Guest Post: Elana from Room 334!

Oct 23, 2012

Hello, hello! So I didn't mention it last week (partly because I was still dazed with giant hearts in my eyes) but my boy booked us a surprise trip to New York City for a long weekend. New York City, the place I've been wishing on stars for and cashing in birthday wishes on. Which explains the crickets around here. So while I'm busy editing 2494180 pictures that I plan to share with you (and as I plot how I can possibly afford the rent and live there), meet Elana from Room 334 and get your fashion fix with her for the day ;)

Hello Messages on a Napkin readers! I'm Elana and I blog over at Room 334. Like most of you, I'm sure, I can't get enough of fall. Between the salted caramel mochas, as much cheesy broccoli soup as I can handle, and the endless combinations of tights and sweaters, I'm in a state of complete bliss for these few months. I can never bring myself to part with my lightweight skirts and dresses from the summer, however, so I was completely on board when Marlen suggested we do posts about transitioning our favorite summer pieces into fall.

 This sleeveless gingham button down and white polka dotted dress were staples for me this summer, but I wouldn't exactly call them fall pieces. Fortunately, a black cardigan and black tights turn absolutely any outfit into a fall ensemble. Just wait until I pair a sweater and tights with a bikini in the winter. The possibilities are endless.

 Shirt: Thrifted/ Dress: Francesca's Collections/ Cardigan: Thrifted/ Shoes: Urban Outfitters/ Ring: Jewelmint 

Thanks for reading and thanks to Marlen for letting me share! If you ever want to say hello, feel free to stop by my blog for awkward poses, creepy smiles, and polka dot overload.
If you laughed about 8 times through this post like I did, go visit Elana and marvel in the awesomeness that is her blog. Or, if you're curious to see what I wore last week, check out my guest post there ;)


  1. Elana- love the cardigan and the ring- both are beautiful! And Marlen, three cheers for a trip to NYC! So exciting :)


  2. Blue Check is such a classic, no matter the season

  3. i love this idea about transitioning lovely summer pieces into fall! :)

  4. Hooray for Elana, she is the cutest! I love the gingham and actually really like the gungy peeling backdrop too!

  5. I really enjoyed this guest post! Elana's style is lovely, especially that black cardigan, the detail is beautiful. I'm definitely going to check out this lady's blog :)

    le fresne x

  6. Haha, oh man, I love Elana, she always makes me smile when I visit her blog xD
    I love fall and how we can make our summer faves work even now, just like Elana did with her dress and top!
    Although I'm dying to see this bikini worked into winter. Lol now THAT'D be an amazing feat!

    Trendy Teal

  7. Great guest post! And Marlen I can't wait to see your NY pics:)!!

  8. I absolutely love that skirt with the loafers! Definitely checking out her blog soon!

    A Southern Drawl

  9. New York SO JEALOUS. super cute ring on Elana :)

  10. I love both your blogs! So fun. Elana I LOVE this. That top is so cute tied over your skirt and I love the cardigan over it. Awesome place to take photos too!

  11. wow I adore your blue gingham shirt!!! The backdrop is fabulous too! xx

  12. Hi Elana!

    Love this piece, it's one of my fav things about fall. Taking a summer piece and layering it for another fall outfit!

    Lovely post! Will definitely be visiting your blog!

    ~ Tasha

  13. Hi Elana!

    Love this piece! Its one of my fav things to do, using a favorite item from summer and layering it to match the fall weather!

    Really enjoying this piece and will definitely be visiting your blog!

    ~ Tasha


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