Like a Villain

Oct 9, 2012

Photobucket PhotobucketSepteberblog088_zps55ebd743 Septeberblog088_zps55ebd743.jpgPhotobucket Living in a suburb gives me very little stories to work with here. I don't know how Wisteria Lane had so much commotion in its parts- the most scandalous thing that happens here is someone riding their bike on the sidewalk rather than the quiet street. You can just hear the collective gasps coming from behind the window curtains.

But one thing has been shaking up the monotony of the day recently: my mom's hate for vintage.  It's definitely made things...exciting.

Take yesterday for example. This gem of a thrift store I found tucked away in a semi-abandoned plaza was having a huge fifty percent off sale, so I pulled a junior high move and shouted that I was going to the library as I grabbed the car keys and hit the ground running. While driving I kicked myself for not packing a head scarf and cat-eye sunglasses in case one of my mom's minions were out and about (and also, I've always wanted an excuse to wear a head scarf with cat eyes!)

Once there I was welcomed with full midi skirts and cozy grandpa sweaters that cost no more than $1.50, so I went a little blind with love and got two bulging bags full. Walking back to the car, doing arm curls with these beastly bags, I wondered just how I was going to sneak these past my mom.  It was like I had bricks of coke I had to smuggle in rather than bags of vintage.

I started planning on how I could manage to clamber up the tree growing by my window with these bags clenched in between my teeth when I shook my head.  Too elaborate Mar, calm down.

Instead I decided to do another junior high move where I creaked the front door open, and toeing off my boots, I tiptoed up the stairs trying my best to hide these child-size bags behind my back.  This is where my life is at now- I used to do this when I was wasted and now I'm doing it as a mule for used clothes.

Let me tell you, it worked. At least this time.

(PS this is my favorite outfit, ever)

Dress- H&M
Sweater- UO men's (recent!)
Chambray shirt- f21
Booties- Macys
Belt- f21


  1. I loooove this! Here is why: Well, first of all, you are wearing pastels, but they look really seasonal and cozy instead of for summer. The pleats are great, as is the cardigan. Number two is I that i love the story, it totally sounds like I would sneak in drunk hahah. That isn't so great that your mom hates vintage though! I have to say, I just had pretty much the exact opposite experience. My parents flew in to visit Sunday, and my mom toted a whole extra suitcase of vintage finds! But on the flip side- you get delicious home cooked meals for a bit at least :)

  2. I like these softer colors. That fun print on your cozy cardigan is perfect :)

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  3. Like it!

    Christina Klein

  4. Oh my goodness, your posts crack me up! I love how sneaky you have to be to get vintage into your house. Hopefully you're successful in keeping it!
    That dress is such an amazing color. And the sweater looks SO cozy!

  5. haha.. that is hilarious! At least it worked this time. This is def. one of my favs too. I love the light pink dress with the denim collar poking out and those booties!! Everything.. you look awesome!

  6. oh what a great look darling, first i love that colourcombo it´s really amazing and then i adore your layering skills that pleated skirt looks great with that cardi!

  7. I love, love, love the dress.
    But perhaps I'm biased because I have the same one? :D

    le fresne x

  8. This is possibly my favourite outfit of yours too! Thank god you've updated your tumblr, it was the only thing getting me through work! You know, beside snacks...

  9. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, I am now following dear!
    Georgia from

  10. Liking the girly, pleated pink dress with the oversized grampa cardi...really makes for fun vintage look :)

    <3 Cambria

  11. Man., I wanna go thrifting soon

  12. That story is hilarious! I'm glad you found so much good stuff AND managed to sneak it all past your mom ;)

    xo Jenny

  13. I love that dress! suits perfectly with the boots and the cardi. great colours as well <3

  14. hahaha. My mom doesn't care for vintage, of "previously owned," either. I love your vintage clothes stash that you've kept secret :D

  15. love the outfit! and the idea of sneaking a big bag of cheap secondhand clothes past your mum is hilarious xx

  16. Lol you make me laugh! That is awesome. Why does your mom hate vintage? What an awful thing to hate. I think this is my favorite of your outfits too! I love the pretty pink dress mixed with that oversized sweater and the collar is the perfect detail!

  17. Love the look of a cozy grandpa sweater paired with a feminine dress! And sorry to hear your mom is so disapproving of vintage, but perhaps the need to sneak around makes it all the more thrilling?! ;)



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