  1. Your title had me rolling here Marlen! (so so true!) I love your sweater and pants combo. I wish I was tall enough to look cute in an ensemble like this one - I love the color of your pants and that blouse is pretty spectacular!

    As for Christmas gifts - do you have any antique malls near you? I always see vintage cameras there for cheap and vendors are usually very good about making deals and lowering prices for you.

    Best wishes on the gift hunt! xo Marisa

  2. I started to write a long comment of gift ideas and then decided how about you email me and I think I can help out with some neat and inexpensive gifts you can be proud to give!

    Tell me more about your mom and what she likes to bake, I love vintage cameras and think I have some ideas for your dad. And I completely understand a small budget, I'm livin it baby.

    I haven't even started to think about gifts for my people...I better start, huh? D:


  3. That necklace is amazing! I love the entire outfit :)

  4. oh man don't get me started! I am so freaking out about it....

  5. Hahaha your gift ideas made me laugh a lot. It's hard when you're on a budget, I know. My mom likes gardening stuff so I usually try to get her a book/tools/seeds etc. Christmas is definitely stressful
    I love the colours in this outfit!! That cardigan looks oh so cozy and is beautiful with the printed top

  6. I am loving this outfit and I am sure your anxiety will pass and you'll enjoy the holiday season! The print on your blouse is awesome.
    Almost Endearing

  7. Cute outfit! Love the colors and that southwest print is AWESOME! :)

    <3 Meg

  8. You are not alone in the "gift giving alarm." Always a challenge.

    Love the color combo of gold and coral here.

  9. Lol, butter as a gift. That's unique though!! I'm in the same boat. The budget is SUPER tight this year after quitting my regular job and going freelance full time. Hopefully people will be understanding, but I have so many brothers and sisters to buy for! And I adore giving gifts. I guess I'll have to get creative this year

    Also, love this outfit! I remember when navajo print BLEW UP last year. It looks great with the mustard!

  10. Oh i adore this outfit! I love the clashing of print and colour it works so well together...I wish I was as creative as you, I'd never be able to put items together to create an outfit like this! Fabulous!

  11. Lol ugh, I know what you mean! Holiday shopping can be difficult. I'm sure you'll think of something though :)
    On a side-note...I LOVE that print on your top!

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    Trendy Teal

  12. I know your pain. This is exactly what I was going through a week or two ago! If your mom likes baking, try getting her some neat supplies like baking pans, molds, cookie cutters, etc. You'll find some great stuff on or at Michael's craft stores. Not sure what to do about the antique cameras, though. Maybe browse eBay or Etsy? You'll figure it out! Take out that invisible inhaler and breathe! haha. :)

  13. I love this outfit! The shoes are perfect!
    I know the feeling, I'm not good at picking gifts for anybody. Maybe you should try and DIY something special for them. It would definitely be nice, and I'm sure they'll love it!

  14. Cool print on that shirt!

  15. You have done it again. I know I have said other outfits are my favorite, but I lied, this is my favorite. The color of the pants and cardigan, the print of the blouse, and the adorable oxfords ahhhhhrfhghghgh. Okay I'm done.
    As for presents, my family knows they get lots of thrifted goodies from me haha! Luckily they put up with it. And then my dad is just impossible. He said he didnt want anything except maybe a pair of zip off pants (that turn into shorts).

  16. Like your outfit!

    Christina Klein

  17. girl I feel you! I am struggling with the gifting as well... you look lovely! love the cardi :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  18. Ahaha, it's certainly difficult buying gifts for people on a low budget -- I'm in the exact same position as you! I absolutely love your oxfords, the color scheme is wonderful :)

  19. Haha getting your mom butter! I bet you'll think of something!
    I love this cardigan! Have I mentioned that? I bet if you've worn it on here I have. AND those shoes are really cool, too.


  20. haha, yes! you look like a citizen of twin peaks in this outfit - I love it.

    and, I totally feel ya on the gift giving. It's so much easier to buy things for people who are pinterest crazy, haha. because then you can just look at all their "I want this!" pins and you're good to go! ;D

  21. As usual, I love this outfit! I love the top and shoes and sweater, its just perfect. I totally get what you mean, I'm on a very limited budget for chirstmas gifts (like $10 or less per person) and its tough. You'll find them something just in time I'm sure! :)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog! That would have been so cool if you had moved to San Francisco, we could've met. I'm sure I will be posting tons and tons of photos :)


  22. Maybe you can make a recipe that you and your mom can make together, or maybe you can go thrifting and find a cool camera for your dad. I found a camera collection at a thrift store once for pretty cheap!

  23. love that cardigan and the oxfords!

  24. Absolutely love your outfit! The top, mustard knit -- cute :)

    Indie by heart

  25. I feel your pain- although I wouldn't have said it as hilariously :) Good luck with the gift giving!


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