Sun Hands

Mar 22, 2012


Shirt- forever 21, scarf- Gap, belt- J Crew, bracelets- J Crew, forever 21, H&M

So the world's ending and it's still 80 degrees in Chicago today.  Usually around this time I'm still jumping over puddles of slush in salt-stained boots, but instead I'm headed to the beach by my studio and ready to bury my stockinged toes in the sand. Yesterday me and Marc headed over to the pier that we first started liking each other on back last summer (this time minus the rum- it's not really summer yet), and we lied down with our feet dangling over the lake and our faces pointed at the smiling sun.  He already had a sunburned nose that I couldn't help but want to kiss; he looked like a little boy that played too long outside in  his front yard.  We sat there for awhile, our hair getting messy from the wind and him telling me about the philosophy chapters he read out of my old school books. Poorly.  Haha just kidding (not really).


  1. What a very inspiring blog i found here! congrats darling.keep up the good work.btw,i followed you on bloglovin to see your future post also.Mind to follow me back?


  2. When you meet someone interesting, you want to learn more about them. And that includes discovering how they got to where they are today. Which is my lame excuse for reading your old posts (a/k/a cyber-stalking).

    You intrigue me for two solid reasons: your active mind and your unique fashion-style. The latter is amply revealed in its surprisingly-quick evolution over the short (three-year) life of this blog. I see how you developed your style from its early signs. You now have a very advanced, confident sense of clothing-choices; it's fascinating to see how that skill grew.

    And don't even get me started on your hair... :-)


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