Sunday Best

Mar 22, 2012

collared shirt- Urban Outfitters| knit shirt- forever 21| skirt and bag- h&m| shoes- Urban Outfitters| necklace- J Crew

This one's a little late, but let's pop back to my Sunday.  Seeing how it was the day after St. Patrick's, I wanted to crawl out of my green shirt and put on something a little more demure and girl-like and a little less rowdy and sorority sister.  On top of that, I was taking the train over to my boyfriend's parents' house for a roast beef and cabbage dinner (we're milking this holiday for all it's worth), so I had to play the part. I didn't want the jig to be up and let them find out that I don't exactly knit on my Saturdays as I led them to believe.

Good thing they over-looked the fact that my eyes were still bloodshot. That was just from all the knit one pearl two-ing.


  1. I adore this outfit! The chain link necklace is so awesome, popping in that little surprise color. Have a happy weekend!

  2. This J Crew necklace is to die for! I think I need it as my pop of color accessory for Spring/Summer! How lovely! Thanks for the follow!


  3. Love your blog and follow you! Would you like to follow me back?

  4. U look nice here :3

    Christina Klein


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