Dark Days

Aug 16, 2012

AugustBlog066My office is so cold that I’m starting to get the sneaking suspicion that this is a new tactic of the corporate machine to make us hate our jobs even more. Isn't it enough that we whisper empty, reassuring phrases to ourselves like “Hump Day means it’s almost Friday!”. Or that we nurse ourselves in Happy Hour drinks, pretending that the buzz is like our mother’s sweet caress? Must you break us even more? (I may or may not be reading Hunger Games, so bare with my “REVOLUTION!” tone.)
I feel like they found the equivalent of undetectable water torture with this. Glancing down my toes are turning a corpse hue of blue, and when trying to wiggle them they move slow and numb. I also don’t have the most…protective of bras on today, shall we say, so it’s getting a little x-rated all up in my cubicle. I’ve stuffed tissues into my bra to try and keep the nippleage under control, but now my chest is all lumpy and looks like I have sacks of porridge for boobs. Looks like I’m going to be attracting attention to the ladies either way.

Trying to find some sources of survival I went to the bathroom to crouch under the hand dryer, but once in there I came to the startling realization that we only have paper towels. They thought of everything!  Determined to live through the day, I slid into our kitchen and went straight for the coffee machine, picking the pot up and caressing it close to my body.  I held it like a parent must hold their child after they get lost in a department store. Tight to my chest with an iron grip that promises to never let go again. I wonder how long I can stand here without someone walking in on my intimate scene?
I’m bringing a thermal blanket tomorrow. Try and stop this burrito from happening under my desk.

But on a brighter note, at least my outfit is cute! :)

shirt- f21
skirt- thrifted
belt- j crew

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  1. Your outfit is TOTALLY cute! LOVE the belt.

    I'm always cold too - some of my secret ways to keep warm:
    1.) hand dryers - too bad you guys don't have one!
    2.) Fill up coffee mugs with just hot water - then hold it.
    3.) Drink plain hot water or tea (better for you then coffee)
    4.) Fax machines/copiers, etc - they usually are warm near the back around the vents. I'll stick my hands back there too.
    5.) If you're using a laptop at work, I sometimes will put my laptop on my lap - as they are pretty warm on the bottom! And if I can't put it in my lap, I stick my hands underneath the laptop - just tog et some warmth!
    And of course, layer, layer, layer - moto jackets are so hot right now - and they'll keep you warm!

    Stay warm!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  2. I HATE it when buildings are freezing. It's so miserable! But you do look awfully cute :)

  3. This skirt is gorgeous! I love the color. Your hair looks great in these pictures, too.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. You have said everything I've been thinking! Seriously though, why are offices soooo cold??? Ugh. I always run my hands under steaming hot water in the bathroom. I've been tempted to sit on the counter and run the hot water over my feet too! haha.

    Great outfit too. Really love the colour of your skirt and the belt.

    xo Ashley

  5. Your hair is so pretty and I love that shirt!!

  6. Such a cute outfit! That belt really finishes it off!


  7. You look adorable. I need to get my hands on that shirt! I was actually going to buy fabric just like it yesterday, but decided not to pull the trigger.
    I'm not liking myself right about now... I'll think I'l have to go back to the fabric store. Thanks for the second opinion!

  8. Hilarious. Literally "LOL". I usually print pointless things and hug the warm paper that comes out. I swear it works...a little.

    Super cuter outfit too! I love color mix of neutral gray and the bright teal and red!


  9. Very beautiful belt, love this outfit :)
    P.S. I've started following you via bloglovin'. Good blog :)

  10. Wow you look gorgeous! Love the mint skirt, looks fab on you. M xx

  11. My office is constantly freezing too... and only have paper towels! Haha!

    xo Jennifer


  12. Pretty!



  13. Hahaha, oh man, reading this made me bust out in giggles. You are such a good writer :)
    Anyway, hope you keep warm next time!
    And your outfit is most definitely cute. I love the floral belt :D

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    Trendy Teal

  14. Your blog is soo simple yet it has a lot of class! Would you like to follow each other?

    Love, Nyt
    Metajojuana under a Starry Nyt

  15. that belt! oh my word. and i hear ya -- as much as i love it being just chilly & crisp enough to layer up, being freezing cold while you're trying to work...just miserable. (but at least you look adorable!) xo.

  16. I love your photos so much, and the color of that skirt is gorgeous - my favorite color!

    High-Stitched Voice

  17. ohh i love your shirt,

    Andrea Antoniou

  18. looove this whole look, your photos are always perfect. How do you do it? and the locations are amazing looking too! i have a new post if you get a chance to take a look xx


  19. um....where have you been hiding! Reading this post was like reading my feelings, which isn't even possible. My office is the same way and the burrito happens every morning at 6:45 until the sun finally comes out and I can muster up the strength for some tea.

    And the part about the hand dryer...I died, just died

  20. that skirt is the cutest!
    i love how you wore it with this outfit and the previous!

    lovely blog you have, i'm happy i came across it!
    City Laundry

  21. so sorry to hear that you had a miserable days in the office :(

    my suggestion is, if you want to see a better office ambience, well.. be the change you want to see in the office

    good luck

    at least you always look cute with your lovely ginger hair!

    The Sweetest Escape

  22. i love the colour on that skirt, it's so vibrant! xx

  23. You look gorgeous! Love the flower, such a great pop of color :)

  24. So I've been behind on commenting, but I really have been reading your blog consistently. I'll sum it up by saying I love everything you own and how you pair the most unexpected items together. Also, could this skirt be anymore perfect??

  25. Exactly! Don't be worrying about work when you have such a goregeous outfit! I love th contrast of dark colours and this blue skirt...it's super cute, I would love a skirt like this myself. Nice blog as well btw...I love the way you write...it is very intelligent and gives a refreshing change of actually having something to read!

    Gemma x


  26. You look so pretty! x


  27. Your outfit is adorable! I hope it gets warmer in your office soon, there's nothing worse than working in the cold.

    Carmen Ri.

  28. You are so cute! I always find myself laughing out loud when I read your posts....thank you for brightening my mornings!! Good luck staying warm at work!


  29. And you say you like how *I* write?! This is so adorable hah, I didn't know reading about an office cubicle could be so amusing. :) Followed your tumblr, I instantly loved it!

  30. So sweet!


  31. pretty!!



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